Asian Cat Breeds

Asian cat also known as Malayan, is a cat breed that is very much similar to the Burmese. The only difference between both of them is that the Asian cats come in a variety of color coat and patterns. The Asian cat breed was developed in Britain. The semi-longhaired Asian cats are called Tiffanie. Asian cats are grouped into a separate section meant for foreign cats at various cat shows.

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Physical Appearance of Asian Cat

Asian cats are generally medium sized cats with a solid and muscular body structure. Their body doesn’t look obese unlike other cats. Asian cats have a broad and round chest along with slim legs. The tail of Asian cats is straight and of medium length. Overall, the Asian cat has a full looking and a very visible face. These cats have round yellow eyes that match their coat color.


The shorthaired Asian cat has soft and glossy coat usually coming in solid colors. The Asian shorthairs are categorized into four different categories such as the Asian self, which includes the Bombay in black, the Asian tabby, the Asian Burmilla, which is the shaded version and the Asian Smoke. The Asian self are usually solid colored cats with leather like coat and powerful eyes. The self colors are darker in shade as compared to the Burmese varieties. The Asian tabby comes in four patterns primarily the ticked, spotted, mackerel and classic. All these patterns come in silver and standard.

The Asian smoke has a deep silver colored undercoat and a striking and contrasting top coat. These cats can be mistaken for the Asian self, but from front the contrast between two colors cannot be missed. The Asian Burmilla is the original Asian pattern, which was formed from breeding the Burmese and a Chinchilla. The undercoat of a Burmilla is silver or non-silver. The tip of the coat comes in colors ranging from black to pale lilac.

Character of Asian Cats

Asian cats have a very curious and an outgoing nature. They are highly intelligent cats and do not miss any funny opportunities, which makes them an ideal family pet. They even appeal to elders due to their gentle, loyal and devoted nature. They are good companion cats for elders in the family. They are affectionate by nature very much similar to the Burmese. They tend to explore the house and new areas more due to their curious nature.

These cats have a strong will power and strangely enjoy travelling in a cat carrier. They are very vocal and tend to make loud noises. If you are an owner who loves to spend time with their pets, love hugging and petting them, then the Asian cats are good for you. These breeds of cats are very friendly with people they know and sometimes they tend to be social with strangers as well. They are born entertainers and will keep you cheerful and happy throughout with their charming personality.

Grooming an Asian Cat

Since these cats have medium to short hair you need not brush their hair daily. Brushing can be done once a week. Simply rubbing their coat with a flannel cloth is enough to keep their coat clean and shiny. These cats suffer from very few health issues and have a tendency to live longer.

The Semi longhaired variety of Asian cat is called as Tiffanie. Tiffanies can appear in any color coat and patterns. The Tiffanies are one of the quietest Asian cat breeds. The long-haired gene of this cat is recessive to the short haired gene and hence a lot of hard work is required from various breeders to establish the gene pool that is present today.

The Asian cats are a good apartment cats especially in the countryside where there is less noise of vehicles. The Asians are not great at adapting in the city environment and will enjoy staying in the suburbs. According to the breed standards the Asian cats are those cats, which only possess a good and friendly temperament. There are Asians with an outward appearance that is very similar to the Burmese, and they may be successfully used in the Asian breeding societies where these cats can make a significant contribution to the program, but they cannot be displayed.

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