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Moving With Your Cat

Moving cats, Cats don’t like changes in their environment. They are very territorial and feel very insecure when they are moved to a new location. They will feel totally lost and secluded in a new environment. Just like how humans find moving to new location very stressful, cats also undergo the same feeling and the stress is more for cats due to their territorial nature. You would not want to see your pet cat unhappy when moving to a new home or environment.

You can bring down the stress of moving cats considerably by doing things in a certain way to eliminate stress for both of you. Planning much in advance will ensure a smooth move and even one stress less will bring down your stress levels drastically.

Prepare well in advance

Moving cats to a new environment can be a huge headache for you, but the whole process is equally stressful for the cat. Most owners are worried about how their feline friend will cope with the new place. There is always a fear of your cat getting lost in the new place and if the new home is near the old home, then you tend to worry about your cat going back to the old place.

These are all normal thoughts that go in the minds of cat owners when they plan to move to a new place. Planning well in advance will help reduce a lot of stress related to shifting.

Ensure complete safety

If your cat is comfortable outdoors make sure that he stays indoors on the day of moving since there can be a lot of commotion on the day of moving. Your cat might feel nervous and try to sneak out. Put your pet cat in one room so that you know where he is on the day of moving so as to ensure that you don’t spend time locating your cat.

Provide him with a comfortable bed, litter boxes, water and familiar toys inside the room for him to play around. Feed your cat well in advance on the day of moving to prevent any illnesses related to travelling.

Allow your cat to get used to sitting in the carrier. Initially cats won’t like being in the carrier, so make him comfortable by spending time with him. Your cat will have to spend some time during the travel be it by airplane, or car and this will make him extremely anxious about the whole thing.

Start by feeding near the door of the carrier and once he gets comfortable you can slowly start feeding him inside the carrier so that he is comfortable with the box. You can even give him treats for encouragement.

Pack things in advance

You need to start packing your things well in advance. If your cat wears a collar, then have his ID ready in advance with your cell phone number on it instead of a landline number. Do not change your cats regular schedules on the day of travel and ensure his food is fed on time and proper care and attention is given or else it can increase his anxiety.

In-between packing you can spend time and play with your cat to decrease his anxiety. Keep all your cats vet record with you as you may need them in the new place. Note down the address and number of the pet clinic nearby the new location to ensure any emergencies are taken care of.

On the day of moving ensure that all the boxes are taken out first from the room and only leave the carrier with his litter box and food. Instruct all the people involved with moving about the presence of cat. Once you reach the new home you need to ensure that the house is cat proof and look out for any potential dangers.

Introduce cats to new home

Make sure that the house is safe for your cat. Set up your cat’s rooms with familiar toys, objects, litter box, scratch post, water, etc. This will ensure that the start is smooth for the cat.

Make sure that he cannot escape out of the house for a few weeks after moving to a new home. Continue supervision until you are sure and confident that he is in a relaxed frame and comfortable with the new environment.

Moving cats can be stressful, but you can minimize the stress by settling the cat down patiently and spending time with your pet to help maintain harmony in the house.

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