15 Reasons Why Tuxedo Cats Rock

tuxedo cats

Tuxedo cats are the James Bond of the cat world. They look very stylish and smart as if these cats are wearing a black and white suit. The Tuxedo cats are one of those specially dressed cats with black and white markings resembling a men’s formal wear. The Tuxedo cats refer to a coat pattern that is found on certain cats and it’s not a breed of cat.

Although the Tuxedo cat is not a breed, but the tuxedo pattern is found commonly in certain cat breeds. Since they are found in different cat breeds, their personality and temperament will change depending on the breed. Tuxedo cats have the distinction of being called the gentlemen of the cat world. A tuxedo cat is not only male cats, but includes female cats as well with their unique personality traits.

Tuxedo cats have a unique charming personality with an affectionate demeanor. The following are some reasons why Tuxedo cats rock and why you should own one of these lovely felines.

1. Unique Black and White Pattern

tuxedo cats

The Tuxedo cat is always dressed to impress. These gentlemen cats look very attractive as if dressed in formal attire at all the times. If there was any competition for the best dressed cat, then these tuxedos are sure to win the crown. Genetically these cats are bi-colored cats, they have basically black colored coat with patches of white on their throat, chest, paws, belly and the chin. Some Tuxies have white faces along with a distinct bow tie.

Some tuxedo cats have markings that also include a black moustache, which makes these gorgeous looking felines all the more irresistible and attractive, a very rare sight amongst cats. The most handsome is the Tuxies with a bow tie. Let’s remember the Tuxedos are always dressed for the occasion and unlike other cats, their personality and handsome looks will make you love them forever. The handsome look of the Tuxedo always attracts attention where ever they go.

They love people taking their pictures and will happily pose for a photo with their family. These photogenic felines are the star of any household. The bow tie tuxedo cat is apparently the lucky charm in terms of good fortune and wealth.

2. Tuxedo cats are intelligent

cat reading

Every cat breed has some attractive quality that stands out from the rest. The tuxedo cats, be it of any breed is extremely intelligent. Most people who have owned these beautiful looking felines would vouch for their intelligence. They are more intelligent than the average housecat. There has been no research or tests conducted to test their level of intelligence, but it is proven only through the experiences and observations of thousands of their owners. These owners would not lie.

They are twice as intelligent as the average domestic cat. Anyone who has owned a tuxedo and any other regular cat will surely understand the difference. A lot of them have claimed that these black and white cats have displayed some amazing levels of intelligence. They take interest in all the activities going around them, which is a sign of their intelligence. Moreover, it has been observed that in a household where a regular cat lives with a tuxedo cat, the influence of the tuxedo cat has helped in improving the intelligence of the regular cat by at least 15 percent.

The intelligence of the Tuxedo makes them born leaders. So if you want to train your cat, then look no further than these smart tuxedos because of their intelligence that is required to learn.

3. Tuxedo cats have beautiful traits

cat foots

The Tuxedo cats have certain beautiful traits that are unique for this cat. The Tuxedos become invisible on the vernal or diurnal equinox, which makes them magical. They bring in luck and apparently most lotto winners have owned these smart looking felines. More often than not, the Tuxedo cats have open eyes at birth. The Tuxedos are best swimmers of the cat family though most cats hate water, except a few.

To put a stamp on their intelligence quotient, great scientists and personalities like the Beethoven, Sir Issac Newton and Shakespeare have all owned a Tuxedo cat. They are extremely vocal compared to other cats and are highly active too. They love people cuddling them and will happily enjoy the cuddling session. President Clinton also owned a Tuxedo by the name Socks and even stayed with him at the Whitehouse. More than 70 percent cats seen in the Egyptian Tombs are Tuxedos.

The Tuxedo cats are the only cats allowed to participate in shows of the Metropolitan Area because they are always in a tie. The luck story doesn’t end with the lotto; a tuxedo cat by the name Sparky inherited $6million in the year 1998. Tuxedos have even scaled the Mt.Everest.

4. Tuxedos have a unique gene that gives them the bi-color look

kitten sleeping

Genetically the Tuxedo cats are considered bi-colored or piebald cats. There are other cats of other colors and not just black and white that has the tuxedo markings. According to the Tuxedo owners these different color tuxedo cats are much inferior. The cool patterns found in the tuxedo cats come from the gene that causes white spotting, which is a dominant gene. This gene masks the cat’s actual color in the regions where white happens.

If you notice a cat that sports a black patch on a white chest, then these cats are called black tie cats. These cats are known to bring in wealth and happiness. The tuxedo pattern is not restricted to the black color, but the name is usually reserved for the black and white cats. To be considered a true tuxedo cat, the feline coat should have a solid black coat with white fur limited to the throat, chest, belly, paws, and often chin. Bicolor can also appear in the skin color.

The color on the paw pads maybe pink or black that often matches the coat in the area and if the color boundary crosses the underside of the paw, the pads on either side maybe of bicolor or of different colors. Vertical stripes or white muzzles are a common feature found in the tuxedo cats.

