Scottish Fold Cat Breed : A Sweet Tempered Owl Cat

Scottish Fold Cat Breed

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Scottish Fold Origins

Scottish Fold is a cat breed with folded ears that makes this cat look like an Owl. The ears are folded tightly and very close to the skull as if it is wearing a cap. To match the Owl like face these cats have large button shaped eyes that looks very prominent on their round head. This medium sized cat breed has a sturdy body. This unique type of ears is a result of some genetic mutation from an incomplete dominant gene. This type of dominant gene is present in the straight ear as well as folded ear cats.

Scottish Fold kitten

This soft spoken Scottish Folds are never demanding and are good companion cats for singles as well as houses with children. Scottish Folds have the ability to adapt to different situations. These cats come with straight as well as folded ears and have evolved a lot over the last few decades.

Scottish Fold History

Scottish Fold was an accidental breed that was discovered in the year 1961 by a Scottish Farmer by the name William Ross. He found an unusual looking cat by the name Suzie with folded ears in the farm nearby in Tayside area of Scotland. Nobody clearly knew about the ancestry of Suzie, but it was identified that the mother of Suzie was a straight eared white cat. Ross liked Suzie a lot and decided to purchase her kitten from the next litter with the physical traits of its mother. The breeding program began after this.

Scottish Fold Cat

Ross named the breed as lop eared after a rabbit variety in 1966. He registered this new breed with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). The lop eared was later on renamed as Scottish Fold, but GCCF stop the registration of the breed in the early part of 1970s, which was mainly due to their strange ears and concerns over any diseases that might affect their ears. The first Scottish Fold arrived in the North America when three kittens were sent to DR.

Todd at a genetics research centre in Massachusetts. He was doing a research on genetic mutations and his research with the folded cats did not show any positive results. One female kitten from the group was given to a Manx breeder Salle Peters from Pennsylvania. The credit to the development and improvement to the Scottish Fold breed in America is given to Peters.

Scottish Fold got CFA recognition in the year 1973 and in the year 1978 it was granted the championship status. The longhaired version of this cat was not given recognition at that time, but later on in 1980’s even the longhaired Scottish Folds got recognition and now both these versions are very popular in the US. The ACFA, AACE, and UFO recognize this cat breed as Highland Fold. Breeders from Canada sometimes call this breed Coupari.

Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold Traits

The most prominent and noticeable feature of Scottish fold is its folded ears, which are tightly folded downwards and small in size. The earflap is fully folded and covers the ear opening. The ear flap is cartilaginous and firm. The ear tips are rounded. The Scottish Fold is a medium sized cat with a Cobby body structure. The head looks round with firm jaw and chin. The nose is curved and short. The head is set on a short sized neck and the muzzle is round with properly defined whisker pad.

These cats have a large set of eyes that are wide with a sweet expression. The color of the eyes corresponds to the coat color. Overall the body of this cat is round and short. The legs are short and are proportionate with their body. They have tail that tapers with a rounded tip. The coat is thick and supple and comes in both longhair and short haired versions.

This cat breed comes in a variety of colors and patterns except solid lilac, chocolate and color pointed. Female cats weigh between 6 to 9 pounds and the males weigh between 9 to 13 pounds. The life expectancy of the Scottish Fold cats is 14 years. The price of Scottish Folds is anywhere in the range of $300 to $1400.

Scottish Fold Personality

Scottish Fold Personality

They are a laidback cat breed and don’t get startled immediately. They are good travelers and companion cats. They have the ability to sleep on their backs with their legs facing upwards and if you notice this position do not be worried. They are sweet tempered and affectionate cats and adapts well to different situations.

scottish fold

These cats are particularly good with children and pets. Scottish Folds are intelligent, curious and very loving. They will either hide or follow you around the house and learn tricks like how to open doors of the cabinet. Most Scottish Folds like to drink from running water while some drink and even eat with their paws.

Scottish Fold kitten

Scottish Fold Health and Care

These cats are prone to spine deformities, have issues with their legs, and tails all this because of their dominant gene. It is difficult for them to clean the ear hence you will have to clean it regularly. The short and dense coat of the Scottish Fold can be easily cared. They don’t need any special grooming procedures, once a week brushing is enough to remove loose hair as they shed very little. Scottish Folds are prone to obesity hence it is necessary to monitor their diet. The diet can include meat and meat based products according to their age.

scottish fold

Scottish Fold Behavior

They will adapt to any situations and are very comfortable among children and dogs. They don’t get panicked at stage shows and get along well with the situation. They are not very vocal and like to stay put in one place. These cats can be playful and typically caring cats. They respond well to training.

Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold with Children and Pets

Scottish Folds are great family cats and can survive and bear children and dogs. Though they may not be seen running around the house very often, these cats are very adaptable. These cats are ideal for singles and families.

Extremely flexible and adjustable Scottihs Folds are a great companion pets.

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