Cuddly Cats With Folded Ear Cat Breeds

Cats With Folded Ears

The Scottish Fold is the most well-known folded ear cat. Folded ear cats were originally called as lop-eared named after the lop-eared rabbit. This breed of cat was named Scottish Folded in the year 1966. Different cat registries have named the folded ear cat differently. Some of the various names of folded ear cats are Highland Fold, Scottish Fold, and the Coupari.

This is a very special and unique breed of cat. They are easy going and family oriented cats with a temperament suitable for homes. They require very little maintenance.

Origin of Folded Ear Cat

folded ear cat

The Scottish Fold cat can trace their ancestry to a white barn cat called Susie. Susie was the first folded ear cat discovered in Scotland by breeders in the year 1961. It was initially seen as a natural mutation in Scotland. The initial kittens of Susie were cross bred using the British shorthair and farm cats. The cats produced were named Scottish folds after the original folded ear cat.

These cats were brought to the United States in the 70s and were gradually registered with the Cat Fanciers Association. The Short hair Scottish Fold was allowed to compete for the championship while the long haired Scottish Fold was not accepted.

Personality of the cat with folded ear

The Folded ear cats have a personality that is a blend of various other breeds like the British and the American short hairs. Both these breeds are docile, calm and happy to interact with people. They have a sweet temper and are devoted to their family, but are not demanding. Their charming appearance is very attractive. They mingle well with children as well as with other pets in the house. They will bond well with one person in the family. They thrive more on attention and that too on their own terms.


The most noticeable feature of folded ear cat is its ears, which are folded, small in size and folded forward. The ear flap is folded completely to cover the opening of the ear while the flap of the ear is stiff and cartilaginous. The ear tips are rounded. These cat breeds are of medium size with a compact body. The head is round with firm jaws and chin. The nose is short and curved. They have large eyes that are wide open at all times. The colors of their eyes are usually matching the color of their coat. They have medium sized legs that are in proportion to their body.

The Scottish Folds have a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. They have a short and dense coat that come in a variety of colors. The various self colors include black, white, cream, red and blue. Breeding of the folded ear cats is recommended with straight ear cat only or else it may lead to complications like the cartilage mutation in the tail making them rigid, deformities in the hind legs or feet.

The kittens of these cat breeds are not born with folded ears, but their ears start folding after the 21st day of birth. The process starts by crimping of the outer edge of the ear near to the base, which slowly tightens with the ears falling forward onto the head. The folding are also of different types, which includes single fold, tight in front, loose in back, tight double, and capped to the head fold.

Whether your Scottish Fold has folded ears or not they make an excellent companion. Even these cats require some grooming and you need to spend some time on it. Scottish Folds find it difficult to clean themselves on their own hence owners need to take time out for cleaning these breeds though they shed very little.

Grooming includes weekly brushing, cleaning of eyes, ears and teeth, clipping their claws, and occasional bathing with a cat shampoo. They need a well-balanced diet like any other cat, which includes diet rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, and clean water. Regular vaccinations are also very important to maintain a healthy body free of diseases.

The rare and distinctive features in this breed of cat along with the reputation of being loving companions have made the folded ear cat one of the most sought after cat breeds even if they are slightly expensive.

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