Foods that Cats Love To Eat

foods that cats love

Nutrition for Cats

Foods that cats love to eat contain correct amounts of protein and vitamins for their healthy body. Cats prefer less carbohydrate rich foods and their daily requirement of carbohydrates is less than 25 percent. Given a choice they would prefer more protein rich foods as compared to foods rich in carbohydrates. Proteins comprise 80 percent of their diet. Obese cats should be fed less fat rich foods to contain fat in their body. Cats love experimenting with food, but are a bit finicky at times.

Foods that Cats Love To Eat 

Cats love eating meat and they are born with a special affinity to meat. They are obligate carnivore’s animals and they completely enjoy their meat. They would not mind if you don’t feed them any vegetables or even fish. Ideally cats should be fed a well-balanced and nutritious diet according to their age. A cat is full of energy and is blessed with this excessive amount of energy for running and chasing their prey in the wild.

kitten eating


In the wild, cats eat about 10 to 15 times a day and eat food whenever it is available. They hunt for small animals like birds, mice, rodents, and even bugs. These small animals contain fewer calories so they have to hunt often. Domestic cats have evolved a lot and their eating habits have changed overtime. They can eat vegetables just like humans, but they are not omnivores like us.

They may chew small bits of vegetables, but they would not love to include them in their daily diet. Some cats love boiled potatoes, carrots, broccoli, beans, and asparagus. All these foods attract a cats attention, so whenever you are tempted to feed your feline friend some of these vegetables make sure they are properly boiled.

Raw Meat, Eggs and Cheese

food that cat love to eat

Cats always have an affinity to meat especially raw meat. They love eating pieces of raw lamb, ground beef, and small pieces of raw chicken and even meaty bones. Cats also like to occasionally eat fresh fish and turkey. Most cats love to eat fish and are found in commercial cat food. Cats get attracted to the smell of fish and you will find lot of cats near a fish store waiting to grab a small bite. Certain fish varieties can harm the health of your cat like tuna, salmon and sardines.

These variety fish should be given occasionally once a week as a treat. Some cats love eating cheese and eating cheese provides them with a good source of protein. Some cats may be intolerant to dairy products such cats avoid eating milk based foods, while some love feasting on them.


Eggs are good for humans as well as for cats. Cats love most protein rich foods and eggs don’t lag behind. Most commercial cat foods contain a good amount of eggs. In the wild, cats are used to stealing eggs from birds nest. Even vets agree that pet owners should feed cats with eggs in whichever format be it scrambled, hard-boiled or even cooked.

Eggs make an excellent and nutritious source of food for cats. You can even feed cats raw eggs as they are used to eating raw eggs in the wild, but there is always a risk of developing infections due to salmonella and E-coli. They can make your pet cat sick. Keep a watch on your cat after you feed him eggs as it can lead to allergic reactions.


Meat is the most loved food of cats and animal meat is one of the safest foods to feed cats. Cooked meat is always preferred to uncooked meat. Uncooked meat has all the risks of uncooked eggs or fish. Raw meat has more nutritional values and if you want to feed your cat raw meat, then it is preferable to feed them meat meant for human consumption as they are safer to consume.

Anything in moderation is good for your cats health. Always maintain a balance between all types of food to avoid excess of one food. The food you serve to your cat should be fresh and not stale. Foods meant for humans are ideal and considered safe for consumption with less risks of infections and contaminations. Food that needs to be avoided should never be fed even if your pet cat loves eating it. Sometimes you have to say no for the betterment of your loved ones.

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