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Oriental Shorthair

The Siamese Type Oriental Shorthair With An Array Of Colors

Oriental Shorthair Origins The Oriental Shorthair comes from the family of the Siamese cat breed. The Orientals are of two varieties one with shorthair and...

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The Exotic Jungle Looks and Wild Ocelot cat

Ocelot cat is an exotic wild cat with its origins in South America, although these cats can be found even in states like Texas....
Do cat eats roaches

Do Cats Eat Roaches and It is Safe for Them?

Do cats eat roaches, Cats are carnivores by nature. Cats that wander in the wild and stay outdoors prey on a wide variety of...
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3 color curly hair cat kitten

4 Curly Hair Cat Breeds and Their Personalities

Adorable and Impressive curly, wavy hair The curly hair cat breeds have gained in popularity very recently and this category of cats include a large...
persian cat breed

Persian Cat Breeds

Persian Origins Persian cat breed is the glamorous cat breeds of the cat world and has the appearance and look that is extremely stylish. The...
Cat Mythology

Top 9 Cat Mythology / Cat Myths Solved

CAT MYTHOLOGY There are many stories revolving cats, some of which are true to some extent while the others are a complete myth. Cat mythology...
black and white cat name

Black and White Cat Names Ideal For Your Black and white Kittens

black and white cat names, You must be over the moon after getting home that furry bundle of joy from a shelter home or...

20 Cute Googly Eyes Cats Prove You Don’t Have To Be Cute To Be...

Googly eyes cats, derpy and cross eyes cats are so cute and loving that you wouldn’t notice any particular physical change in them to...