8 Top Tips on Cat Care For Cat Owners

cat care

Cat Care

Are you new to owning a cats and are worried about how to take care of cats? You need not worry as you are not the only one going through this. Any new member in the family can increase your anxiety and hide all your happiness. Cats are generally independent, but need regular care and attention from your side. They depend on you for a lot of things like water, food, shelter, clean litter box and most important thing is love and attention. Cat care is extremely important for the healthy well-being of your cat.

Cats are an excellent pet to have at homes. The following are some cat care tips that will help you get rid of your anxiety about cats.

Create a Safe Environment for Cats

Sometimes your home can be dangerous for your cat. To spot any potential dangers for your cat take a quick survey of your home and identify any likely threats and get rid of them quickly. Keep your pet indoors and away from predators and traffic. Provide pet toys to keep them engaged. Put away all dangling threads, wires, electrical cords and rubber bands so that your cat cannot eat them. Liquid risks like cleaners, and poisons should be stored in a locked cabinet. Some hazardous objects for your cats include plastic bags, medicines, small toys, pencils, cotton balls, razors and certain plants that are toxic for cats.

Regular Vaccinations

You need to take your cat to a vet for regular cat vaccinations when needed. If you notice any behavioral changes, or changes in meowing, walking, or eating you need to take them to a vet immediately.

Groom your Cat Regularly

Grooming is extremely important for cats and dogs. It improves blood flow, and prevents hairball. Massage its coat with your palms from head to toe to prevent spreading of hair all around the house. Use fingers to remove tangles instead of a comb. Use gentler brushes for kittens. Cats do not require baths, but in case you need to give one then take a help of your friend or relative.

Wash head, neck, and ears first as fleas might take refuge in these place when you clean the body. Trim your cat’s nails with a special trimmer available at pet stores and never use the human nail clippers. It is easier to trim the nails when the paws are pressed down exposing the nails. Clean the cats ears once a month with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or mineral oil.

Serve Right Kind of Food

Feed cats at the same time when you eat, to prevent him from begging for crumbs. Feed correct amount of food according to its age and in small bowls. Check your cat’s weight and feed cat food only. Avoid feeding cooked foods meant for human consumption. If your cat is overweight buy him special food that is high in proteins and low in carbohydrates and fat.

Never feed your cat milk as they are not able to digest them. If your cat is not eating well, then you need to take him to a vet to identify the problem. Follow the vets instructions regarding feeding your cat as he will be able to judge the correct amount of food according to the health of your cat.

Take your cat to the veterinarian for regular check-ups

Medical care is extremely essential for maintaining the health of your cat. Maintaining good general health is possible by taking shots on a regular basis and by following the vet’s advice.

Provide Scratching Post

Cats love to scratch and it’s a behavior they are born with. It helps them in marking their territory in the wild. Provide a scratching post or tree for your cat to scratch its claws. A good cat tree will help your cat scratch as well as allow him to climb and enjoy the surroundings.

Separate Litter Boxes for each cat

Reserve one litter box for each cat if you have more than one cat at home. You may have to try out different litters as some cats prefer wood based litter while others may dislike perfume based hard and clay-based litters.

As an owner of cat you have to be patient as cats can behave in a certain manner, which you may not like. Follow effective and humane methods to disciple and solve the problems than taking drastic steps. Be calm and enjoy the cat care techniques as a way to bond with your furry pet.

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