Cashmere Cat: The Exotic and Longhaired Cat

Introduction to Cashmere cat / Kashmir Cat

Cashmere or Kashmir cat is a name that is extensively used for the longhair variety of Bengal cat. Cashmere cat is a domestic cat breed well-known for its attractive appearance and loving personality. These naughty and luxuriously soft longhaired Kashmir cats need very less grooming. The Bengals are hybrid cats created by Jean Mill. She wanted to create a cat that had the qualities of a domestic cat, but also should appear like a leopard. After a lot of research, she registered the new cat breed with the The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1983. The Cat Fanciers’ Association CFA has not recognized the longhaired Cashmere cats.

This exotic cat species originated from the Asian Leopard cat and the domestic cat. The Asian leopard cat is found in the forests of India, Russia, Thailand, and Burma. The uniquely designed and gorgeous looking coat of this cat makes them attractive for the poachers. The introduction of the Cashmere cat has helped in wildlife preservation by allowing cat lovers to have a cat that has all the features of a wild animal, but also possess the qualities of a domestic cat.

The main purpose of developing this cat was to achieve an exotic leopard like look with short hair. It was only after a longhaired kitten was born to a litter that the breeders started to adore and cherish this particular type of Bengal cat.

History of Cashmere Cats

The Kashmir cats are a longhaired version of the Bengal cats with very soft and silky coat. The Cashmeres were not created intentionally like the Bengals, but were around since the creation of the Bengal cats. Previously the Abyssinians, Siamese and the Mau were used extensively to cross bred with the Asian Leopard cat as a part of the breeding programme to create a cat that had the qualities of a domestic cat and also had the physical appearance of a wild cat like leopard. The resulting kittens were first generation Bengals with short hair, but longhaired variety kittens were also born from shorthaired parents from the beginning itself.

Since the main purpose of the breeders was to create a domestic cat with an exotic look of a leopard, the breeders selectively decided to breed away from the long haired variety and opted for the short haired version only. It was only after a few longhaired kittens were born to a litter the breeders started thinking that the longhaired Bengal kitten belonged to a mixed breed, but the truth is the longhaired cats also belonged to the Bengal breed, but were rare. It is difficult to tell how they got the longhair gene, but occasionally they are found in a litter.

A large number of breeders in different countries like England, Germany and the USA have started developing the longhaired Bengal cat variant. This cat breed is at present shown in various cat shows around the world. American breeders are trying hard to get the Kashmir cat accepted as a variety of the original breed while the Europeans are working to get them accepted as a new Cashmere breed cat.

cashmere cat breed

Cashmere Cat Traits

The Cashmere cats are known for their exotic looking patterns. The coat itself is unique. The coat is soft, silky and long. Even though these cats have a long coat they shed very little and require very little maintenance. The Kashmir cats come in a variety of colors including snow, brown, silver, blues and smokes. The Longhaired Bengal comes in all the Bengal colors and patterns. The long coats in these cats are a result of the recessive genes and when both parents carry this type of genes.

At birth they look very normal and it is almost impossible to tell whether it will have longhair or shorthair, until they grow old. There are primarily two patterns named as marbled and spotted. These wild looking beautiful cats are extremely loving and affectionate. The head is broad with a wedge and rounded contours. They have full and broad muzzle with thick whiskers and high cheekbones. The ears are medium to somewhat large in size. These cats are medium sized weighing 14-20 pounds.

Cashmere personality

Cashmere is friendly, playful and extremely curious cats. They make an excellent family cat since they get along well with children and other pets. They interact well with their owners and are a great companion just like dogs. The Cashmeres can emit a large variety of tones instead of just a meow. Due to their wild lineage, they love playing in water and will chase whatever that moves.

Kashmir Cat Health and Care

Kashmir cats have some hereditary health issues. The problem is not severe unless you are not sure about the breeder. Cashmere cats are prone to polycystic kidney disease and a few infectious diseases. Good breeders can identify the causes and prevent these problems. Though these cats have a slightly longer hair, they don’t need any extra grooming. Once a week combing is enough for these cats as they shed very less.

Cashmere cat Behavior

Since Cashmere cats are unique they tend to growl when upset instead of hissing. They are a good chatter box cats and will not constantly meow like others. They love water and will be often seen jumping and playing around water bodies. They can learn to play fetch and walk on a leash. They can occasionally carry a toy with their paws or even get back a small toy. These cats are active, agile, and athletic and always stay alert. Cashmeres are friendly, intelligent, and confident cats. Due to their high intelligence it is easy to train them.

Cashmere with Children and Pets

The playful and energetic nature of the Cashmere cats make them an ideal companion for children. They can play with any toy for hours together. They are definitely not a couch potato and will interact and willingly play with other family members. Kashmir cats can get along well with other pets in the house and even play with them.

Weight and Height Range

The Cashmere cats are medium sized cats weighing about 14-20 pounds.

Age expectancy

The average life expectancy of these cats is 9-15 years.

Price Range

These exotic cats can be purchased from a good breeder from $800 onwards.


Since these cats are very agile and energetic you will need to feed them good quality canned food along with nutritional supplements to maintain a healthy and energetic body. You can feed 80% raw feed like chicken and beef, 5% organ meat, and some bones. Make sure the food is hygienic and fresh to prevent any health diseases.


The Cashmere Cat is a delightful and exotic breed of longhaired cat. With its unique coat of fur and its sweet, gentle temperament, it is no wonder why this breed of cat has become so popular in recent years. The Cashmere Cat is a medium-sized cat, typically weighing between 8-12 pounds, and has a distinctive long and silky coat that can come in a variety of colors and patterns. This breed is also known for its playful and loving personality, making it a great companion for owners of all ages.

The Cashmere Cat is a relatively low-maintenance breed, requiring regular grooming and occasional baths to keep the coat in top condition. As with any pet, the Cashmere Cat should receive regular veterinary care, including vaccinations and check-ups. Additionally, this breed does require some patience when it comes to litter box training, as it takes some time for them to learn the proper behaviors.

In conclusion, the Cashmere Cat is a unique and exotic breed of longhaired cat that is sure to bring years of joy and companionship to its owners. With its luxurious coat and loving personality, the Cashmere Cat is a great choice for anyone looking for a special and unique pet. With proper care and attention, this breed of cat can provide years of love and entertainment to its owners. The Cashmere Cat breed is a truly remarkable and exotic breed of longhaired cat that is sure to bring joy and companionship to its owners for many years to come.

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