Why Pet Lovers Swear by Cat Portraits – 4 Reasons that Truly Make Sense

Cats have been cherished companions of humans for generations, and they remain an integral part of the family. The earliest cat portraits are reported to be over 32,000 years old and appear on cave walls in France. Although advanced cameras are used to capture felines and their adorable moments, pet portraits continue to fascinate owners worldwide. While you’re sure to spot digital prints of cat family members in every home, exquisite, hand-illustrated artwork now also forms a part of every decor. 

Portraits Capture the Unique Personality of the Majestic Feline

Each cat has a unique personality and expresses their feelings in different ways. Pet parents often talk about how their kitty welcomes them home with purrs, mews, and chirps. They’ll curl up in your lap, fluff up their tails, and rub against you to show affection. No doubt, capturing a fond blink on camera is quickly done, but a portrait can depict the animal’s personality and preserve it, unlike a photograph. The artist may ask you questions about your feline friend’s behavior, likes, and dislikes before infusing the image with character. 

Pet Portraits Capture a Special Moment

All pet parents know how difficult it is to capture a special moment on camera. Getting your little buddy to sit still and pose is next to impossible. But, a cat portrait can freeze an expression by erasing the small imperfections and blurs. You can send the artist a series of images you took on your phone or camera and get a hand-made picture, with or without a background of say, your pet’s favorite spot in the house. Or, maybe a favorite toy or blanket.

It is not only cats that can have a portrait, any loved pet can get one, whether it is a dog, a horse, a hedgehog or even a pet capybara.

Portraits Tell a Story

Every family image in your home tells a story, whether it is printed and framed or saved in online folders. Vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, or just a quiet Holiday moment evoke happy memories and talk about that unique instant when the picture was taken. It’s the stuff that you and the family remember fondly and reminisce with stories that start with, “Do you remember when…..?” Since pets remain in your life for a short time, you would want to preserve them forever with an illustration that is never in danger of getting deleted accidentally. You could order a portrait on museum-quality paper in a frame with the pet’s name in stylish calligraphy. 

Portraits Are Great Conversation Starters

When you have visitors, friends, and family dropping by, cat portraits can be a great conversation starter. You’ll talk about how your feline buddy became a part of the family, like, perhaps, a rescue, gift, or the little guy walking into your home and never leaving – just like that. 

Digital images are an integral part of the modern world, but hand-made portraits continue to fascinate pet lovers and collectors. The picture captures more than a moment in time; it preserves the unique individuality of the feline, who is a special part of your life. 

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