Siamese Cats Breed Profile and Characteristics

siamese cats

Siamese Cats originated from Siam region the present day Thailand. In Siam these cats are known as regal cats residing in Royal palaces and Temples. The popular belief in this region about these cats is that these cats have the ability to protect the royal palaces and monasteries from bad spirits and in turn bring in good fortunes to their owners.

These cats were brought to England in the year 1884 as they were given as gifts to the British generals. After reaching England and gaining popularity these cats became popular in Europe, North America and Asia too.

Siamese cats colors, Siamese cats are easily recognizable for their sleek long body, triangular face, blue colored eyes, and a very unusual color pattern. Some are cross eyed cat siamese

Actually Siamese cats are born white and the dark points appear later as they grow. Siamese are intelligent, talkative and people oriented cat breed.

Siamese Cat Origin

Siamese Cat History

The Siamese cats have a long and interesting history. As the name itself suggests these extrovert cats have originated from Siam the present day Thailand. The unique appearance and personality of these cats had great fan following especially from the royals of Thailand.

Due to this these cats gained importance automatically. When a member of the royalty expired it was believed that these cats would obtain the soul. The cat then shifted to a temple where it spent its whole life in luxury among priests and monks as servants.

There are many mythological stories revolving around these cats one such story suggests how the Siamese cat who was on duty protecting the regal vase coiled its tail around the vase and stared so deeply that its eyes became crossed. Another story tells of how these cats protected the rings that belonged to a royal princess.

These cats slipped the rings onto their tails and developed a tail kink to prevent the rings from falling from the tail. It is not clearly known when these cats arrived in Britain. One story suggests that a couple of Siamese cats were given to the sibling of the, then British Counsel General in Thailand in the year 1884.

The next year these cat breeds were the part of the show in London. Earlier evidence suggests that these cats were displayed in the first cat show in 1871 at the Crystal Palace in UK with a very lukewarm response. Despite this cold response the Siamese gradually started gaining in popularity. The Siamese is a natural cat breed, which means its original point color cat pattern is a result of genetic mutation.

The first cat of this breed in America was given to the First Lady Mrs. Hayes in 1878 by the US consul general. In the early 1900s these cat breeds started participating in several cat shows and has gained prominence, acceptance and achieved first place among short haired cat breeds.

The popularity of this cat breed has led to the Siamese being the base cat breed for many other types of siamese cats like Himalayan, Burmese, Ocicat, Korat, Snowshoe, Tonkinese and some Oriental breeds. Today the Siamese cat breed has got recognition from all cat associations.

Siamese Cats Characteristics

The Siamese cats are easily recognized by their unique coloring and the almond shaped blue eyes. These elegant and sleek looking cats, siamese seal point on their face, ear, feet and the tail. The Siamese are small to medium sized cats with a slender and elegant body, long neck and tail along with a long and a wedge shaped head.

The modern Siamese is slim, stylish, elegant, and flexible with a well toned-body. It has a triangular head with a thin nose. The eyes are oblique and almond shaped, ears are thin and large. They have a long neck, tail and body. These cats have a shiny, short soft, thin, tight to the body coat. What stands out in a Siamese cat is their unique pointed color cat. Siamese cats can live for 15 to 20 years and just need care, proper food and attention.

Male Siamese weigh 9 to 14 pounds while the females weigh 6 to 10 pounds. Males have a height of 23 inches while females have a height of about 21 inches. The CFA recognizes four colors or points of Siamese primarily the seal pattern, chocolate brown, brilliant blue, and lilac. TICA allows two more colors, which includes the tortoise shell and lynx. The traditional variety cat siamese price between $700 and $1000, while others may cost lesser.

Siamese Cat Personality

This point color cat are intelligent, lively, entertaining and energetic cat breeds. They can be demanding at times and get fully involved with the lives of their owners. They like to be cared and be the centre of attention. Siamese cats tend to consider themselves as people rather than cats.

They are very talkative and have a strong personality. They utilize their voice to full effect and their meows are compared to the cries of human babies. Siamese are very extrovert by nature, and bond well with one particular person. They can be entertaining, dominating and loving companion pets.

They are playful with children and adults. These highly energetic cats will always engage themselves with the daily activities along with their owners.

Siamese Health and Care

Kidney disease is one of the most common disease and reason for their sudden death in the elderly Siamese cats. Emotionally these cats are high maintenance, but require vey less grooming. The hair is so short that they need once in a while bathing and brushing.

Siamese Cat and kitten

Siamese Behavior

Siamese are extroverts and enjoy being in the company of people. Sometimes they are less active at nights due to poor night sight as compared to other cats. They have a curious personality and will cry if left alone for longer durations.

On certain occasion these cats can appear aloof and behave as if they are not interested, but all this is an act. They can be trained to perform tricks and commands and have shown their fierce competitive side.

Siamese Cats with Children and Pets

Siamese with Children and Pets

Siamese are very active and energetic, which makes them an ideal choice for families with children and even pets like dogs. They will learn tricks easily and play a game of fetch. They love children and pets who treat them with respect.