10 Top Different Cat Breeds and Different Cat Personalities

What are cats personalities like?

Cat personalities is just like there are different cat breeds around the world, each cat breed has a different personality. Cat personalities depend a lot on the breed of the cats. Each cat is different and unique; one may be friendly while the other may not be as approachable as you might think. The unique personality trait found in cats is a result of their genes and experiences. Researchers have observed the behaviors of captive cats and then assessed how they have behaved in diverse situations and then categorized them into a particular personality.

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Cool Cat Personalities

It has been observed that the cat colors of also has an influence on the feline personality. The following are the cat personalities of some of the famous and popular cat breeds.



Abyssinians are busy characters. They lead a very active and agenda driven life. These cat breeds are extremely affectionate towards their owners. They will regularly entertain you by performing antics and are also known as clowns of the cat world. They will jump around your house like athletes and surely take you by surprise.

American Bobtail


American Bobtails are very playful friendly, energetic, and have a good intelligence. They have an uncanny ability to escape from closed rooms and cages. They love company of humans, but will not demand constant attention and won’t bother you for offering your lap. They are not over active cats as compared to other breeds, but are loving by nature.

American Curl

American curl cat breed

American curls have these curly ears that make them very attractive. They are more of a people cat, which means they do not like to be aloof. They love attention, but will not pester you. These breeds are fetching breed, which means they will play with you games like fetch. The curls can be taught to play fetch and will never lose interest. They are very affectionate towards children and will enjoy playing with them. Though they are not very active like other cat breeds these cats can be energetic and playful. They do display some amount of curiosity when they are put in a new environment.



The Balinese is basically a long-haired Siamese. It has the same long slim body, wedge-shaped head, long nose, blue eyes and talkative nature (although it’s not as loud) as the Siamese. Balinese are sweet, smart and fun oriented cats. They are well-known to communicate through vocalizations and sometimes this can be very bothering for people who like a quiet environment. Balinese are highly social and will sense your mood. Due to their agility they can hop onto your shoulders and enjoy a walk. They will keep you engaged with their antics and can be very assertive when they need your attention.


birman cat breeds

Know as the Sacred Cat of Myanmar (Burma) the Birman is said to have lived in the Burmese temples of long ago. Birmans are affectionate, playful, intelligent and faithful companions. They are people oriented cats and generally greet visitors with curiosity rather than with fear. Their gentle temperament makes this breed very easy to handle and care for. They are an ideal pet for people who love a quiet companion.

Cornish Rex Cat Personalities

cornish rex cat breed

Cornish Rex This unusual cat breed has a slender foreign body, an arched back, a triangular head, a Roman nose and large batwing ears. It is distinguished by its soft, silky, wavy coat, which is actually an undercoat, as the cat is born without its guard hairs. Because it has less covering than other cats, it is susceptible to both the cold and sunburn, so it should be kept indoors. Cornish Rex is an active, inquisitive cat that likes to fetch and catch, and is easy to train.

Maine Coon Cat Personalities


Maine coons are the second most popular cat breeds in America due to their intelligence, and sweet personality. They show complete devotion to their human family, though they can show some reservation towards new people.

Persian Cat Personalities

Persians are docile and possesses a sweet temperament. They love attention, and love petting. They will not trouble you for constant attention, but will let their feelings know if they lack any care and attention. Their docile temperament makes them an ideal indoor pet.

Scottish Fold Cat Personalities


Scottish folds can easily adapt to new people, situations, are friendly, and sweet tempered cats. They tend to bond well with one member of the family and will allow others to cuddle and pamper them. They love attention, but that should be on their terms. They prefer to be near you than sitting on your lap. They tend to keep their playful nature to their adulthood as well.

Sphynx (The cat from outer space)


The Sphynx has the personality traits of a child as well as a cat. They are very lively and indulge in various acrobats that are similar to a monkey. They are very devoted and enjoy following their owners around the house. They will wag their tail like dogs and even purr in affection. Their unique alien like appearance can charm a lot of people.

Depending on the cat breed the cat personalities also vary. Some cats will like to seek affection and for that they will sit on your lap and purr constantly. Other cat breeds may just love your company, but also enjoy their solitude. Some cats may love to play and be active as if they are in a party and try to explore new things. Some are curious while others may just like following you around. Cat personalities is difficult to understand, but we all love their company and our lives would be boring without these animals.

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