Psychic Cat, What are They?

psychic cat

Spiritual connection with cats

Psychic cat, Cats are cute, cuddly and make great companions. Just like humans cats also experience physical and mental distress that can cause a lot of discomfort for their owners. In ancient Egypt cats were worshiped and regarded as warden of the underworld. Not all cats are psychic and sensitive. Only some select few have this unique ability, which is much similar to gift of god.

Ancient Egyptians have linked cats to possessing intuitive abilities. They considered cat to have ability to see, read your mind, sense danger and even save your life. Cats are supposedly the first animals to escape the place before there is an earthquake and this is true to a large extent. They can sense the oncoming danger early on.

So how do you understand the psychic behavior in your cat? You can detect this behavior by just observing their body language. If you notice your cat behaving strangely, showing unusual body movements like tail and ears going down, and sudden disappearance are all signals that indicate something unusual is going to happen at your place or location.

Some cats have a psychic connection with their owners. They just seem to disappear when their owners are out for few months and will return just before they are home. Some stories of cat owners and their experiences will surely make us wonder whether all this is true. Maintain a note of how your cat uses his body language to express that he knows what is going on in your mind or your desires.

Lot of pets are accustomed to their owners and are quick at learning all the patterns, read your body languages, and have an ability to anticipate what is going to happen next. There are a lot of stories about pets that seem to know more than their senses and this has been a hot topic of discussion over the years.

Scientists Opinion about Psychic cat

According to biologist Rupert Sheldrake animals like cats have abilities of telepathy and know well in advance about any future danger. Pets like cats are connected and attached to their owners and they seem to easily understand the needs, moods, and even have the ability to communicate with us through body language.

Cats depend on their scents and are very sensitive to sounds. So whenever an owner thinks of playing with his cat, this joyful thought brings about a change in their body language, which cats can smell and understand when you are playing with them. These psychic behaviors are not only in cats, but in other pets also and this is noticed by their owners only when the associated events correspond.

Cats telepathy

Whenever a cat sits near the phone very often you do not take notice of this act, but coincidently if anyone calls on the phone, the cat owner is more likely to relate the act as a psychic behavior and take note of it. Animals live in a different world and their ability to use their senses is still a mystery. Humans and animals both have five senses, but animals like cats utilize their ability to smell and listen completely and take them to a different level to act on instinct.

Any lack of communication between the cat owner and his cat can cause severe frustration because you may fail to understand what your pet would want to convey or pass on the message through their different body languages. Physical ailments are easy to detect and treat by vets, but it is the attitude change that is difficult to treat and identify. There are situations where your cat may keep meowing continuously and you may find it difficult to understand and treat.

Cats are very independent and they cannot be asked to show their psychic skills, but they like to bond with you through their senses.

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