Stunning and Handsome Somali Cat

Somali cat

Introduction to Somali Cat

Somali cats are amazingly stunning and handsome cat breeds known for their extremely agile and confidant qualities. This semi-longhaired cat has the qualities of an Abyssinian and is an ideal friend of families. They are curious and high-spirited and are not an ideal lap cat that you are looking for. It has a very expressive face with a bushy ticked coat, a foxlike tail, and ear tufts. The Somalis just like the Abyssinians are popular as preposition cats because they are across, besides, under, between, though, among and everywhere. They have graceful and a muscular body but are extremely quick and agile. These good-looking cats are attention grabbers and are different from any other average cat species.

Somali Cat History

The origins of the Somali cat are still not clear. Abyssinian is the oldest domestic cat breed with no clear understanding about its origins. There are stories of the Somali cat originating in England during the post war era when there was a shortage of Abyssinians for breeding. The war destroyed animals and brought to halt the breeding programs and it was during this time the breeders were compelled to use other breeds of cats to revive the lineage.

Other breeds of cats were mixed into the bloodlines of the Abyssinians to prevent the breed from extinction. A male Abyssinian came to the United States in the year 1953 from Britain and is considered the father of the Somali cat breed with longhair in this continent. This cat was the ancestor of all the Canadian and American Somalis.

Most breeders initially were reluctant to accept the occasional birth of the longhaired Abyssinians in the litter. Some recognized this new kind of breed and continued with their breeding program sometimes focusing entirely on the Somali cats. Since Somalia bordered the southeastern and eastern borders of Abyssinia, hence this longhaired version of the Abyssinian was named Somali cat by the Abyssinian breeder Evelyn Mague.

In the year 1972, she founded the Somali cat club in America and began inviting Somali cat owners and fanciers. In 1975, the CFAs international Somali Cat club was born and subsequently in the year 1978 it earned the championship status in CFA. Since then this particular breed started gaining in popularity and as of today the Somali cat has championship status in the North American cat registries.

Somali Physical Traits

The Somali cat is known for its stunning good looks. This Abyssinian with longhair often on the chest and on the chin has a large fox type ears. At first look you will find the Somali cat appearing like a feral, but on close observation you will find this cat has some special qualities that make them stand out from the rest of the cat breeds. The Somalis have an alert appearance and are always curious. They have almond shaped eyes with gold, copper or green color.

Size wise the Somalis are medium to large with muscular body that is well balanced just like the Abyssinian. They take some time to develop fully almost reaching adulthood in around 18 to 20 months. The coat is ticked or agouti and come in standard colors like fawn, red, ruddy, cinnamon, chocolate or blue. Silver is also one of the popular colors found in these cats. The standout feature of the Somali is its bushy tail making them look like a fox.

Somali Cat Personality

Somalis are energetic, agile, fun-loving, bubbly and vivacious cats. These active cats are very intelligent and will stay devoted to their family members. Due to their extrovert nature they can get along well with visitors and guests. They will show their presence in the house and will always be affectionate towards their family. Somalis tend to sit on the shoulders of their family members and enjoys exploring the house this way.

Somalis like to walk on a leash and will happily play a game of fetch. They like to be involved in all the activities and are not an ideal lap cat. Yes, these cats do the job of a hair dresser, by licking and grooming your hair if given an opportunity.

Somali Cat Health and Care

Just like the Abyssinians the Somalis are prone to dental decay, gingivitis, and renal diseases. The medium, soft and silky coat does not result in matting, but requires brushing once or twice a week.

Somali Behavior

Somalis are active, friendly and curious cat breeds, but they are not very aggressive or unfriendly. They are good indoor cats and enjoy the company of other animals or cats in the house. They will tend to explore the house inside out due to their inherent curious nature. They will supervise what you are doing and learn tricks very quickly. You can even train them to walk on a leash. They can get along well with people of any age group, which is a huge plus for families with children around. These are people loving cats and will be all over the house.

Somali with Children and Other Pets

Somali cats are extrovert and love fun loving atmosphere. They enjoy the company of children especially older children who will spend time playing fetch or any other games with them. These cats are friendly with other animals too and don’t mind their presence in the house.

Height and Weight

Somali cats are medium sized cats with males weighing 8-10 pounds and the females weighing 6-7 pounds.

Age Expectancy

This robust and healthy cat breed has the life-expectancy of 12-14 years if they stay healthy.

Price Range

The average Somali kitten will cost $500-$600 and the price will vary depending on the breeder.

Feeding Somali Cats

To maintain a lean and healthy built the Somali cats must eat meals that contain high proteins with less fat. Diet reserved for Siamese cats are suitable for the Somali cats. Fresh meat that is served to the cats must be of high quality and not stale or else it can harm their health in the long run. Both dry and canned food can be given on a regular basis to maintain a healthy body.


The Somali cat breed is undoubtedly one of the most stunning and handsome breeds out there. With its long, bushy tail, its strong, angular features, and its wild, luxurious coat, the Somali cat is an absolute beauty. But it’s not just the looks that make this breed so special; it’s also the personality and temperament that make the Somali cat so unique and endearing. They are incredibly intelligent and affectionate cats, who are always eager to please their owners and get along with other animals. They are also incredibly playful and active cats, who love to explore and go on adventures, making them the perfect companion for any home.

In conclusion, the Somali cat breed is truly one of the most gorgeous and special breeds in the feline world. They are intelligent, affectionate, and full of life and personality, making them perfect for any home. Whether you’re looking for a loyal companion or just a furry friend, the Somali cat breed is sure to provide hours of entertainment and companionship. And with their stunning and handsome looks, they’re sure to turn heads wherever they go. So, if you’re looking for a beautiful and unique breed to bring into your home, the Somali cat breed is definitely worth considering.

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