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10 Best Most Expensive Cat Food Brands


Premium Cat Food Brands

Many will find it funny and unnecessary to ask for most expensive cat food brands either online or offline; but truth always remains, the higher the price the higher the quality. No one wants to see his or her cat suffering from malnutrition as a result of low quality diets. It is important to know that there are lots and lots of cat food manufacturing brands, but only a few of this manufactures food of high quality. In this article, you will be familiar with 10 most expensive cat food brands that are considered of standard quality and endorsed by so many professionals across the world.

The rating was not done based on price alone, there are criteria that resulted to this selection and they include: food sources must be named on the products, foods that have no by-products, foods that contain no fillers and foods that contain no artificial ingredients respectively. These are the criteria used for this selection and not the price alone.

Here are 10 of the best cat food brands you can buy for your cat(s).

10. Evo Turkey

This type of food brand Evo Turkey is highly recognized by Consumer Research and has gain good reputation from buyers across the world. This food contains low carbohydrates and is grain-free; it also includes all the criteria needed for this selection and the food was designed based on the way all cats eat. The ingredients included in this type of food are: turkey; chicken fat and meal; herring meal; and more.

best cat-food-brands-Orijen

9. Orijen Dry Adult Cat & Kitten Food

Made from Canada; Orijen is the cat food brand that is very popular among cat breeders and many people who have cats in their houses. The food contains high ratio of meats than any other ingredients, the food is rich in nutrition with over 80% of it is made of meat, while 20% constitute of vegetables. The ingredients used for this type of food include: turkey, chicken meal and liver, boneless chicken, and more. It is the type of food every cat holder should buy.

premium cat-food-brands-Wellness

8. Wellness Core Original Dry Food For Cats

Wellness core has been highly regarded for its foods that contain high source of protein and natural ingredients. It is also regarded as a grain-free food that has no artificial ingredients or other preservative chemicals. It also contains fatty acids and other oils that can help improve digestion. The ingredients made for this type of food include: deboned turkey, whitefish, herring meal, chicken meal, and more.


7. Nature’s Variety Instinct Canned Diets

This chicken formula is designed purposely to provide alternative for cats that doesn’t really need dry food. It is more of moisture and doesn’t contain thickener carrageenan. Nature’s variety contains lot contents of meats and liver with little amount of vegetables and fruits all to support nutritional value. This type of food is also grain-free and in many cases you don’t find gluten product in it. It is surely a food for your cats. It is made from ingredients such as turkey, chicken, ground flaxed, chicken liver, and more.


6. Blue Buffalo Wild Delights

Blue buffalo made the list of the most expensive and most qualitative cat food brands for its unending efforts in seeing that the healthiest ingredients find their place in the manufacturing of their foods. They make sure that all the nutrients that will support the cat to have a good life are put in place and well manufactured before making it available for sale in the market. The food is gluten-free and doesn’t contain fillers. It is made from waster, turkey, chicken liver, and more.


5. Petcurean Go

Petcurean is another expensive cat food brand that is grain-free and gluten-free. It has more than 48 percent meat contents that include fish, salmon, and duck. It is the type of food that provides great source of energy and protein for cats. Other ingredients available in this product are fatty acids and garden vegetables.


4. Acana Pacifica

Acana Pacifica is an alternative to moisture foods; it is basically a dry food with natural ingredients to provide healthy diets for cats. It is also an expensive cat food brands that is well-known in global market. It is manufactured in Canada, and has boneless herring, flounder, boneless pacific hake, Pollock meal, and more as its main ingredients that made it possible for the food to be where it is today.

most expensive cat food brands Acana

3. Acana Regional Grassland

This is another Acana product, but a different one containing meat as its major ingredient. The amount of meat available in this cat food is over 70% and almost 30 percent vegetables. Acana grassland is grain-free and also low in carbohydrates; it is made up of boneless lamb, boneless duck, lamb meal, Pollock meat, and more as its major ingredients. It is surely one of the best foods to buy for your cats.


2. Innova Natures Table

This cat food is manufactured in such a way it contains a balanced formula with natural ingredients. It is a meat based food that is grain-free and gluten-free. The amount of protein included in this food can guarantee the cat high nutritional value and healthiest food for consumption. The ingredients made for this product include: chicken meal, peas, turkey, flaxed, and more.

most expensive cat food brands

1. Nutrience Natural Most Expensive Cat Food Brands

Although this type of formula may not be grain-free, its low in carbohydrates and nutritional value make it an expensive cat food in the present world. It is manufactured to give a good balance in protein and fat. It is also a good alternative for cat that wants dry foods or those with stomach sensitive. The major ingredients used in manufacturing of this product include: deboned Pollock, deboned flounder, deboned haddock, fish meal, and more.

It is good to know that, the above are considered some of the most expensive premium cat food brands in the contemporary world, but the truth is there is no perfect food for cats, because there are lots of factors to consider especially if it has to do with nutritional needs of the cat. The best food you will need for your cat is to go for the one that you know can be compatible with your cat’s way of living – meaning, if your cat is an indoor cat there is a particular food you can buy, likewise goes the same if the cat is mostly outdoors. Make a better choice and be happy.

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