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3 color curly hair cat kitten

4 Curly Hair Cat Breeds and Their Personalities

Adorable and Impressive curly, wavy hair The curly hair cat breeds have gained in popularity very recently and this category of cats include a large...

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different cat breed

10 Top Different Cat Breeds and Different Cat Personalities

What are cats personalities like? Cat personalities is just like there are different cat breeds around the world, each cat breed has a different personality....
sand cat

Sand Cat Facts and Personality

Sand Cat Facts Sand Cat or Felis Margartia is the ruler of the desert environment, true blue dweller of this arid region. They are capable...
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Choosing The Right Cat Carrier For Your Feline Friend

Cat carriers, If you are a cat owner, then I am sure you will need a cat carrier. Every loving and caring cat owner...

Scottish Fold Cat Breed : A Sweet Tempered Owl Cat

Scottish Fold Origins Scottish Fold is a cat breed with folded ears that makes this cat look like an Owl. The ears are folded tightly...
food that cat love to eat

Foods that Cats Love To Eat

Nutrition for Cats Foods that cats love to eat contain correct amounts of protein and vitamins for their healthy body. Cats prefer less carbohydrate rich...
furry cat

5 Top Furry Cats Breeds And Their Personalities

The Long Haired Cats Furry cats, We all know that cats have fur, which is one of the prime reasons why people do get attracted...

Cat Genie Review : Clean And Fresh With Cat Genie

Cat Genie, If you have one or more cats in your home, you already know that it can sometimes only take one feline friend...