5. Tuxedo cats are associated with arts

cat paws

The formal attire look of the tuxedo cats have given these cats worldwide recognition and it is one of the main reasons why these felines are admitted to perform at the metropolitan opera shows. The musical style “The Blues” has widely acknowledged the nighttime escapades of the Tuxies as an inspiration for their shows. William Shakespeare too owned a tuxedo cat as did Beethoven and Sir Issac Newton. In the original stories of “Lassie”, Lassie was a Tuxedo cat.

Sylvester from the famous cartoon Looney Toons was a Tuxedo cat. It is the unique and the smart formal appearance of the tuxedo has attracted the attention and grabbed a lot of eyeballs of various people in the field of art. The standout color pattern and their charming personality have enabled a lot of artists to associate these lovely cats into their art in various forms and shapes worldwide.

6. Tuxedo Cats were once Worshipped in Ancient Egypt

cat at egypt

Cats have drastically affected the lives of ancient Egypt. They were famous as household companion and equally worshipped. Most black colored cats were worshipped across the world for various reasons. The Tuxedo cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt and more than 70 percent cats in the Egyptian royal tomb are tuxedo cats.

The Tuxedos were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians as they brought in good luck and fortune. This indicates the popularity of the Tuxedo cats in the ancient history. These beautiful cats were held in high-esteem during those days and the proof of their importance to mankind are still there to be see through the various photographs and findings. These cats protected their grains from rodents and were the ultimate crop protectors.

These cats hunted along with the ancient Egyptians. Egyptian Tomb paintings depict these cats as efficient hunters, symbol of fertility and were considered companions in the afterlife. The cat sculptures of the ancient Egypt that are still surviving today are made of bronze, this is because the sculptures that were worshiped as shrines were intended to last longer. These cats in the ancient Egypt wore expensive jewelry an indication that how much these Egyptians valued their cats.

7. Tuxedo cats are best swimmers in the cat family

cat in water

Just as any other cat, the Tuxedo cat also hates water and don’t like getting into it. But, if you put a tuxedo cat in water, they tend to swim better compared to other cats. They are the best swimmers in the cat family. Their athletic powers and very powerful hind legs make these cats excellent swimmers, but of course they wouldn’t want to show their capability by jumping into the water on their own. The affinity to water and ability to swim fast all depends on the breed too, but among all the cat breeds the tuxedo cats are known to swim better.

A lot of cat owners have reported that their tuxedo likes water and loves sitting in the bathtub filled with water. When indoors, they happily play with the faucet and tend to meow to it and love the sight of water flowing out from the tap. Certain cat breeds like the Turkish Van, have the piebald gene, which causes the bicolor cats. These cats love water and enjoy playing in the water.

8. Tuxedo cats are good for your physical and mental health

tuxedo cats

Tuxedo cats are cuddly and love interacting with their human friends. They are very affectionate cats and love curling up in your lap just for a stroke. They understand your feelings and will behave accordingly. When you are down and sad, they will snuggle up to you and provide that kitty warmth and mild purrs that will soothe your mind and work like a therapy.

The bedside manners are just mind-blowing. They have a lot of patience and will not mind if you are upset on them due to your mental or physical agony. They will happily cater to your sleeping whims and cuddle right up to you. They are the ones who will listen to your complaints all day long without complaining back.

Tuxedos don’t like coughs and sneeze and will run away if you are coughing and sneezing. This is because they love to protect their immune system.
So if you have Tuxies at home, then no physical pain will last long for you. They will give you excellent company during this phase, allowing you to recover soon and that too without any complaints. Their affectionate nature works like a medicine and you have to own a tuxedo cat to experience this.

9. Tuxedo cats are easy going

cat standing

Tuxedo cat owners have all said that their experience with these cats have been just amazing. According to them, these cats have an excellent personality. Tuxedo cat’s personality depends a lot on their breed, but most of the tuxedo cats are known to be caring. They have an easy go temperament. They are relaxed and happy most times and are quite dog like in terms of their personality. They are affectionate and compassionate towards their family and they will try to show their affection and love through constant cuddles and by rubbing their head against your legs.

They do these things to show how much they love you and are very fond of you. They will turn on to their backs as soon as they see their loved ones coming for getting a quick stroke. The tuxedo kittens are born with this smart and formal attire that they look stylish and attractive. Even as kittens these cats are easy going, friendly and possess a very laid-back attitude.

10. Tuxedo cats are Famous

cat sitting

Apart from the real world, the tuxedo cats are famous on screen and through various other mediums. The most famous tuxedo is Sylvester the cat from the popular cartoon show “Looney Tunes” and who doesn’t remember the Sylvester and Tweety. He has made us laugh numerous times every time we have switched the television on. Then, there was the Dr. Seuss from the Cat in the Hat and the Felix the cat from the 1920s all of which has a tuxedo cat as a character. In T.S.Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, tuxedo cats are featured and the writer refers to them as Jellicles. Jellicles is a very popular name that is still in use today.

