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Why We Need To Buy A Scratching Post For Cats?

Scratching post for cats and many of us might have observed cats doing this very often. Cats scratch during playing and while stretching. They...

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turkish van

Turkish Van: The Beautiful Swimming Cat from Turkey

Introduction to Turkish Van As the name suggests the Turkish Van belongs to Turkey. Van is the common word used in Turkey for town, lakes...
cat breed that behave like dog

15 Purrsome Breeds of Cats That Act Like Dogs

Want To have Cats that Act like Dogs at your Home? Cats that act like dogs, There is always a debate going on about if...
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burmese cat breed

Burmese Cat Breed

The Origins of Burmese Cat Breed The Burmese cat breeds has been around for centuries and has been living in Burma, Malaya and Thailand. The...

How To Make A Tiny Stuffed Cat Toys DIY Cat Toys For Cat

Step By Step DIY Cat Toys Is your cat birthday? You need A present for your cat, Actually you don't need to buy an expensive...
furry cat

5 Top Furry Cats Breeds And Their Personalities

The Long Haired Cats Furry cats, We all know that cats have fur, which is one of the prime reasons why people do get attracted...

Let’s Find Out Why Do Cats Love Cat Grass?

Cat grass, cats are carnivore’s animals and hence tend to prefer meat, but there are times when these carnivores love chewing some fresh green...
tiny cat breeds

4 Sweet Little Tiny Cat Breeds That Stay Tiny Among All Cat Breeds

Cats come in various sizes and colors. The tiny cats breeds is one such category of cats where small size cats like the tea...