Why Is My Cat Meowing So Much?

Why Do Cats Meow

Cat Meowing

Cats communicate through smell, touch, body language, and through some very complex facial expressions. The way cats communicate has drastically changed due to the effects of domestication. Cat Meowing

Meowing does not form a part of the natural language in cats. Cats make different sounds for different purposes like chattering when they spot a prey, hissing to warn of intruders or when petrified, and caterwauls for mating. Meowing is a language designed by cats only for humans.

Cats are capable of making 30 different sounds, which also includes more than 19 variation of meow.

Why do cats meow?


Meowing is usually done between a mother cat and her kittens. A kitten makes a small and tiny meow to attract attention and receive care from their mother. As they grow up the tiny mews and meows disappear. They only meow when they are between humans. It is very difficult for us humans to pick up the scents cat leave on our belongings or to even pick up the body language a cat tries to portray. A meow is the only way a cat can make you do things, which she wants you to do.

It is a language developed to communicate with humans. The meow language surely works on humans. A soft meowing cat is so cute that you would not want to refuse his demands. Scientists have even discovered that over time cats have refined their communication skills to manipulate humans.


Cats meow at people when they want to get something done from you. It is an attention grabbing tool designed to work most times. The meow can be of various types with different meanings and purposes. The sound can be demanding and usually loud. Meows can sometimes be soft to show affection. Since a domesticated cat is dependent on you, meowing is the only technique that works.

Different Meaning of Meows

The variations in meow sounds are more than 19 and each one has a different pitch, volume and length. With time most cat lovers understand the meaning of each kind of meow. A cat knows which kind of meow will show results. A short and high-pitched meow means hello. A pleasant meow means a request for food, attention or just to venture outdoors. Sometimes cats make unpleasant and harsh meows to indicate unhappiness or annoyance. They are not very cute to hear and are usually under pitched. They are very clever to not use ugly type of meows as they are sure it will not reap any benefits.


Actually it is us humans who reinforce this habit in cats, which can a problem sometimes. Some cat owners teach and encourage their cats to meow without understanding the repercussions. The result is whenever the cat gets bored they will start meowing any time of the day to grab your attention. This can be very annoying on weekends and holidays when you are enjoying your sleep late in the day.

How to stop your cat from meowing?


Pet cats love to play with their owners whenever possible. But, sometimes due to the hectic schedules it becomes very difficult to spare sometime with your pet. Due to the lack of attention cats tend to be very vocal and try to grab attention by making loud meowing sounds. When you start spending some time with your furry bundle of joy by playing with them your pet will forget meowing. Playing with cats is a great way to start your day. It not only rejuvenates you physically and mentally, but also helps build a bonding between you and your cat. Respond to their sounds only when they are soft and quiet. Do not respond when they are loud and angry.


Cats are intelligent and tend to pick up things very quickly. Your cat will respond in the correct fashion only when you train them to behave. A content and happy cat usually grabs a lot of attention from others and this is only possible if you spend quality time playing with them. So now that you know why do cats meow it will be easier to communicate with them by developing a good bonding. It will make you know your cat better and makes you do things that will set things right. Cat meowing is a just a simple way to get things done from you and to spend some time with you.

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