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feline acne

What is Feline Acne and How to Cure Them?

Feline acne is a very common disorder that affects the skin of most cats around the world. The characteristics of feline acne include the...

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Do Cats Love Their Owners? Like We Love Them

Do cats love their owners? All animals or mammals display emotions. Each and every animal has a different way of conveying their emotions and...
why does cat purr

Why Does A Cat Purr?

Cat Purr is a sound made by most cat species. The sound and loudness can vary from each species. The reason why that cat...
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Cat and Tuna can

Can Cats Eat Canned Tuna? Why It Might Be Harmful

What Cat Food Do Your Cat Like? Can cats eat canned tuna, Most cat owners love to share human food with their cat. Whenever...
food that cat love to eat

Foods that Cats Love To Eat

Nutrition for Cats Foods that cats love to eat contain correct amounts of protein and vitamins for their healthy body. Cats prefer less carbohydrate rich...
Singapura small cat breed

20 Small Cat Breeds That Stay Small and Cuddly

Small Cat Breeds are cute and cuddly. With increasing popularity of cats around the world, there is a huge demand for different breeds of...

Can Cats Eat Beef In Their Daily Diet?

Can cats eat beef, A lot of pet owners love feeding natural foods for their cats. Any kind of meat you eat attracts the...
Tuxedo Cat Personality

What Personality Makes The Tuxedo Cat Breed Different?

Tuxedo cat breed, The аlmоѕt еndlеѕѕ array of соаt colors аnd раttеrnѕ seen in cats hаѕ givеn rise to ѕоmе рrеttу descriptive terms –...