Step By Step How To Get A Cat To Like You More

How To Get A Cat To Like You More

How to get a cat to like you, Cats are one of the most popular pets loved by people all over the world and they are often compared with dogs. Cats are very different in nature as compared to dogs. Cats are independent and less dependent on humans. Cats are a bit moody and display a range of emotions throughout the day unlike dogs. One moment they may cuddle up on you and the very next moment they might even scratch you.

Then, how to get your cat to like you is the most common question cat lovers would ask before they get a new cat home as their pet. This is possible only by understanding their behavior and by establishing a good relationship with them. Once you understand your cat’s behavior it will be easier to know the signs your cat loves you.

Each cat breed has a unique personality and their behavior will depend a lot on this. You need to be patient and be able to spend some time to bond with your new feline friend. Slow and steady you will notice a great difference in their behavior.

1.Stay Positive and Develop a Strong Bond

women petting a cat

Your body language plays a huge role in developing a long-lasting and positive relationship with your pet. Moreover, you need to study and understand your cats body language so that he can be comfortable around you. Once that is done even small signs like rubbing his head or any other body part against you will indicate fondness. Cats normally do this to show their love and affection. Cats have scent glands near their ears and head bunting is a way to mark you with their scent.

This is another way to show affection and care. Cats tend to softly blink their eyes when you maintain an eye contact with them. This way he tries to demonstrate that he trusts you. You can blink back and show that you also trust him. Other visible signs of affection are soft purring, sitting on your lap and even licking.

2.Care for your cat by preparing comfortable spaces

how to get a cat to like you

Cats love to be alone; they sleep a lot and love cleanliness around. They also like playing with their toys. It is imperative to provide a clean space where he can relax and be comfortable without being troubled; this will make sure he accepts you as a great caretaker. Make sure you prepare a good sleeping box with beds and toys for him to enjoy his me time. You can even consider placing your blanket or sheet so that he gets used to your scent.

The litter box is the next most important aspect of a cat, and they like it to be very clean. Cats love some space to play so you can create a comfortable space where he can have his own scratching post and toys to play around. Keep a dedicated area for keeping their food tray so that he knows where to find his food every time he is hungry.

3.Provide ample toys

2 kitten playing on bed

Cats like playing or chasing. Indoor cats need some sort of exercise to keep them mentally and physically fit. The choice of a toy depends a lot on your cat’s personality. An older or sedate cat will not prefer toys that involve a lot of chasing. For such cats you can even consider a catnip filled toy, which he can tap around while laying down. Always get toys that are suitable and safe for your cat, if you have any doubts consult a vet or the local pet store to get an understanding about safe toys. Remember to rotate the toys so that he doesn’t get bored of the same toy.

4.Fix a playtime

kitten and kid playing next to window

Yes, cats are independent and are less dependent on humans, but if you need to bond or develop a healthy relationship with your cat, it is necessary for you to spend some quality time with him. Cats are active during dawn and at dusk so make sure you take out some time to play with her. Make sure you stick to this timing every day as he can have something to look forward to each day.

5.Regular Feeding

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Feeding time is the best time to bond with your feline friend and regular feeding will ensure she gets the required calories to maintain a healthy body. Decide a fixed time and make sure you feed her at the same time every day. Free feeding is harmful for your cat’s health as it will make him obese and inactive. Follow the diet recommended by his veterinarian and stick to the timings.

6.Give him treats

giving treat to cat

Occasionally giving treats to your cat is a good way to make him like you. Do not overdo it as it can cause weight gain. Giving your cat treat twice or thrice a week is fine. Never give human food as treats instead lookout for cat treats at the local pet store. Catnip is a very popular treat to reward good behavior.

7.Keep the litter box clean

litter box

Cats love cleanliness especially when it concerns their letterbox. You need to clean his litter box at least once a day or if required twice, to ensure clean and healthy surroundings.

An unclean litter box will not encourage your cat to use it. Purchase a litter box that is large enough to suit your cat and keep them clean daily. Cats will avoid dirty litter boxes and this will make your attempts to get him to like you all the more difficult.

8.Grooming and Petting your cat

Cat Grooming / How to get your cat to like you more

Grooming and petting time is the best time to bond with your cat. Cats love to be petted near areas like behind the ears, base of the chin, cheeks, and the base of the tail. They love it when you rub these areas, but again do not overdo. Cats will not want to be petted for a longtime. Instead, they like short massages. Lookout for his body language; give him some space. Grooming or brushing time is also great to develop a bond with your cat.

9.Be gentle and Caring

how to get a cat to like you

Always be caring and gentle with your cat. This will develop a trust with your cat and will make you more approachable. Never pull your cat’s tail.

10.Reciprocate your cats affection

how to get a cat to like you

One of the best ways to make your cat to like you is to show your affection. There are various ways to show affection and this can be done through petting, grooming, stroking and playing with them. Some very common ways of showing affection is through bumping the head, licking, and kneading. Allow your cat to knead you as long as he wants as this will help him relax and help in developing a bond with you.

11.Talk to your Cat

how to get a cat to like you.

Call your cat by his name every time you talk to him. If he meows, reciprocate by talking back. These little things will make your cat happy and feel secure.

12.Avoid things that your cat hates

how to get a cat to like you.

Avoid doing things that your cats hate as it will jeopardize your chances of bonding with your cat. Cats hate rubbing their belly unlike dogs. They will tend to bite you if you rub their belly. When a cat is showing his belly it means he is relaxed and happy with the surroundings. Do not think that showing his belly means he is inviting you to rub his belly. Avoid touching his belly and always pet him on areas where he likes. Do not force your interactions with your cat.

Interact with him only when he wants to and respect his space. When he spits or hisses, it is the right time to stay away from him and give him some space until he calms down. Shy cats hate forced interactions. Do not physically punish or yell at your cat as it will spoil the bond that you have developed. Physical punishment will scare him and instead of yelling you can firmly say “no” when he demonstrates bad behavior.

So now that you know how to get a cat to like you it is necessary to be patient and lookout for signs your cat loves you. Pay attention to your cat’s body language and react accordingly. If there are many members in the house, your cat may not bond with all the members, but will end up bonding with one particular person only.

how to get a cat to like you

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