15 Aristocat Names for your Feline Friend

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Aristocat names, Cat names or Naming your feline friend is a very personal and private decision, though you will admit that finding an ideal name for your furry little bundle of joy can be tedious and time-consuming. After going through various websites, and gathering all the various suggestions from your friends and relatives, you have still not shortlisted the list of cat names for your kitten.

After a long thought and with little inspiration, you would want to name your cat after the famous Disney movie characters The Aristocats. The main theme of the movie revolves around a family of Aristocratic cats and how an alley cat helps them. The Aristocat names and the characters in the classic Disney’s movie turn 45 this year, which is just unbelievable, how time flies by.

This family of Aristocratic cats and their friends have been in our memories right from our childhood. Though, this movie was not as popular as some of the other movies from the Disney house, the characters in the film have inspired generations of cat owners to name their pet kittens after them. This classic movie formed the part and parcel of growing up years of a number of cat lovers around the world.

The Plot of the Aristocat Movie

Set in Paris in the year 1910, the mother cat is a Duchess and her three kittens Berlioz, Marie and Toulouse stay with a retired opera diva Madame Adelaide Bonfamille and an English butler named Edgar. The Duchess prepares a will with her lawyer George Hautecourt in which she declares all her properties be left to her cats until their death and thereafter to the butler, Edgar. However, he had some different plans. Hearing this Edgar decides to eliminate the cats by hatching a plan.

Thomas O'Malley, marie and 3 kitten the aristocat names

He sedates the kittens by adding sleeping pills in their food and takes them to the countryside to dump them. Edgar is ambushed by two hounds in the countryside. Left on their own the Aristocats meet an alley cat Thomas O Malley who guides them back to Paris. On way back home this group experiences several adventures.

They also meet Thomas O Malley’s musical friend Scat cat. After reaching their mansion, the Aristocats are again packed in a sack by Edgar and shipped to Timbuktu. Scat cat and gang of friends heroically save the cats by successfully fighting Edgar. They pack the butler in a packing case and ship to Timbuktu.

When the Madame comes to know of the evil plans of Edgar, she immediately excludes his name from the will and happily welcomes Thomas O Malley to their family. The movie ends with the Madame starting a charity foundation to take care of the stray cats in Paris.

Aristocat Names as Inspiration to name your feline friend

Thomas O'Malley and marie the aristocat name

A lot of cat owners who have watched this interesting movie will want to name their cat after the famous aristocat names and I see no harm in doing so. Naming your cat can need a lot of thought and inspiration from various fronts. These ideas can come from your friends and relatives who have come in contact with the new member in your family. The name that you select will be a part of his personality and give him a permanent identity.

Cat names from Aristocats movie are extremely popular among cat owners. The popularity of this movie has brought forth some unique and aristocatic names like Duchess, Toulouse, Marie, Thomas O Malley, Berlioz Scat Cat, Shun Gon, Hit Cat, Peppo, Billy Boss, Napoleon, Lafayette, Roquefort, Frou Frou, Abigail and Amelia Gabble. Anybody who has watched the Aristocats movie will surely love to put these very popular names to their pet cats. These names will bring back some fond memories of this movie and its funny little characters.

Every character has a unique personality trait, which makes these names easily identifiable. If your feline friend has any of the qualities found in these movie characters and you can easily identify your cat with them, then it becomes a lot easier to name them. So if your female cat is bossy and thinks of her as the best amongst the rest, then the ideal Aristocat name would be Marie. You can name your pet cat Berlioz if it is a little bit shy and timid.

A friendly, tough and caring cat can be named after the hero of the movie Thomas O Malley. If your cat loves to lead from the front, then the ideal name would be Scat Cat. A smart cat with leadership qualities can be named Lafayette. If your female cat is elegant, white and displays class, then the cat owner should not shy away from the name Duchess.

Some cat owners love to name their cats after famous villains in movies, and Edgar is one such name that is associated with cruelty and cunningness. A rich and royal looking female cat can be named Adelaide for its cool and graceful looks.

the aristocats poster

Naming your pet cat after the Aristocat movie characters is not new and lot of cat owners love to call their pets with these names to always keep their childhood memories alive. Whatever name you select for your cat, always remember that the name you finalize will stay with your cat forever and form its identity.

Consider the unique persona of your cat before giving it a name. If you are confused and not sure which name to put for your feline friend, then the best thing would be to take a break from all the confusing thought process? You can take a few suggestions from other family members after looking at your cats overall personality. Some personality of your cat can be visible only after a few days of its arrival, so take your time on deciding on a name for your pet cat.

The love and affection for your cat does not depend on the name. Your cats name just provides it with an identity and individuality that stays with them forever. The Aristocat name you finalise will also bring forth your personality.

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