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Tuxedo Cat Personality

What Personality Makes The Tuxedo Cat Breed Different?

Tuxedo cat breed, The аlmоѕt еndlеѕѕ array of соаt colors аnd раttеrnѕ seen in cats hаѕ givеn rise to ѕоmе рrеttу descriptive terms –...

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American curl cat

The Curly Eared American Curl Cat Breeds

American Curl Cat Origins American Curls are a native cat breed of America and have originated in California. This is a medium sized cat with...
odd eyed cats

What Are The Causes Of Odd Eyed Cats?

Mysterious Cat’s Eyes You must have wondered why there are odd eyed cats and what causes this condition in cats. Actually a cats with an...
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20 Cute Googly Eyes Cats Prove You Don’t Have To Be Cute To Be...

Googly eyes cats, derpy and cross eyes cats are so cute and loving that you wouldn’t notice any particular physical change in them to...

Signs Your Cat Loves You

How To Make Your Cat Like You? Signs your cat loves you, Cаtѕ аrе independent creatures, Thеу tend to ѕtiсk tо thеmѕеlvеѕ. Hоwеvеr, ѕоmе саtѕ...
maincoon cat

Majestic Portraits of Maine Coon Cats That Become Mythical Creatures

Maine Coon cats are often referred to as the “dog of the cat world”. It is one of the most- loved cat breeds in...
cat haircut

15 Unique Cat Haircuts Styles

Cat Haircuts And Styles For Your Kitty cat haircuts A stylish hair style is an important aspect in the whole grooming process of your cat...
russian blue kittens

The Most Elegant And Charming Russian Blue Cat Breed

Russian Blue Introduction Russian Blue cat or soviet cat is considered the most regal gem of the cat world. Cat with long nose, short, thick...