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8 Different Type of Cats What KIND OF CATS Are You?

different type of cats

Different Types of Cats

There is different type of cats and most cats have something unique about them. They come in various colors, patterns and looks that are varied from each other and we humans have domesticated cats because of these unique characteristics for the past 2,000 years. Cats have become so popular that in the United States alone the number of cats as pets have outnumbered dogs as the most popular pet. Different types of cats and types of breeds are diverse. Cat types are unique with different body structure and interesting appearances.

The following are the list of different type of cats and their characteristics.

1. Short Haired Cats

different breeds of cats

There are lots Different types of Cats out there, let start with The domestic short-haired cats. This type of Cat belong to a mixed ancestry and not belonging to any particular breed. They are referred to as moggies in British English. The short haired cats are the most popular cats in the United States. The short haired cats come in a variety of colors and patterns. They display a wide range of physical characteristics according to the country they belong to.

These cats have a different physical appearance and characteristics according to the different gene pool they belong. According to the breed that they belong to, the size of their fur also varies. The many short haired cat breeds are Abyssinian cats, Siamese, Bombay, Bengal, exotic short hair and the American and the British short haired cats. The short haired cats are very easily recognizable around the world and have the distinction of being the most-loved types of cats.

2. Long Haired Cats

long haired cats

The domestic long haired cats or the long haired Moggies are also belonging to the mixed ancestry. They do not belong to any particular breed of cat, but possess long fur or hair. The fur can be long to semi-long in length. They are the second most popular type of cats that have been domesticated in America. These cats and cats falling under this category of cats come in many different colors, which include the most sought after tabby, smoke, bi-colored and tortie. The furs of these types of cats may measure up to six inches long.

Most long-haired cats require regular grooming due to their long fur, which is more prone to matting and forming hairball that can make them sick. Due to their wide genetic pool these types of cats don’t suffer from any genetic diseases. Some of the popular long haired types of cats are Himalayan cats, Turkish Angora, Persian, Birman, Ragdoll and the famous Maine Coon. Their personalities may vary according to the breed they belong to.

3. Skinny Cats

skinny cats

Each different type of cat has a different physical structure and characteristics that make them unique. There are many different body types in the cat world. Some cats have a slender body structure with a long head and a triangular body that is lean and long. The tail and legs of these cats are long and thin, which makes these types of cats appear very skinny. The cats that fall under this category are the Cornish Rex, Siamese, Balinese and the Oriental short hair and long hair.

4. Big size cats

big size cats

The big cats are simply large in size with a round and stocky body structure. The large cat breeds usually weigh around 25 pounds. The big cats that fall under this category of cats are the Savannah, Ragdoll, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, and the Siberian. All of these cats are pretty large as compared to the other domestic cat breeds. Do not worry about their big sizes these cats are gentle, and affectionate, which is quite contrary to what they look.

5. Cats with no Fur

cat with no fur

The Sphynx is the most popular cat with no fur. These cats lack any fur to shed, but still require grooming, though no regular brushing. These cats are not hypoallergenic and their skin tends to secrete excess oil that can have a strong fragrance. You need to give them a bath once a week to remove excess oil from their skin or else these oils can get absorbed on to your furnishings and sofa covers.

6. Cats with curled ears

cat with curled ears

Yes, it is true that there are cats with curled ears and the American Curl is one such cat. These unique looking cats are an ultimate pet. They have a sweet and quiet character. They are just as cute and endearing as their curled ears that really attract people. The great feature of this cat is their personality and tends to stay active and playful until they reach adulthood. These people oriented, and faithful creatures love to give respect and also adjust easily with new members in the house.

7. Folded Ears Cat

folded ears cat

Cats with folded ears are a result of a dominant gene mutation that makes these cats ear cartilage to have a fold that causes the ear to fold forward and down to the front of their head. This unique feature makes this cat look like an owl. The most popular cat to fall under this category is the Scottish fold. The rare physical feature makes this cat the most sought after breed. They are very loving and are good companions. They are sweet natured and very affectionate towards people making them even more attractive.

8. Mutation Types of Cats

types of cat

Cats under this type are very attractive due to their tufted ear, miniature sizes, and short legs. These mutations can occur naturally in cats with only a couple of exceptions. The mutation cats are recognized widely and bred only for their specific looks that are caused accidently. The mutation cats have folded ears, flat nose, curly hair, no hair and also have extra toes. These physical characteristics increase the fascination towards these types of cats. The examples of these cat types are the Scottish fold, ragdoll, American Curl, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex to name a few.

There is different types of cats that is suited to match your personality, but before selecting a cat you need to consider the care and maintenance that will be required from your side before you make any kind of decision.

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