Let’s Find Out Why Do Cats Love Cat Grass?

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Cat grass, cats are carnivore’s animals and hence tend to prefer meat, but there are times when these carnivores love chewing some fresh green grass. You must have wondered why your cat is nibbling on the green blades of the grass, when there is ample food of his choice around the house. This strange behavior should not be a cause of concern since cats have an occasional craving for these green salads. But, we need to understand why a cat display this behavior and how does it, benefit the animal.

What is cat grass?

cat eating cat grass

Cat grass is a variety of grass that is very popular with cats, whether it is an indoor or an outdoor cat. Some of the very commonly known varieties of grass include wheatgrass, oat grass and barley.

Why do cats love eating cat grass?

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There is no clear answer as to why cats love eating grass. All types of indoor or outdoor cats do consume them once in a while. Though this may look strange, but nibbling on grass is a very common sight and almost all cats do this occasionally. These strange actions doesn’t in any way harm or cause any health concerns for your cat, but it can be a cause of worry if you notice your feline friend throwing up immediately after eating the grass. Cats eat grass to settle their stomach distress if any; it works like an antacid for them.

Interest in grass can vary in each cat; some may not even bother to eat them. Cats require a balanced and healthy diet that is rich in vitamins that they gain from certain vegetables, fruits, edible meat, grains and taurine. Fiber is necessary to aid digestion and to control weight. Eating grass is not a sign of any deficiency. Cats can sometimes eat grass to satisfy their craving, though unlike catnip cat grass doesn’t provide a high for cats

The grass works like a laxative for them and helps in pushing the hairballs through their system. Grass causes cats to vomit, which helps in pushing the hairballs out of their system. Moreover, grass provides the cat with some nutritional benefits, which may be lacking in their regular diet.

Nutrient rich cat grass

cat grass

Grass is rich in folic acid, which is extremely essential for the overall well-being of cats. Folic acid helps in production of oxygen in the blood, though you may not know when they need these vitamins.

Even experts are not able to clearly find out any particular reason for cats eating grass, except that they love to nibble occasionally.

Works as a Laxative

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Grass adds fiber to the body, which works as a natural laxative. This additional fiber helps in smooth passage of worms and hairballs from their system as they induce a vomiting sensation in cats. Actually cat’s body is not designed to digest plant enzymes, but by chewing grass a cat indirectly helps her body to throw out any undigested food like bones, feathers and hairballs, which they accidently consume while eating.

It is a good way to clean up the body system and relives the cat of any discomfort. According to vets grass is harmless to cats, but is not a necessity, as good and balanced diet rich in vitamins and fiber is enough to assist in good digestive system. The reasons for cats loving the grass may vary from one expert to another, but cats surely enjoy this green salad without us knowing how it benefits them.

Is it unsafe or healthy for cats to eat cat grass?

Eating grass is not harmful for the overall health of cats because they eat a minuscule amount to satisfy their craving. However, if your cat consumes large quantities of grass, then you may have to take it to a vet to rule out any discomfort. As a cat owner you can have control on what food your cat consumes if it stays indoors, but if your cat ventures out in the open, then the frequent grazing habit can prove harmful for its health.

Outdoors cat can nibble toxic and pesticide laden grass, which can have severe health consequences. If your cat stays indoors make sure you have plants and grass that is free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. The best solution is to beat this problem is to grow your own grass where you have control over what your pet eats.

Growing grass indoors will prevent the cat from nibbling on other indoor plants that can be hazardous or toxic for their health. The only worrisome effect of eating the grass is how to remove stains on the carpet caused the grass.

How to grow cat grass at home?

cat eating cat grass
See Tutorial here:

If your cat loves nibbling on the grass it would be prudent to have a small grass bed of your own. Usually wheat grass, oat grass or barley grass can be purchased from pet stores in the form of seeds or as sprouts. This variety of grass is loved by cats and is considered safe for consumption.

cat grass

The grass can even be grown in pots in case you have space constraints. Growing grass at home is very easy and needs very little care and attention. It provides a chemical free grass for your cat. Once sowed the seeds take a minimum of 5 to 6 days to sprout making it an ideal green and healthy salad for your pet.

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The grass is not known to harm cats and many cats just love to eat these green blades. Whether it adds to the nutritional value is still debatable, but you can be sure that they don’t harm your beloved pet in any way and there is no reason for you to panic if you find your cat chewing them. Growing the grass can add a lot of aesthetic appeal to your garden and is a welcome relief for your cat.

cat grass

Cat grass can provide ultimate comfort and support the health of your pet just like any dietary supplement, but do remember it is not an absolute necessity, unless it is recommended by the vet.

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