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Tuxedo Introduction

Tuxedo cats are the James Bond of the Cat world, which makes them extremely popular. These stylish cats have a very sweet personality. Tuxedos are found around the world, but they are commonly found in North America and in European nations. Nearly 70% cats found on the ancient Egyptian drawings were Tuxedos, which is a good proof that these cats have been around for centuries. Famous personalities like William Shakespeare and Beethoven have all owned these stylish looking cats. Other than great looks the tuxedos are 200% more intelligent and smart than other cats. These good looking and smart cats is always a centre of attraction if you own them and you will be tired answering questions about these breeds.

Tuxedo History

Some cats look formally dressed for an occasion. These cats are very famous and loved by many people because of their smart appearance. The black and white cats are called Tuxedos due to the particular markings on their coat. This particular trait is a result of genetics and can be found in cats of different breeds. One thing to remember about these cats is that they are not a cat breed, but a coat pattern that sets them apart. Cats generally have genes for black, orange and white colors. Along with the specific gene set a tuxedo cat has a unique marking on their fur that is white color fur on their chest, belly, feet, and even on their face.

Not all cats with a black and white fur are tuxedo cats and even with the right amount of color genetics the coat of a cat can come in various patterns. A typical tuxedo cat will have white belly, chest and paws, but it has been noticed that there are variations to this color pattern too. These cats sometimes may not have white on their face, or even on their chest. Cats with other colors can also have tuxedo markings. Smoke Tuxedos come in grey and blue color while the tuxedo tabbies have tabby colorings. Other genetics are involved in these markings. Whatever color patterns cats come in, the tuxedos come in black and white tuxedo markings.

The genetics involved in the creation of black fur is different. A male cat will have one gene for either black or orange fur; the black gene is responsible for the tuxedo. In some rare cases males cats can have two genes one for black fur and the other for orange. Cats with two genes for black have black fur. When black and orange fur is combined it results in tortoise shell color a requirement for calico cats, but not a requirement of tuxedos.

Whether your cat is male or female, cats usually carry the genes for tuxedos. When the tuxedo gene is dominant cats tend to have more white fur and usually in stripes. Sometimes it can happen that one dominant gene can be for tuxedo and one recessive gene for solid colors, then cats will have less white color and that too it will be in spots. Two recessive solid colors will lead to solid color cats and cats with either tuxedo dominant or partial dominant genes can lead to tuxedos.

The most popular tuxedo cats in the music world is Sylvester cat and Felix the cat. Tuxedos are generally found in British shorthair, American Shorthair, Persian or Manx cats. The first two breeds are very famous shorthair cat breeds. The Manx is known for their short tail while Persians are known for their long hair. Tuxedos are not restricted to one particular cat breed and can be found in various cat breeds including the mixed breed cats.

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Tuxedo Traits

Tuxedo is a bicolor cat with black and white coat. This formal wear cat is common in the United States and Europe. Tuxedos have face mask of black color and this color should be solid black coat with white paws, chest, belly, and throat. Some tuxedos tend to sport a goatee. A slightly different variation in the tuxedo pattern is the Hitler cat named after the dictator of Germany. Some tuxes even wear white shoes and are the gentleman cats.

They look stunning with their white colored bibs and spats along with solid black coats and tail. Female tuxedos weigh within 8 pounds and males will be slight more than 10 pounds. If you keep your tuxedo indoors they can live up to 15 years while an outdoor cat will live for 5 years. The price for adopting a tuxedo will range from $50 to $100.

Tuxedo Personality

Tuxedos are more intelligent and smart than regular cats. The personality of a tuxedo will depend a lot on the cat breed and the surrounding environment. They are great companion cats and are considered very affectionate. Tuxedos are very vocal, but not as vocal as the Siamese. They are very famous for their vocalizations. According to a study conducted by vets the black and white cats are even tempered and docile regardless of their breed. These cats have the unique ability to rule your hearts. These cats can add single digit numbers and perform integrations. They can even see infrared light, and as kittens these cats can open their eyes in less than a day after birth.

Tuxedo Health and Care

Tuxedos require the same type of food that cats generally eat for their overall growth. Cats are obligate carnivores and that is why you should feed your tuxedo meat and meat based products. Make sure they are fresh and avoid giving them dry cat food as they can get obese. The health problems that tuxedos suffer depend a lot on the cat breed and the hereditary factors. Long haired tuxedos need regular brushing to prevent hair fall, while short haired ones require less grooming.

Tuxedo Behavior

Tuxes are described as intelligent, caring, loving and affectionate cats. The behavior as a whole will also depend on the cat breed that it belongs to. Some black and white cats tend to be docile and are even tempered. These cats are more aware of their surroundings. They are more likely to sit on your lap and snuggle. They are mix of independence and laziness.

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Tuxedo with children and Pets

These cats get along well with other pets in the house. They even play with dogs and adjust with other pets, while other cats can be extremely demanding. They will also follow you around the house like a dog. These cats are good family oriented pets and are very friendly with children too.

Tuxedos are an exceptional cat is very popular pets. Even the ancient Egyptians had tuxedos as pets. President Clinton had a tuxedo named socks that lived with him in the White House.

The conclusion of the discussion on tuxedo cats is that they are an elegant and stylish breed of cats. Their unique markings, along with their classic and sophisticated look, make them a popular choice among cat owners. The tuxedo cats’ striking black and white fur pattern is one of the most recognizable and sought-after feline looks. They are also known for their intelligence, playfulness, and loyalty, making them great companions.

Tuxedo cats are a great option for those looking for a stylish and intelligent pet. They are friendly, easy to train, and an excellent addition to any home. While their unique markings make them stand out, they also require a certain level of maintenance to keep them looking their best. Grooming tuxedo cats regularly is important to keep their fur looking glossy and healthy, and their nails trimmed.

Overall, tuxedo cats are a great breed of cats. They are beautiful to look at, intelligent, and make loyal companions. They are also relatively low maintenance, which makes them a great choice for anyone looking for a pet. Tuxedo cats are truly a unique breed that can bring joy and companionship to any home. If you are looking for a stylish and intelligent pet, then the tuxedo cats are the perfect choice.

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