Mr.Mistoffeles, is another famous tuxedo cat character from the musical “cats”. President Clinton’s tuxedo cat “Socks” is one famous cat that lived in the White House with the Clintons. Same way a tuxedo by the name “Simon” was awarded a medal during the World War ll for protecting the soldier’s food supplies that was in limited supply aboard a warship in the middle of an ocean.

11. Tuxedo cats are athletic

cat dancing

Cats are energetic and agile by nature. This particular aspect of cats again depends a lot on the breed. Tuxedo cats are generally athletic, strong and possess very high levels of metabolism. To match that kind of metabolism, these bicolor cats have ferocious appetites. Even with a ferocious appetite these cats don’t put on weight or grow obese because of their high metabolic activity. They are always agile and active. These cats tend to put on weight only when they grow old and are less active and lead a sedentary life.

They can jump up into the air and flip backwards to catch one of their toys with a lot of ease. These cats will bring the toy back to you and drop it onto your lap, which is amazing. If you are asleep, they will drop it on your face and make a few loud meows to convey their point. If you like the lively and energetic environment throughout the year, then you should get a tuxedo cat home. These cats know how to keep you happy and entertained.

tuxedo cats

Do you know that “Tuxedo Cat” is the most googled term on the internet? The tuxedo cats hold a special place in the hearts of cat lovers. The bicolor appearance gives this cat a majestic look, be it of any breed. It is their beauty that makes them extremely popular. They are popular and that’s why these cats are seen on TV shows, plays, cartoon shows and even in literature. Their popularity can be traced back to ancient Egypt where they were depicted on the royal tombs.

The only cat that has scaled the Mt.Everest is Roderick, also a tuxedo cat. The largest inheritance of over 6 million dollars went to a tuxedo cat named Sparky in the year 1998. Famous personalities like Sir. Issac Newton, William Shakespeare and Beethoven, all of them owned a Tuxedo cat. The most famous Tuxedo cat in recent times is “Socks”. Socks lived in the White House with President Clinton and would be seen everywhere with the Clintons.

It is not only the physical appearance that makes this cat very popular, but also the personality of this cat. Tuxies are very affectionate, vocal, highly intelligent, energetic and agile cats. If you have this cat at home, then you can be assured of complete entertainment.

13. Tuxedos come in many cat breeds

tuxedo cats

Tuxedo is a coat pattern found in cats of certain breeds. It is the specific color pattern on their coat that makes them appear like a tuxedo. For the cat to look like wearing a tuxedo, the feline should have solid black coat with white patches on certain areas of the body like the paws. Chin, throat, and belly. This white pattern should be limited to these regions only for them to look like wearing a tuxedo. Many cat breeds come in this famous tuxedo pattern.

They can be seen in American short hair, Manx, British Short hair, Cornish Rex, Persian, Bombay and the Scottish Fold. They can be commonly seen in the domestic short hair and the long hair varieties. Tuxedos can be found even in mixed breed cats too. This pattern is rarely found in munchkins and the Sphynx cats and they have a unique personality and temperament too.

The tuxedo cat will have the personality of a particular breed it belongs to, though it has been noticed that the tuxedo pattern cats are intelligent and smart across the breeds. Some may be very active while others can be docile and all this depends on the breed of the cat.

14. They are Photogenic

tuxedo cats

Who doesn’t like to see a photograph of a Tuxedo cat dressed smartly for a formal occasion? Their striking contrasting color patterns and their overall dapper appearance make them very attractive in every photograph. There wouldn’t be any bad photograph of a tuxedo cat. Almost all cats are photogenic. Cats have this nature flare for photos. Any pose of a tuxedo cat, be it lying, sitting, playing or sleeping just looks cute, especially if they are kittens.

The fluffy tuxedo kittens look adorable in the photographs and the way they pose is unbelievable, as if they know they are good looking and photogenic. The black and white cats always look smart and extra stylish in front of the camera. They are always dressed for the shutterbugs. You don’t have to get them ready, but just focus and shoot these smarty felines any time of the day and the pictures are sure to garner a lot of praise.

15. They like to welcome their loved ones

Tuxedo cats are affectionate, caring and loving felines. A tuxedo cat will ensure that there is complete mental as well as physical well-being of the owners. A lot of cats are not interested in welcoming their loved ones back after work. They would prefer to laze around and only come when there is a call for food or when they hear the sound of food.

Tuxedos are not like that; instead they will run towards the door as soon as they listen to the sounds of the door opening or when their owners come home. They are a bit dog like and will happily welcome you home after a hard day. It is always a welcome sight to see these cats licking and rubbing against you as you open the main door of the house. It just makes you feel loved and cared for.

Tuxedo cats are beautiful and affectionate felines. There are many different facets of these cats that can be experienced only if you own them.

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