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Traveling with a cat in car, Cats are not great while traveling especially when traveling in a car. Any change in their regular environment is very stressful for them. Cats usually travel when they need to be taken to a vet for a checkup, or visit a salon for a nice cat hair cut. They are not happy travelers and prefer to stay in their own territory.

Traveling with a cat in car can cause stress especially if you have to travel long distance with them. Traveling with cats is very similar to traveling with toddlers. Just like toddlers hate being tied down to a car seat while traveling, cats also hate to travel in a moving vehicle.

Whenever you need to travel in a car with your cat, make sure your cat is comfortable as the experience can be very frightening for him. Ensure complete safety of your pet by securing him in a carrier so that he is confined for some time.

Traveling with a Cat in Car

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Letting the cat loose in the car cannot only lead to accidents, but also there is a chance of him jumping out of the open window or door and getting lost in case of an accident. If you have an air conditioned car, then leave the carrier on the floor of the car instead of the luggage compartment.

Cats tend to feel hot in the luggage compartment. Never leave your cat out of the carrier while traveling even if they are restless as they may try to distract the driver. The motion and noise of the car will eventually calm him down. If your cat is nervous about the journey, then your vet can suggest a sedative.

Safety Precautions while Traveling with a Cat in car

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For the sake of safety, cats and kittens should travel in a carrier. The driver cannot concentrate on two things especially while driving. Make your cat familiar to the car and the space inside the car before you hit the roads. Cars are very sensitive and do not enjoy any changes to their environment and territory. This is one of the reasons why they prefer staying in familiar surroundings .

By taking the cat inside the car before you begin the journey instills a positive environment for your pet cat. Allow him to smell and claim the territory inside the car to feel more relaxed and happy during travel. If your cat is attached to a particular toy, blanket, or sheet, then carry it with you in the car. This will make sure your cat feels relaxed and feels like he is in his own territory.

Weeks before the actual travel take your cat or kitten inside the car and allow him to explore the area for a minimum of five minutes. This will make sure your cat is comfortable with the space and things in the new environment. Once your cat is comfortable in the car offer him some high value treats for encouraging good behavior. Place a plate of water and carry a spray of extra water with you during the journey.

If your cat suffers from motion sickness feed him one hour before the journey. Park your car in the shade or else your feline friend may feel hot inside the car. Leave the windows closed so that your cat has no chance of escaping. Also, consider the weather while traveling and the weather at the destination point.

If it is hot use a carrier with enough ventilation for air to pass and if the weather is very cold use a carrier that provides warmth as well as free supply of air. Always place the carrier in a secure place to prevent any injuries in case of an accident. During the whole journey it is necessary to remain calm and energetic because cats have the unique ability to sense the energy levels of their owners and this will have an impact on their minds. Take a break after every five hours for allowing your cat to relieve himself.

Traveling with cats in car can be tedious. Make your cat feel comfortable in a car just before a long travel to ensure a happy journey for both of you. It needs a lot of patience and positive energy from your side. Have a safe and happy travel with your friend always.

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