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Grayish Blue and Lucky Korat Cat Breeds

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Korat cat breed is a small to medium build domestic cat breeds originating from Thailand. This breed was found in the Ampur Pimai of the Korat province in Thailand. This slate blue grayish cat breed is short haired with a semi-Cobby body structure, but is heavier when lifted as compared to their body size. Korat is a beautiful cat and is considered a symbol for good luck.

According to traditional stories that are woven around these cats the silver color of this cat signifies wealth, their color matches the color of monsoon clouds, eyes matches the color of green plants signifying prosperity, and a heart shaped face. When a pair of these beautiful cats is given as gifts to a young bride it ensures a strong and healthy married life.

The eyes are very large as compared to the size of their face and no other cat breed has a heart shaped face like a Korat. This cat comes in one single color that is silver blue and any other color is not considered a Korat breed. Korat is known by the name Si-Sawat in Thailand

Korat History

Korat cat breeds is an ancient cat breed from Siam now Thailand and their ancient pictures can be found in the cat book poems in the national library of Bangkok. This book is written in the Ayudhya period of Siam history and has the list of seventeen good luck cats from Thailand, which also includes the Korat. The artists and poets have described the Korat as a cat that brings good luck and prosperity. The Siamese cats were mostly owned by the royalties, Korat were considered the cats of commoners and were prized as good luck charms.

Korat were rarely sold, but were given as a symbol of admiration and respect. Even new brides were given these cats as gifts to ensure a happy and prosperous married life. Korat is one of the oldest cat breed along with the Burmese, Havana Brown and the Siamese all of which are mentioned in the literatures. These cats are also considered one of the purest cat breed and look like their relatives in the wild that roamed in the jungles of the Malaysian Peninsula.

Jean Johnson was the first person credited to introduce the Korat cats in America. Johnson tried hard to purchase a pair of Korat while they were staying in Bangkok, but it was in 1959 the Thai government gave her a pair of Korat. This pair was named Nara and Darra. This cat pair became the foundation cat for the korat’s in America. To prevent inbreeding, Nara and Darra were crossbred with the Siamese cats that she brought from Thailand.

Jean carefully used only those cats without the Siamese characteristics for her breeding program. Some researchers believe that the blue point Siamese came from the crossbreeding between the Korat and the Seal point. In the year 1960, more Korat’s were brought from Thailand and it was in 1966, the ACA became the first American association to give recognition to the Korat, which was followed by the CFA.

A group of dedicated breeders have ensured the population of this rare breed survives in US and because of their efforts today all the cat registries in US have recognized this cat breed. In Thailand as of today it is difficult to find a Korat and is almost impossible to export. Their numbers have drastically gone down and the very lucky few people have these cats with them as a symbol of good luck.

korat cat

Korat Cat Traits

Korat cat breed has a muscular and semi-Cobby body structure, which is a unique feature that sets them apart from the other cat breeds. They have a solid coat with an even and bluish silver color with no shades or tabby markings. The hair is lighter at the roots and turns blue just as it reaches the tips. The hair tips are silver, which gives them a silvery shine to the coat. The Korat is famously called the ugly duckling of the cat world because they gain their beautiful appearance only after two to four years of age.

Even the color of their eyes takes few years to attain their true color. Eyes start with blue color, which gradually changes to green or amber when they reach their teens. Korat takes five years to attain full maturity. They get better with age. The coat is single and short and lies very close to their body. It is the only cat breed with a heart shaped head with large, round and shiny eyes. Females weigh in the range of 6 to 8 pounds while males weigh between 8 to 10 pounds. These cats have a lifespan of 15 years. The price of Korat’s begins from $400 and upwards.

Korat Cat Personality

Korat cat are strong willed cats and full of personality. They enjoy spending time with their friends and other pets in the house. They are playful, lively and adapt well with new surroundings. They are assertive cat breeds and can dominate other pets and even people in the house. They can be easily trained to perform tasks like fetch and are known for their grumbling behavior. These cats are good hunters too. These highly intelligent cats are full of life, but are not hyperactive.

Health and Care

Korat cat is generally healthy cats, but are susceptible to respiratory infections. Since it is a natural breed they do not suffer from many health problems. Due to their short hair these cats need very less grooming and occasional brushing is enough to remove loose hair. Due to their hunting skills it is recommended to keep these cats indoors. They need interactive toys, and grass for keeping them occupied indoors. Best quality dry food and some pieces of meat and sufficient water is enough for a Korat.

Make sure the meat is fresh and not dry. Korat cat Behavior These cats enjoy cuddling and are always playful. They love to be the centre of attention. This is a social animal and bonds well with children and families. They will climb and sit on your arms and laps to express their love. Korat are not suitable for people who cannot spend time with them, but they are good for families that spend lot of time at home and for elderly people. They are easy to train and learn to play fetch.

Korat with children and Pets

Korat are good family cat and get along well with children. They are excellent companion for dogs and other pets like cats. Kittens spend more time with their owner. They like to show their dominance over other pets in the house and hate if their owners spend more time with other pets and ignore them. This robust breed is suitable for anyone who has time to spend with them. Anyone buying a Korat is made to sign a pledge to preserve, care and be responsible to the breed.

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