5 Top Furry Cats Breeds And Their Personalities

furry cats

The Long Haired Cats

Furry cats, We all know that cats have fur, which is one of the prime reasons why people do get attracted to them. Some cats have short fur while others have long hair. The long haired cats or furry cats look very cute and cuddly because of their soft and long fur; it is like holding a soft toy. The cute face along with excessive fur makes a lot of cat owners to choose certain cat breeds with this specialty.

The fur on furry cats plays a crucial role in the development of these cats. There are many gorgeous looking furry cats that are available, which cat owners can choose according to their personality.

The fur on the furry cats works like an insulator. Some of these cats have two layers of fur and some others have just one layer of fur. The top layer fur on these cats is for the felines color and pattern. The bottom layer fur is mainly for the purpose of insulation. The following are some of the furry cat breeds that are popular because of their cute cuddly looks and of course sweet personality.



Ragdoll is one of the biggest cat breeds with a long furry coat. It is one of those furry cats that have the distinction of being the largest domestic cat breeds. The ragdolls were developed by crossbreeding the Birman with the Persians. The floppy quality of this cat breed is very appealing as these cats tend to go limp when picked up.

The plush coat, stunning blue colored eyes, and its huge size along with a sweet and affectionate personality combined together makes Ragdoll an attractive package. They love the company of children and of course your kids will surely love this feline friend of yours. They always like to stay with people and hate staying alone for longer periods.

Munchkin small cat breed


The furry cats breeds also includes the Munchkin, which is a relatively new cat breed produced by the naturally occurring genetic mutation. This has resulted in cats with very short legs. This is a small to medium sized cats weighing around 9 pounds, which is much lesser than the average cat. Munchkins have a long and plush coat that is soft and silky to touch.

Due to this type of coat these cats require regular grooming. The Munchkins come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some of the known colors are cream, fawn, cinnamon, silver, tabby and tabby white. These cats have a sweet temperament, are intelligent, active, family oriented, social and very playful.

Himalayan cat


The Himalayan falls under the furry cat’s category due to their brushy fur, and large size. This breed weighs around 12 pounds. The Himalayan cat breeds are very much similar to the Persians except that they have blue eyes, and color point that is derived from crossbreeding the Persians with the Siamese. The Himalayan is a hybrid cat.

These cats are social, sweet, playful and intelligent. Himalayans are good lap cats and come in chocolate, blue, cream and lilac colors with color point and spotted patterns.


Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a natural cat breed weighing around 16 pounds that is 6 pounds heavier than most average cat breeds. Maine coons are furry cats with a thick undercoat that is soft and silky requiring moderate grooming.

It is native to America and is active, loyal, and playful and family oriented cat. Maine Coons come in different colors that include blue, black, cream, red, brown, silver and tortoise shell and two patterns primarily the tabby and bi-color.


Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian forest cat is a large cat weighing around 13 pounds. These cats have a thick and fluffy double layered coat and fur all over their body. Their dense coat is suitable for the harsh winter conditions in the arctic.

The dense undercoat and thick fur requires occasional grooming. The outer coat of this cat is waterproof, which means it has the ability to repel water. They are active, highly curious, playful, social and intelligent cat breeds.

The furry cats look very cute and attractive, but require constant grooming. Due to their furry coat they are more prone to develop hairballs. As a cat owner it becomes necessary to brush their hair to prevent these cats from falling sick.

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