20 Small Cat Breeds That Stay Small and Cuddly

russian blue kittens

Small Cat Breeds are cute and cuddly. With increasing popularity of cats around the world, there is a huge demand for different breeds of cats. Each cat breeds has some unique qualities and just like dogs they too come in small and large sizes. Depending on your lifestyle there is a cat breed that suits your home. The unique quality of cats is their cute little features and their furry appearance. Cats are cutest when they are kittens and this is true for any pet be it a dog.

Some cat parents love to cuddle their cats forever as if they are kittens. Small cat breeds are targeted to meet the demands of these set of pet owners.

Some cat breeds stay small and cuddly until they reach adulthood. These small cat breeds weigh less compared to the large cat breeds and maintain the tiny frame forever.

Small cat breeds are tiny, weigh not more than 10 pounds, have distinct personalities, have long hair, short hair and even are hairless. You can choose any of these small cat breeds that will suit your lifestyle and requirements. The small cat breeds are specifically bred to stay small, but this also comes at a price.

Extreme breeding of cats has led to several health issues that has affected their lives or even become deadly. A lot of cats tend to stay small except for a few large cat breeds like the Norwegian forest cat and the Maine Coons.

Cats that stay small forever are very popular. Increasing demand and popularity has led to the birth of new verities of small cat breeds and their numbers are on an upward trend. The following list of 20 small cat breeds are some of the most popular breeds that meets the demands of a lot of cat parents.

1. Munchkin      

Munchkin small cat breed
Credit : mipokoro2

As the name suggests the munchkins are very adorable small cat breeds. The munchkins small size is due to a genetic mutation that makes its legs shorter compared to other cats. Shorter legs mean these cats cannot jump high and are more prone to joint injuries. These miniature cat breeds weigh between 6 to 9 pounds and look similar to a corgi. These cute looking cats are great with kids and other pets in the house. The International Cat Association were heavily criticized for officially recognizing this small cat breed.

2. Singapura

Singapura small cat breed
Credit : hiromi_kiki

Singapura is one of the most popular small cat breeds that are known for their physical traits like large eyes, ears and a brown ticked coat. Weighing about 4-8 pounds the Singapura has its origins in the US. Even though they are small in size these breeds are curious, friendly and get along very well with all the family members, even other pets. They are full of energy; love cuddling and will keep everyone busy whole day.

3. American Curl

American curl small cat breed
Credit : endearingcatss

The American curl is a relatively new cat breed known for their curled back ears. A result of a natural genetic mutation in a stray cat and later due to selective breeding the American curls were created in the 80s. This tea cup cats come in wide varieties of colors, patterns and even in short and long hair. A fully grown cat weighs around 5 to 8 pounds. They are affectionate and have a playful personality.

4. Cornish Rex

cornish rex small cat breed
Credit : cornishrexvondiana

The Cornish Rex is known for their fine and curly coat. If you have allergy to cat dander, then this small cat breed is ideal for you. Cornish Rexes are hypoallergenic and rarely shed. This breed is a result of a genetic mutation that was found in kittens in Cornwall, England. These dog-like cats are known for a game of fetch and have a strong appetite. Cornish Rexes are attractive and possess a natural elegance.

5. Devon Rex

Devon rex small cat breed
Credit :yssssusan

Devon Rex has a pixie like appearance with soft fur weighing anywhere between 5 to 10 pounds. The standout features other than its size is its giant ears. While they may be small cat breeds, they have a great personality and loves all the care and attention, Devon’s are childlike, active and intelligent cat breeds. Devon rex is a good family pet and gets along well with children and other pets in the house. They need very little attention, but enjoy an occasional cuddle.

6. Siamese

Siamese cats have bright blue and attractive eyes with a soft white, gray and black coat. This pretty looking breed has a glossy coat. The body color is pale while the tail, feet and ears are usually dark. With their origins in Thailand, the Siamese are larger cats among the small cat breeds weighing about 8 to 15 pounds with males weighing more. Other than the best in beauty, the Siamese cats are very curious and enjoy walking with their human family on a leash. They can be easily leash trained.

7. Balinese

Balinese small cat breed
Credit : lulu_startedit

The Balinese cat breed looks similar to the Siamese and are related to them. They have some differences. These cats are smaller compared to the Siamese, have longer fur coats that is soft and silky. The Balinese are intelligent cat breeds, social and very affectionate. They love talking and will display their talking skills when required. These playful cats like learning new tricks and always try to solve puzzles.

8. Russian Blue

russian blue cat
Credit : shaorin.ion

Russian Blues are gentle and shy cats. Some cats may be social, but mostly they like to keep to themselves. Once they are comfortable with the surroundings, these cats can be very energetic and gets along well with older children. The standout feature of this cat breed is their bluish gray coat that is short and their shiny green eyes. Weighing about 7 to 12 pounds the Russian Blues are considered medium sized cats The average lifespan of this cat breed is 15 to 20 years which is way more than other cat breeds.

9. Abyssinian

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Abyssinian is a small to medium sized cat breed with some resemblance to the African wildcat. Abyssinians have a ticked coat, which means it alternated between light and dark colored bands. These curious cat breeds are known to open cabinets and cupboards if left alone for a longtime. The Abyssinians have quite a playful demeanor. This shorthaired cat breed is incredibly loyal and love to interact with humans.

