Tiffany Cat: A Silky Agouti Haired Cat

Tiffany cat

Introduction to Tiffany Cat

Tiffany cat is also called as Chantilly. Tiffany is a very attractive cat with silky, long hair and possessing a shaded coat color of a Burmese cat. This cat breed is derived by cross breeding the long-haired Asian cats and the Burmese. Originally from North America the Tiffany cat is a medium sized cat with a devoted personality. These cats prefer company of their family and hates being left alone.

When the Tiffanies are born, they have pale color black markings and there is gradual development of longhair, and the color of their coat starts fading as they age. The kittens are born with a blue colored eye, which later on turns to grey and as they reach adulthood the color of their eyes turn to golden. Tiffanies are loyal and love the company of humans but are averse to staying alone.

History of Tiffany Cat

In the year 1967, Jannie Robinson bought two chocolate brown cats that had amber colored eyes. One was an 18month old male while the other a six month old female. Some stories suggest as them being sold or were found at a pet shop in Newyork. These cats were bred naturally. Robinson started the breeding program in 1969 with these two cats and the resultant litters were identical to their parents.

The parent cats were registered by the American Cat Association as foreign longhairs and were for sometime referred by this name only until it was found that this category was general, and the breed got its own name. Since the tiffanies had longhair, they were considered a result of an outcross between a Burmese cat breed with another breed. The similarities between the two breed was only in their coat, the points on the fur and pink paw pads were not visible in the new breed.

To bring in some glamour and luxury to this new breed, Sigyn Lund the Breeder from Florida named this new cat Tiffany, which was inspired by a posh theatre in Los Angeles. Many stories were floating in those times about the lineage of the Tiffany cat, with many believing that the Tiffany cat were born a mixed breed due to the cross breeding of foreign longhairs and Burmese, Himalayan, Angoras and Havana’s.

Since, Lynd was primarily a Burmese cat breeder, she had tough time convincing people that the Tiffany was an original breed and not a cross breed. It was only after the Canadian breeders started taking interest in this breed in the year 1970, the gene pool of this particular breed started expanding with newer color variations coming into the forte. This improved the genetic pool of the tiffany.

The Canadian and the US breeders decided the new breed will be named Chantilly, but tiffany is still widely used by various cat fanciers and is usually called by both these names.

Tiffany Cat Traits

The Tiffany is a medium sized affectionate cat with a semi foreign style body with long coat. They have smooth, soft and silky coat with no undercoat making them easier to groom as compared to cats with thick undercoat. Tiffany cats take some time to mature and will take a minimum of two years to achieve full maturity. The head is broad with a wedge and gentle curves. Tiffany has attractive oval eyes with amber or deep yellow color. Some cats even have golden colored eyes.

The color of the coat has improved over the time with various options like lavender, cinnamon, blue, fawn, lilac, and black. Coats also come in various patterns like the agouti, mackerel, and tabby.

Tiffany Cat Personality

Tiffany cat is slightly docile, but can be highly active at times. They are usually very healthy and love to sit on your lap for an extended time. Tiffany cat is loyal, gentle and will follow you around the house without harassing you. Tiffanies are equally good house and travel companion. They gel well with humans and will identify one particular member in the family with whom they will show more attachment. They are great family cats getting along well with children. These cats can be reserved in the company of strangers, but are not fearful. They have the ability to stay calm making them good candidates for homes with other pets.

Tiffany Cat Healthcare

Tiffanies have a semi-long hair with no undercoat making it easier to groom their coat. No undercoat means less tangling of fur, so weekly once brushing is enough. Since these cats have lots of hair near their ears, they have a tendency for wax buildup. Checking their ears once a year will help prevent any ear infections. Tiffanies have difficulty digesting hence you need to keep corn products away from their diet. Stick to a regular diet.

Tiffany Cat Behavior

Tiffanies are friendly, loyal, with moderate temperament, and playful cat breeds. They hate being left alone in the house for longer durations and will long for company. They are affectionate, bright, fun loving and possess a sweet temperament.

Tiffany Cat with Children and Pets

Tiffanies are good family oriented cats and are not usually aggressive making them an ideal pet cat breed for families that have elders and children. These cats have a lot of patience and hence can get along well with children and their aggression. This patient behavior is ideal for homes with other pets around.

Height and Weight Range

Tiffany is a medium sized cat weighing 6-10 pounds.

Age Expectancy

The average life expectancy of a tiffany cat is 9-16 years if they are taken care well.

Price Range

The average price of a Tiffany cat starts at $600 and can go up to $1000 depending on the breeder.


Tiffanies have no specific health issues and will live healthy for a long time. Since they are moderately active cats, they will require a minimum of 80 kilo calories food each day. Any good quality dry and wet cat food is suitable for the Tiffanies, but some cats may suffer from digestion problems, in such cases you may have to avoid corn-based food. A proper and healthy diet will not harm your tiffany cat.


The Tiffany Cat is a unique and captivating breed of feline. With its silky agouti hair, signature blue eyes, and a personality that is as sweet as it is spunky, it’s no wonder why the Tiffany Cat breed is so beloved by pet owners and lovers of cats alike. Its origins stem from the USA and it is considered to be a rare breed. While most cats share the same basic features, the Tiffany Cat stands out from the crowd due to its unique coloring and markings.

The Tiffany Cat is a medium-sized breed that is considered to be a natural breed. The breed is known for its beautiful agouti hair that is soft and silky to the touch. The coat is usually a combination of white, light brown, dark brown and black. The Tiffany Cat breed also has distinctive blue eyes, which is one of its most defining characteristics.

The Tiffany Cat breed is also known for its friendly and outgoing personality. They are known to be good-natured and enjoy being around people. They are generally quite social and love to cuddle and play. Tiffany Cats are also quite active, always looking for something to do, and are known to be quite curious.

Overall, the Tiffany Cat breed is an amazing breed of cat and a great choice for cat lovers. Its unique coloring and markings make it an eye-catching breed. Its friendly and outgoing personality make it perfect for anyone looking for an affectionate and playful companion. The Tiffany Cat breed is a rare and beautiful breed that is sure to bring joy and delight to its owners.

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