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Exotic Shorthair
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Exotic Shorthair Personality

Exotic shorthair cat breed has all the cute looks of a Persian, are active and require less grooming, a perfect combination in a cat. The exotics are loving and peaceful cats. They are easy going cats who will follow you around and sit on your lap for petting. Male exotics are especially very loving and sweet looking while the females are more independent and remain loyal to their owners.

With strangers the exotics are a bit careful initially and will warm up after sometime. They enjoy playing with toys especially puzzle toys that necessitates them to think. They are more energetic than the Persians and are friendly with other animals and children. They will purr and lick their owners if they are cared and pampered.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair Health and Care

Exotics are prone to diseases that can be a cause for concern especially if you are not aware of the breeder. They may suffer from polycystic kidney disease and have stones in their urinary tract. Good breeders will ensure that these problems do not occur in these cats. These cat breeds can suffer from breathing problems due to their flat face making them sensitive to heat. They need to stay in cool weather conditions away from heat and this is one of the prime reasons why many airlines ban taking these animals in the cargo bay.

The short coat does not mat and is easier to brush. Once or twice a week combing is enough for these cats. Exotics tend to shed seasonally and during these times you have to spend time on grooming and bathing to remove dead hair and dry his body with a dryer immediately after a bath. Due to their typical face, these cats have a tendency to produce tears and any excess tear can be washed with water daily.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair Behavior

The exotics are very adaptable cat breeds. They are more energetic than laidback and are friendly with people except strangers. These cats are usually very good with children and are not overexcited as other short haired cat breed. The exotics are good mouse hunters and also have a steady and calm demeanor. Exotics are curious and playful and don’t like to be left alone in the house for longer durations. They have a soft voice and they tend to make voices very rarely.


Exotic Shorthair with Children and Pets

Exotics are very energetic cat breed, which makes them friendly with children and pets. They enjoy the company of children and like to play with them. Their easy-going nature is most suitable for children and other pets especially cats.


The exotic shorthair is nicknamed as the lazy mans Persian because it has the sweet and cute little face of the Persian, but is easier to care for due to its short hair. Persians are less agile and are usually docile cats, but Exotics are very lively and enjoy sitting on the lap. Most people love the sweet looks of the Persians, but are wary of the fact that Persians require regular grooming. In case of the exotic, you get the looks of the Persian, but don’t have to worry about daily grooming that’s why these cats are called short haired Persians.

To produce an exotic short hair cat selective and careful breeding techniques are followed in America using the best Persian longhairs and the American shorthairs. The main intent of this breeding was to produce a cat that looked very similar to the Persian with fewer coats. The medium length coat is easier to maintain and can come in a variety of colors and patterns. It is suitable for both urban as well as country living.


Exotics are considered an accidental breed. Created in the year 1960 these cat breed got formal recognition only in the year 1967 by the CFA. The main intent for creating an exotic shorthair by the American shorthair breeders was to crossbreed their American shorthairs with the Persians to bring green and silver colored eyes of the breed.

The kittens that were born were very pretty, but did not meet the expectations as they had the looks of the Persians and short rich coat. The different offspring were bred back to the Persians and a new cat breed was born the Exotic Shorthair. As of today the standards of the breed are similar for the Persians as well as for the exotic expect for the coat.

Both of these breeds have a sweet little face, short nose, large eyes, squarish and short body, which gave them a doll like look. After 1967 these hybrid Persian/American mixes were classified as a new cat breed called Exotic shorthair.

After initial hiccups, the breed started growing fast and their gene pool also grew faster. The slow start for this breed did not prevent the progress made by the exotic shorthair, and all this was possible due to the constant efforts of the breeders and the loyal advocates of this breed who like to see the Persians in the shorthair, also ineffectively adding a breed for the cat lovers.

The first exotic achieved the grand champion status in the year 1971. In 1991, Exotic won the CFA’s award for the cat of the year. The best kitten of the year award from the CFA was awarded to the Exotic. Today the exotic shorthair has a huge fan following among cat lovers.


The exotic breeds are heavy boned huge cats with lines that appear soft due to the thick coat. These cat breeds have a broad and round head with ears that are set low and a set of big round eyes, which gives the cat a very cute appearance. They have a robust, square and short body with thick legs that are short and a thick short tail.

The thick coat adds roundness and softness to their muscular body. This gives this cat breed a look that is similar to a soft toy that you would love to cuddle. They have a flattened muzzle and do not grow very tall and stay close to the ground.

This compact cat is not fat, with their weight being distributed evenly. They come in many different colors and various pattern including the color point that is similar to the Siamese, white, calico and striped.

The Exotics are not tall cats and weigh up to 15 pounds.

Exotic Shorthair cat breed

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