10. Minuet

Minuet short legged cat
Credit :bijyu_07

Minuet used to be called Napolean. It is a mix of the Persian and the Munchkin breed. These small short legged cats are ideal for anyone who wants to own a Persian cat, but small sized. This petite cat breed weighs 5 pounds and is mostly furry. Minuets are charming, affectionate and people loving cats. They have a cute innocent look, but are curious, which lands them in trouble.

11. Lambkin

The Lambkin is also referred to as Nanus Rex. This new cat breed is one of the rarest breeds created by breeding the Selkirk Rex with the Munchkins. The aim was to create a short cat with the coat of the Selkirk Rex. This small cat breed has height of 7-8 inches and weighs 5-9 pounds. This small and stocky looking cat is ideal for seniors, children and even large families with other pets. These sweet and easy-going cat breeds are gentle and docile in nature. Their tolerant and warm personality makes them ideal for homes with elders and kids. They love interactions and enjoy playing games as well.

12. Dwelf

Credit : ori_is_naked

Dwelf is a bizarre looking small cat breed with no hair and big eyes. The Dwelf has the short legs of a Munchkin, hairless feature of the Sphynx, and the curled ears of the American Curl. The Dwelf name is derived from the words Dwarf and Elf. The cat is short and has elf type ears, which gives it the name Dwelf. The Dwelf cat is smart, playful and active like a dog. These cats need mental stimulation on a regular basis. Since they are hairless, these cats need one bath per week to get rid of excess oil. Too much bath will make their skin dry.

13. Japanese Bobtail

japanese bobtail
credit : yumiino

The Japanese Bobtail is a medium sized cat breed that comes in both medium and shorthair varieties. These long and slender cats have highly developed muscles that allows them to jump high. The tail of the Bobtail resembles that of a rabbit. The coat of this cat is soft and silky. The Japanese Bobtail is sweet, active, loving and highly intelligent cat breeds. When called by their names, these cats respond like dogs.

14. Javanese

Credit : igpashko

Javanese is the longhaired variety of the Siamese cat dressed in ColorPoint colors. They were created by the mix of Siamese, ColorPoint and the Balinese cats. These medium sized cats weigh 5 to 10 pounds. Even though the Javanese differs in some features when compared to the Siamese, they differ in coat length and color. Just like the Siamese, these cats are vocal, friendly and enjoy playing games with humans. They are agile, intelligent, like playing fetch and learn tricks quickly.

15. La Perm

Credit : maria_laperm

La Perm is a curly coated cat and its name has been derived because of this unique coat type. This curly coat small cat breed is loving, friendly and curious by nature. The unusual appearance is due to a spontaneous mutation. The coat varies on colors, length and patterns. Some of the La Perm kittens are born bald while others come in straight coats, but they curl when these cats reach maturity. These cats love heights and love getting involved in all the day to day activities in the house.

16. Oriental Longhair

oriental long hair
Credit : kissetanten

Oriental longhairs are small cat breeds weighing less than 8 pounds. They have Siamese type body structure with a wedge-shaped head and ears. They have long and silky coats, but lack the woolly undercoat of the Persian cat. The coat of this cat lies flat on its body hence the name semi-longhair. The Oriental longhairs come in a variety of colors and all of them have green almond shaped eyes. White Oriental longhairs may have green or blue eyes or may be odd eyed. They are highly intelligent and curious cats with a dependable character. This lean and elegant cat needs regular grooming.

17. Somali    

Credit : senjawildcat

Somali is a longhaired version of the Abyssinian cat. The Somalis have an athletic physique with wild features like large ears and a masked face. The Somali coat is soft and the texture can vary depending on the color. The medium sized Somali has bushy tail, which is why it is also called fox cat. Somalis are not gentle lap cat. They are highly curious, active, playful and constantly loves climbing high places. They get along well with people and enjoy being the center of attention.

18. Genetta

Credit : lulu.munchkin

Genetta is a new small cat breed that has been bred for its short legs and marbled or spotted fur. Because of its spotted coat this little feline resembles the spotted African Genet. Even though the Genetta cat looks like a wild cat, it is a complete domestic cat breed and no Genets were used to create this breed. Genetta’s are known for their energy levels, playful and affectionate nature. Their friendly nature means they get along well with all members of the family including kids and other pets. These small cat breed require plenty of attention and do not like to be left alone for longer periods.

19. Bambino

Bambino is a hairless small cat breed that is a cross of Sphynx and the short-legged munchkin. There is very few information about this cat breed, but there are a few controversies floating around. Potential health problems are one of the main issues that are surrounding this cat breed. Like most cats, the Bambinos are affectionate, kid friendly and pet friendly. They have medium levels of intelligence and tend to vocalize more.

20. Minskin

minskin small breed of cat
Credit : mondayandgreta

Minskin is a small cat breed that is similar to a Corgi dog. This cat breed is a result of intentional cross breeding between the Munchkin, the Burmese, the Devon Rex and the Sphynx. They have a stocky body and short legs. They are affectionate and outgoing cats. These cats will happily greet you at the door when you come home. They lack coat, have rounded heads, large ears and big eyes.

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