The Friendly and Loving Orange Cat

Orange Cat

All of us are aware that cats come in many different sizes and colors. Each breed of cat has its own specialty and most cat breeds do have some color coat associated with it. One such colored cat is the orange cat. Some people relate the color of their felines with their personality while adopting a cat. According to a research people perceive coat color as a main factor that decides the personality of their cats. A lot of people who were surveyed thought orange cats were friendly and not aloof or shy.

But, this is not true in case of Garfield the most famous orange cat who is shown as lazy and grumpy. The color orange comes from the genetics and their personalities match their color pattern that is warm. Orange cats tend to be adopted quickly as compared to cats with other color coats. Orange colored kittens look very attractive and most people love taking them home.

Cats have a reputation of begin unfriendly, and independent, which is why they are not preferred as pets. After a recent survey, it was found that cat owners felt that the orange cats have a personality that is different to the typical cat, which makes it the preferred choice of cat owners. Some people refer the orange cats as Ginger or marmalade cat.

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Facts about Orange Cat

Orange cats are mostly males and this is because orange female cat should have an orange colored father and mother or an orange father and calico mother. For producing an orange male only one parent needs to be calico or orange. Unlike other cats, the orange males prosper on the survival of their family. They help boost their owner’s self-esteem and have the tendency to love their human friends. Orange cats unlike other colored cats, like spending their time with humans just like dogs.

They love to spend their time sitting on your lap and are happy as long as you are stroking their fur or petting them. Orange cats love running around the house behaving crazy and silly. They enjoy all the small happy moments in your house. Typical cats do not care when you walk into the house as they feel it as an intrusion to their privacy and hate anyone trespassing into their independence.

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Orange cats on the other hand display enthusiasm once they see you after a long gap. They will greet you at the door with a huge meow. Orange cats can be very easily litter trained unlike dogs and other pets. Their friendly nature makes them very attractive and can easily fit into most homes without any great effort. They will love all the attention and care you shower on them. If you are looking for a cat that likes to be on its own, then don’t go for an orange cat. If you are looking for an active, friendly, enthusiastic and silly cat unlike other typical cats, then you should go for an orange colored cat.

Orange Cat
Orange Cat

Relation between color and breed of cat

There are orange tabby cats as well and the female orange tabby cats are less than 20%, which means only 1/4th orange tabby cats are females. Various breeds of cats like Persian, American Short hair, and many other breeds of cats come with orange color fur.

Many people think orange cat is a breed of cat, but actually the fact is it is only the color of the coat in cats. Orange cats are mostly found in domestic short haired cats, which constitute around 90% cats in the world and the pedigreed cats. Some breeds have the tabby pattern with orange color coat. Upon close examination of these cats with solid color you will notice pale stripes, or spots of the tabby. Orange cats are mostly tabby.

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The eyes of orange cats are golden, green, or copper. Many even have topaz color eyes. Whatever maybe the name used to call these types of cats these sunshine cats have a way to brighten and lighten your lives as well as your home. So if you want a cat that loves, is attractive, friendly, and the one who will sit on your lap while you have a chat with him, then you should ideally go for an orange cat without any doubt.

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