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Choosing The Right Cat Carrier For Your Feline Friend

Cat carriers, If you are a cat owner, then I am sure you will need a cat carrier. Every loving and caring cat owner...

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Plants cat can eat

6 Plants Cats Can Eat Without Affecting Them

Plants cats can eat, Cats love meat and are naturally carnivores. But, sometimes cats tend to eat plants too. Though, cats are predominantly meat...
Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cat Breed, Profile and Personality

Ragdoll Origins Ragdoll cat breed is a large sized cat, but don’t go by its appearance this cat is extremely affectionate. One of the specialties...
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russian blue kittens

The Most Elegant And Charming Russian Blue Cat Breed

Russian Blue Introduction Russian Blue cat or soviet cat is considered the most regal gem of the cat world. Cat with long nose, short, thick...
Tabby Cat

The Tabby Cat | Know More This Cat Type

Most people feel that a tabby cat is an altogether different breed of cat, but this is not true. Actually the fact is tabby...
food that cat love to eat

Foods that Cats Love To Eat

Nutrition for Cats Foods that cats love to eat contain correct amounts of protein and vitamins for their healthy body. Cats prefer less carbohydrate rich...
Cat and Tuna can

Can Cats Eat Canned Tuna? Why It Might Be Harmful

What Cat Food Do Your Cat Like? Can cats eat canned tuna, Most cat owners love to share human food with their cat. Whenever...
different cat breed

10 Top Different Cat Breeds and Different Cat Personalities

What are cats personalities like? Cat personalities is just like there are different cat breeds around the world, each cat breed has a different personality....