The Cobby and Stocky European Shorthair Cat

european shorthair cat

Introduction to European Shorthair Cat

European shorthair cat are found very rarely in the United States, but have their origins in Sweden. This stately and round faced cat can be identified very easily. The European shorthair also known as Celtic shorthair is a cat breed from Sweden. This cat breed has got recognition very recently in order to preserve the natural cats of Europe and the cities around it. This breed is actually one of the purest domestic cats as it was developed hundreds of years ago without any mixing with other cat breeds.

These cats are created without any interference from humans and have retained the qualities that are native to the region where they are generally found. Each color found in this breed is recognized as its own breed due to the different genes that go into its production. The tabby cat in a round shape was given to the world by the European shorthairs. These moderately talkative and active cat breeds are friendly and social. They tend to take time to adjust to strangers.

History of the European Shorthair Cats

The history of the European shorthair dates back to Rome during the time of Kings and queens. As the Romans spread their culture all through the Europe, these cats also went with them to these countries. The Romans kept these cats as pets almost 2000 years ago and has the distinction of being one of the first English domestic cat breeds. They kept these cats to protect their food from attacking rats and rodents and this made them very popular among the Romans as they not only protected their food, but also were good lap cats.

These cats breed with the local wild tabby cats that were already present there. This is one of the reasons why the European shorthair displayed the tabby pattern on their fur. During the world war ll there was a huge shortage of British shorthairs and to keep the breed alive the British breeders bred them with the common Persian, which was a very popular cat breed in those times. The resultant kittens had the round, flat face that carried forward their legacy.

Even the British shorthairs were called as the European shorthairs even though they looked slightly different. The European shorthair is not given recognition by any cat registries in the US, but they are accepted by the Federation International Feline. The breed is extremely popular in Finland and is locally called by different names like marbled cat, Tiger cat, and Cyprus cat.

European Shorthair Physical Traits

The European shorthairs are a Cobby cat, which means they are round, stocky with a wide chest and short legs. They have a rounded broad face with a uniquely distinct shape that gives the face a smiley appearance. The eyes are big, round and the tail is short and rounded at the tip. The ears of this cat breed are small and rounded that perfectly matches its stocky body. This rounded kitty does not possess the angular features of a Siamese cats but is considered the short haired version of the Persian.

The coat is dense, glossy and short and comes in all possible colors like red, black, cream, blue, with and without tabby pattern, and even pure white. The eye usually matches with the coat color and comes in orange, green, yellow, blue or even odd eyed ones if it matches with the coat color.

European Shorthair Personality

These shorthairs are created from ordinary domestic cats that have very different personalities making it difficult to arrive at a set personality in these cats. Some cats in this breed are active and playful and prefer being outdoors chasing rats. They are friendly, faithful, agile, affectionate, and intelligent and are extroverts. The outgoing and social nature of this cat makes them an ideal family cat. They are famous mouse catchers and sometimes tirelessly go about doing their job.

European Shorthair Healthcare

Shorthairs are generally a robust cat breed without any major health issues. Since they were bred with the Persians previously they can suffer from polycystic kidney diseases that result in the disease of the kidney due to cysts. This cat breed has short hair and hence they shed very little. Once in a week brushing is enough to get rid of any loose hair and dry skin.

European Shorthair Behavior

They are intelligent and laid-back cat breeds making them good for families. Intelligent cats are easy to train. These cats are smart, and learn tricks quickly. The social and friendly nature makes them a perfect family cat where there are children and other pets though they can be shy towards strangers. Sometimes these cats can be very active and on the other hand be quiet and like to stay aloof. They can be loyal, friendly and still be good hunters.

European Shorthair with Children and Pets

The shorthairs are friendly and playful and love the company of children. They love being in the company of less aggressive children and who will treat them with respect. These cats are equally good with other animals in the house like dogs and birds.

Height and Weight

The shorthairs are medium length cat breeds weighing 8-15 pounds.

Life Expectancy

The average lifespan of these cats is between 15-20 years if they are kept mostly as indoor cats.

Price Range

The average price range of a European Shorthair kitten starts from $400 depending on the breeder and his quality.

Feeding the Shorthair

These cats are close relatives of the largest felines in the wild so one need to remember this before feeding this cat breed. They consume huge amounts of proteins and fats. They don’t eat food rich in carbohydrates and should be avoided. They tend to grow obese, which can restrict their mobility to a large extent or cause diabetes. Any good quality cat food whether it is dry or wet should be given to this cat to maintain a healthy body. The quality of food plays a very important role in overall development of these cats. Anything fresh and in ideal quantity is great for the well-being of these cats.


The European Shorthair Cat breed is a fantastic choice for any cat lover. Not only is it a beautiful breed of cat with its cobby and stocky body, but it is also gentle, affectionate, and intelligent. This breed of cat is known for its easy going and calm demeanor, making it a great companion for families and individuals alike. With its short, plush coat and its wide range of colors and patterns, the European Shorthair Cat is sure to be the perfect fit for any home.

The European Shorthair Cat is also a great choice for those who don’t have a lot of time to devote to grooming their pet. This breed of cat is known for its low-maintenance coat, which requires minimal brushing. Its thick, dense fur is also very resilient to dirt and debris, making it a great choice for those who don’t want to spend too much time on grooming.

The European Shorthair Cat is also known for its intelligence and good nature. This breed of cat is very adaptable and can easily be trained to do tricks, play games, and more. Its intelligence and good nature also make it a great choice for those who want to teach their cat to do tricks and be a part of their family.

Overall, the European Shorthair Cat is a perfect choice for any cat lover. With its cobby and stocky body, its low-maintenance coat, and its intelligence and good nature, this breed of cat is sure to bring joy and happiness to any home. Whether you are looking for a companion or a furry friend, the European Shorthair Cat is sure to be the perfect choice.

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