15 Unique Cat Haircuts Styles

cat haircuts

Cat Haircuts And Styles For Your Kitty

cat haircuts A stylish hair style is an important aspect in the whole grooming process of your cat haircuts and makes it stand out from the regular looking tabbies. Professional help is required to give your kitty that unique cat haircuts, which is not only stylish, but also gives your pet an individuality that goes with your personality. Cut cats and cat hair cut not only provides your kitty a great look, but also cuts down hair fall and shedding, especially if your kitty has long and smooth tresses.

Moreover, it provides some relief from the scorching heat during the summers. Whatever maybe your cat breed regular hair cut will allow you to check any signs of ill health as well as help in further hair growth. The following are some unique cat haircuts that will make your kitty stand out in the crowd.

Lion/Tiger Cut

Yes, you heard it. Lion cut is the most common and stand out cat haircuts. This majestic looking cut for cats involves shaving of the fur from most part of the body and leaving the hair on its tail, head and feet. The lion cut is most suitable for breeds that have long hair like the Maine Coons and the Persians.

Cat haircut

This hair cut is ideal during the summers to keep your kitty cool and prevent matting. Moreover, this hair style is very easy to maintain.

Lion Cat haircut

Tiger cut provides your kitty with an appearance that is very similar to the striped pattern on tigers. This cat haircuts is ideal for medium haired tabby pattern cats as they are naturally born with patterns. You will need the services of an expert groomer to achieve these results.


dinosaur Cat Haircut

Dinosaur or Mohawk cut makes your kitty look like a dinosaur or any of your favorite and cool looking soccer players. This stylish and cool looking cat haircuts requires some long strip of hair to be left on the spine to give a Mohawk look.

mohawk cat haircuts

You will need the services of a good professional hair stylist every few months to maintain the dinosaur look.

Stripe Style

It is most suitable for summers to get rid of excess fur so that your cat’s body stays cool. If your cat’s fur is tangled or matted, then the stripe style cat hair cut is most suitable. The fur of the cat is shaved or trimmed very close to its body helping it to remain cool and comfortable during the hot summers. In a short trim hair cut the cat’s fur is completely shaved off in the centre and in the belly region. The fur on the head, face, and the tail is left as it is.

The fur on the legs are shaved half with some hair left on the feet and little bit on the above so as to give the cat an appearance of wearing snow boots. The fur on the face and cheeks are left long, which provides it a Santa look. The short trim hair cut is suitable for long haired cat breeds as you can experiment with their fur to bring out a new appearance every time you groom.

Bow and Plait style

bow style cat haircut

The bow and long plait style looks great on big cats with medium sized fur. Since this hair cut gives your kitty a feminine look these cut cats are usually females. The kitty here looks very sophisticated and well groomed, though you may need regular visits to the groomer to maintain this hair style.

Partial Shaved

This cat haircuts involves trimming or shaving of the fur around the inner thighs, anus, chin, armpits and the tail. This hair style gives your kitty a neat appearance, but with some fur left at the back and around the tail region.

Cute Style

Credit : Snoopy cat

The groomer here trims the fur on the cats belly and the length is combined with the fur on the back of the cat. This cute cut allows the cat a coated look. It prevents less matting and fewer tangles reducing the chances of fur balls. This is one of the best cat haircuts style that is most suited for long haired cat breeds to increase hygiene levels.

Teddy Bear Cat Grooming Styles

A teddy bear cat haircuts is in the same line as the lion cut, but here the kitty’s fur is left a bit longer on the body as compared to the lion cut. This hair style allows at least half of the fur on the body for a long haired cat making it suitable for winter months. This unique cut protects your cat from the cold weather and also giving it an appearance, but reduces the chances of fur ball.

Hygiene Cut

The main idea of designing this hair cut is to keep your cat clean and hygienic. The sole purpose of this cut is about cleanliness and less about appearance. Also referred to as a sanitary clip the groomer shaves off the hair near the anus to keep the area free from litter clumps. The hygiene cut is most suitable for long haired and medium haired cats as they tend to face difficulty in cleaning themselves.

Punk Cut

puunk cat haircut
punk style cat haircut

A rock star cat need this style,” The Punk Style”. You can play with the cat head hair for a long hair cut. Or just creating punk in some part.

Styling your cat needs the services of an expert cat stylist or groomer as there are many interesting cat hair styles that can be achieved in many different ways. Without proper training there is always a possibility of you harming your cat.

A professional groomer has all the latest grooming tools and equipments that prevents any damage to your cat. He can decide on the best cat cuts depending on the cat breeds, age and other health factors. Even though the fur of the cat is supposed to regulate its body temperature, but sometimes you may find it necessary to clip or trim their fur to prevent matting or tangling in case of long haired cat. A right hair style will help in improving the appearance of your cat and bring individuality, but it should not compromise on the comforts.


Is it good to cut cats hair?

Many cat owners are unsure about whether or not they should give their cat a haircut. There are a few things to consider before making a decision. First, consider the length of your cat’s hair. If your cat has long hair, it may be more likely to get tangled or matted. A haircut can help to keep the hair clean and healthy.

Secondly, think about the climate where you live. If it is hot and humid, your cat may benefit from a shorter haircut that will help to keep them cool.

Finally, consider your cat’s personality. Some cats enjoy being groomed and will tolerate a haircut well, while others may find the experience stressful. If you are unsure, it is always best to consult with a professional groomer or veterinarian. They will be able to help you decide if a cat haircut is right for your pet.

How long do cat haircuts last?

Cat haircuts are a special type of grooming that is designed to help keep your cat’s fur clean and healthy. While regular cat grooming is important, cat haircuts can be an especially helpful way to keep your cat’s fur looking its best. Cat haircuts usually last between four and six weeks, though this can vary depending on the type of cat haircut you choose and how well you take care of your cat’s fur. To help keep your cat’s haircut looking its best, be sure to brush your cat’s fur regularly and avoid getting it wet.

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