Cat Hissing, What does it Mean?

cat hissing

Cats hissing and as a cat owner you must have heard it very often. Hissing is a part of a cat’s personality. Some cats are hyperactive; some may be laid off kinds, while some are very reserved and shy. Whatever may be your pet’s personality cats have a tendency to hiss, scratch and bite? Cat hissing is not new to anyone who has spent some time with this furry animal.

The hissing sound is an indication that your pet is angry and in bad mood. The hissing sound can be seen in cats when you get a new kitten or any other pet animal to your home for the first time. Cat hissing is a kind of ritual when a new member enters its territory. 

Whenever a cat is threatened or wants to send a warning to another animal they tend to hiss a lot. Viewing a cat hissing can be very scary at times because this reaction is almost sudden making you wonder what would have happened. 

How do cats hiss?

How do cats hiss?

The hissing sound is created by cats when the animal forces a burst of air out from their arched tongue. You can actually feel the burst of air coming through your cat’s mouth if you place your face is near the cat. It is advisable to not try this. During the hissing state the cat pulls her lips and ears back. The body posture also tends to change, which includes an arched back and the fur on the back also resembles a pillow. The hissing sound is a warning to stay back and stay clear from him. 

Why do cats hiss?

Cat Hissing

Cat hissing is a notice to let you know that he is unhappy and want you to back off. Stay away from a cat that is hissing as the sound itself is enough to keep you away from your pet. This mood can lead to clawing or fighting in cats. The hissing sound is an indication that he is afraid of something or is not happy about someone. It tries to convey it’s feelings through the hissing sound. It is a way of proving his authority over his territory.

Cats do not enjoy physical fights and rely heavily on physical postures, audible sounds and through marking. Hissing is a defensive mechanism displayed when they feel threatened. The threat can come from any new member in the family, new animal, owner or when being handled by the vet. The hiss is usually followed by an aggressive behavior if you do not back off. 

Hissing sound is a survival tactic learnt by cats from other animals like snakes. Cats depend a lot on the hissing tactics to protect them in the wild or when they feel threatened. Cat hissing is very commonly seen in mother cats when she is guarding her kittens. 

What to do when you hear a Cat Hissing?

If you hear a cat hissing please stay away from them. It is a warning sign to stay back and not to come near them. Give her enough time to cool and calm down. Allow her to escape from the room or environment. If you still need to interact with her, then let her get used to your scent before touching her. Stay away from the triggers that can lead her to hissing.

Be positive and try to be comfortable in front of a cat and do not punish her for hissing. If you are introducing a new pet or kitten into your family your feline friend is sure to feel threatened and try to show her displeasure by hissing. Introduce the new member slowly. They should stop hissing at each other as they get used to the each other’s smell. 

cat hissing

Avoid picking her up, or spraying water on her when she is in a mood of hissing. It is best to leave her alone by just walking away from her. Identify all the triggers that cause your cat to hiss. Remember that hissing is not a behavioral problem in cats, but a defensive mechanism adopted by cats to protect themselves from strangers. 

Build a trust with the cat gradually by slowly getting comfortable with each other. Make your cat feel at home and allow her to enjoy the new surroundings and the people around.

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