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sphrynx cat

Sphynx Cat Breed – The Hairless and Extrovert

Sphynx cat breed is a unique cat breed with no coat and yes it is a cat breed. The lack of coat makes the...

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cat paws

15 Some Interesting Facts About Cat Paws

cat paws, On a closer look, the cat paws look very cute and soft. Most of us would have been tempted at least once...
Bengal Cat

The Wild and Friendly Bengal Cat Breed

Bengal Cat Origins Bengal cat breeds is a relatively new cat breed was first bred in North America. This royal looking cat breed was initially...
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How to Travel with Cat in Car?

Lets Ride With a Cat Traveling with a cat in car, Cats are not great while traveling especially when traveling in a car. Any change...
tuxedo cat

15 Reasons Why Tuxedo Cats Rock

Tuxedo cats are the James Bond of the cat world. They look very stylish and smart as if these cats are wearing a black...
American wire hair cat

American Wirehair Cat Breeds The Curly and Spring Haired

Price Range The kittens can cost anywherefrom $600-$1200 depending on the breeder. Introduction to American Wirehair Cat American Wirehair is a domestic cat breed with its origins...
wild cats

15 Wild Exotic Cats That Can Be Kept As Pets

The wild exotic cats have A lot of animal lovers would love to keep tigers and lions as pets, but with stricter laws and...
moving with cat

Some Advice For Moving Cats To A New House

Moving With Your Cat Moving cats, Cats don’t like changes in their environment. They are very territorial and feel very insecure when they are moved...