Steps in Treating Cat Acne

Treating Cat acne

Treating Cat acne on chin, Cats also suffer from acne, surprised! This is true just as humans even cats suffer from acne. There are different ways to prevent and treating cat acne. Before we understand the treatment methods, one need to know what cat acne is. Acne in cats is found under the chin and on the sides of the lips. Skin pores tend to get blocked due to excess oil secretion leading to acne in cats. Cats with oily skin tend to suffer more from acne. Acne in cats is identified by searching for pimples or blackheads, which tend to ooze pus.

Cause of Cat Acne on Chin

Cause of Cat Acne on Chin

Blackheads are usually accompanied by an inflammation on and around the chin region. The symptoms of acne are mild in cats, but it may need specific treatments on certain occasions. Feline acne can affect cats of all sizes, breed and age. It is not restricted to any particular color cats and affects both male and female ones.

They usually affect young cats between the ages of 2 to 4years. The blackheads on the chin may look like some dirt getting accumulated under the chin. Acne can be formed due to various reasons in cats. The various reasons for acne formation in cats include stress, allergies, bad grooming, food and medications, but the prime reason for acne is the overworked oil glands; very similar to teenagers.

cat acne on chin

Signs of feline acne

It is very easy to identify feline acne. If you find your cat scratching his chin regularly, then you may need to have a detailed look of his chin. If you notice any black marks resembling dirt under the chin of your cat, then it is a sure sign of acne. Excessive scratching of the area can cause inflammation and chances of infection are also very high. Scratching may spread the bacteria to other areas leading to more acne.

Effective Ways of Treating Cat Acne On Chin

Diagnosis of cat acne on chin usually done by a vet. A good vet will be able to assess the situation better and rule out any fungal and bacterial infections. He will have a good understanding of your feline health before beginning any form of treatment. The treatment includes keeping the skin clean and well-groomed. You need to cleanse the affected skin twice a day with a gel or an ointment that contains benzoyl peroxide or betadine. The affected area should be cleansed of all the excess oil with the help of a medicated shampoo meant for cats.

You can even use a mild and perfume free soap solution three times a day. Never squeeze or try to break the acne as it can lead to infections. Pimples can be treated with a warm compress or by tea bag compresses to soothe and heal the area. Acne usually recurs after every treatment since the main culprit is lying under the skin. You may need to clean the chin after every meal for a well-groomed look. Chins of messy cats need to be cleaned regularly after every meal.

In some serious cases you may have to seek the advice of a vet for treating cat acne. Your veterinarian will prescribe some additional treatments like antibiotics, which comes in the form of liquid, pills or injections. Topical antibiotics can also be tried, but you need to make sure your cat does not ingest the cream. Deep infections may need proper antibiotic treatment. Repeat this process until the acne is cleared. Steroid Injections or tablets can also be tried to calm the inflammation after clipping the fur around the area. Treatment with a steroid injection responds well depending on the acne situation.

Hygiene is extremely important when dealing with acne. It is very important to wash and clean all the bowls used for feeding very thoroughly to prevent bacteria from passing on to other cats. Wash your hands properly after every treatment. Keep your cat well-groomed and make an effort to clean the affected areas regularly to prevent the spread of infection to other areas of the body.

Feline acne requires proper care and attention from your side. Acne is a recurring problem so you need to ensure that your pet cat is cleansed properly on a daily basis. A well-groomed cat is always attractive and stays healthy throughout.

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