The Curly Teddy Bear Of The Cat World, Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex Introduction

Selkirk Rex is the latest and natural cat breeds that have a different looking coat as compared to other domestic cats. These cats have a curly coat and have been created from a domestic cat in Montana in the United States in 1987. The coat is thicker and plush than the LaPerm. It is an easy-going and hassle-free cat that almost looks like a soft toy that we find in supermarkets. Anyone who looks at this cat will surely want to hug and cuddle them.

Though they have a thick and plush coat it appears like it has gone through a bad hair day. Their overall appearance will remind you of a small sheep and these cats surely have more fans among young children. The Selkirk is a medium-sized cat with solid bones. Selkirk coat is a result of dominant mutation where in all the hairs on the outer and undercoats have a soft curl giving it an overall sheep like appearance.

Selkirk Rex History

Selkirk Rex has been around for the shortest time and is a pretty new cat breed, but has been recognized by US cat fanciers associations. In the short span of its existence this breed has often been compared with the Devon and the Cornish Rex. As a new breed the growth of the Selkirk has been credited to one breeder MR. Newman of Montana along with the assistance of other breeders.

Newman is a breeder of Persian cats for many years and was very enthralled by the genetics of cats and was constantly on the lookout for any new cat breed that looked extraordinary. In the year 1987, a client of Newman from whom she had purchased a Persian saw a curly hair kitten at an animal refuge where she was an employee and took this kitten to Newman.

Newman took care of this kitten and was impressed by its curly coat and jolly personality. Newman bred this curly cat with a Persian male and this resulted in six kittens of which three had curly coats. The results proved that the gene that was accountable for the curls on the coat was a dominant gene unlike the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex. Newman introduced the qualities of American shorthair, British shorthair and the exotics into the bloodline of the Selkirk to promote and show the new breed in various associations.

The acceptance for this new breed was initially very slow and then with the assistance of other breeders this breed gained recognition. This new breed was presented in the TICA in 1990 and was given acceptance as a new breed. In the year 1992 the CFA accepted Selkirk for registration under the miscellaneous class. Selkirk has now championship status with the TICA, ACA and UFO.

Selkirk Rex Traits

Selkirk is a medium sized cat breed with a round and broad head. The curly hair covers the whole body, but is less prominent in the tail and neck region. The curly hair appears at the time of birth and then straightens and then reappears when the cat turns eight or ten months old. The thick coat then tends to mature slowly until the cat turns two. There is an option of long hair and short hair like other rex cats. The average weight of this cat ranges between 6 to 16 pounds. Selkirk rex are born with a variety of colors, which include white, lilac, red, black, chocolate, bicolor combinations and also with points.

The dense coat has the tendency to shed and hence this cat breed is not suitable for anyone with allergies. The eyes are round and large, giving these cats a very sweet and cute appearance. They have a rectangular and muscular body that gives a firm feel under their plush coat. The average age expectancy of this cat breed is 10 to 15 years. These cats can cost in the range of $300 to $1000 plus the medical costs.

Selkirk Rex Personality

This is an affectionate, loving, and very patient cat breed, with the temperament of the breed that was used to develop the Selkirk Rex Breed. The Persian has contributed the docile nature, the exotic shorthair the playfulness, and the British shorthair the laid-back personality. Anyone seeing these cats will want to cuddle and hold them in their hands, but these cats are very patient with all the adulation they receive from different kinds of people. They are extremely social and family oriented breeds that hates being alone without any company.

Selkirk Rex Health and Care

Selkirk is a robust cat breed and can suffer from all the common medical conditions that other cats go through. The diseases include polycystic kidney disease and enlargement of the heart muscles. The teddy bear like coat is plush and thick and hence requires regular grooming as their coat tends to shed. Some Selkirk has a greasy fur quality, which may require you to give them a bath occasionally. These curly haired cats need food that are meant for cats and are given to any other cat breed. Remember to feed them at regular and fixed intervals to prevent obesity.

Selkirk Rex Behavior

Selkirk is a great family cat and get along well with children, dogs and cats. They are quite active, playful, and curious and enjoy interacting with people. These teddy bears are easy going and less troublesome cats. Selkirk is tolerant and patient cats. Selkirk is social, active, and displays a silly nature sometimes.

Selkirk Rex with children and Pets

Selkirk is a good family cat and their tolerant and patient nature makes them an excellent cat for interacting with children. They get along well with other cats, dogs and pets in the house. The cat breeds that are used in the crossbreeding program are all affectionate and caring by nature. These qualities have passed on to the Selkirk, which makes them an ideal cat for families with children and other pets. Of course, they will demand your attention with a soft meow when they feel they are ignored by you.

Selkirk is the teddy bear of the cat world and whoever notices this cat will wish to cuddle and hold them. Added to this physical beauty these cats have a nice and pleasing personality that adds up to their overall appearance.

The Selkirk Rex cat breed is like a teddy bear, but with curly fur. This breed of cats has been around since 1987 when a domestic cat named Miss DePesto produced a litter of kittens that all had curly fur. Since then, the Selkirk Rex has taken the world by storm with its unique look and personality.

The Selkirk Rex is a short-haired cat with a very distinctive coat. Its fur is curly and very thick, giving it the look of a teddy bear. The breed is known for its laid-back and friendly temperament. They are also very intelligent and can be trained to do tricks. They are very social and get along well with other cats and even small pets.

The Selkirk Rex is also very healthy and can live a long and happy life. They are not prone to any particular health problems and usually live to around 10-15 years of age. They require regular grooming to keep their coat looking its best, but they do not need to be bathed often.

All in all, the Selkirk Rex is a great cat breed to have in your home. It is a very unique looking cat that is sure to turn heads. It is also very friendly and laid-back, making it a great family pet. It is a healthy cat that can live up to 10-15 years of age. If you are looking for a unique and friendly cat, then the Selkirk Rex is the perfect choice for you.

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