Why We Need To Buy A Scratching Post For Cats?

scratching post for cats

Scratching post for cats and many of us might have observed cats doing this very often. Cats scratch during playing and while stretching. They scratch to mark their territory or to threaten other cats by signaling. In the wild they scratch and leave a scent on the markings to attract others.

Regular sharpening of their claws is essential for cats and they scratch for sharpening their worn out claws, remove ragged claws, and to expose new claws. Why we need to buy a scratching post for cats? According to a research cats scratch various objects for communication. In the open cats scratch the tree barks, to let other cats in the region know who the boss of the territory is and people to know her location.

Cats in the wild depend a lot on various objects that are found in the environment such as posts, and trees, while indoor cats scratch on ends of the couch, rugs and even furniture. The scratching leaves an obvious mark on the tree bark that can be easily seen by other cats. As their claws grow the scratching is more visible in cats. A scratching post serves this purpose, and allows the cat to scratch when there is no other ideal surface available.


Scratching Post, how do they solve the problem?

Cats love scratching and you should not stop them from scratching. Instead, you can teach them where and which surface to scratch. Scratching posts serves this purpose and you can provide an appropriate object for your cat to scratch. The claws of cats grow every day and indoor cats need surfaces to trim them, which cannot be your furniture or rugs. Scratching post is a good alternative for indoor cats.

Scratching post is a post used by cats for scratching and made from wood. This wooden post is covered in a rough material. They mark their territory by the scent glands that are present under their paws. It is an essential routine of every cat and is an outlet for their natural urge. Cats use scratching posts for various other reasons, which include exercise and for stretching. A good scratching post is good for the health and well-being of your cat. An outdoor cat enjoys scratching on the wooden barks and is an integral part of their growing up.

cardboard cat scratcher

Corrugated Cardboard Scratching Post

While most scratching posts are made of wood, but there are some that are made from corrugated cardboard. They are economical, easy to replace and cats love scratching on them. Such scratch posts lie flat on the floor with a small toy attached to the end to attract the attention of the cat and invite him to scratch. It is a good option for the first time cat owners before they decide to buy some expensive scratch post varieties for their pet cats.

scratching post for cats

Sisal Rope Scratching Post

Another very popular scratch post option is made of rough sisal rope. The sisal rope serves the same purpose as a tree bark. They are a bit expensive as compared to cardboard posts, but are durable and last for many years. A lot of cat owner’s love getting their cats scratching posts made from sisal.

A good scratching post encourages the mental health of cats. It also helps in physical stimulation. The Prime reason for scratching in cats is to eliminate old nails from the claws, to tone and exercise the muscles, to eliminate stress, to mark territory, to remove boredom and frustration, and for warm-up. F

or all these above reasons cats prefer posts that are sturdy and stable and the material used is not a huge concern here. A bad quality scratching post will not satisfy your cat’s urge for scratching. Cats employ a lot of energy into scratching and if the post doesn’t stand well, then it will not serve the purpose. The base should be stable and not wobble while scratching.

The height of the post also plays a very important role. The post should be minimum the same height of your cat and that will easily allow him to stretch and scratch from up to down. The post should be tall and strong or else your cat may still reach out for your furniture or couch.

Whatever maybe type of scratching post you get for your cat it should be able to satisfy your cats urge to scratch. You can even build a scratching post or buy a scratching post from online pet stores.

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