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fat cat

20 Fat Cats That You Will Certainly Wish To Cuddle Right...

These fat cats are so adorable and super cute. Some felines look so huge because of amount of a fluffy hair, But some are...

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cat and human

Step By Step How To Get A Cat To Like You...

How to get a cat to like you, Cats are one of the most popular pets loved by people all over the world and...

Choosing The Right Cat Carrier For Your Feline Friend

Cat carriers, If you are a cat owner, then I am sure you will need a cat carrier. Every loving and caring cat owner...
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Hero Cat

Hero Cat Alert To Owner Saving Family From Burning Home

The Hero Cat Hero Cat, Early morning on Thursday, the firefighters got a rescue call from a family in Clairmont, Alberta about a fire accident....
wild cats

15 Wild Exotic Cats That Can Be Kept As Pets

The wild exotic cats have A lot of animal lovers would love to keep tigers and lions as pets, but with stricter laws and...
can cat eat chocolate

Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

Is Chocolate Bad For Cats Can cats eat chocolate? Chocolates come under the group of foods that should not be fed to cats. If you...
tailess cat breeds

9 Tailless Cat Breeds And Their Features

Tailless Cat Breeds and their Features Tailless cat breeds occur through random mutation almost periodically. Most of us are grown with an image of a...
giving cat a bath

How to Enjoy Giving Cats a Bath?

Giving cats a bath, Cats are well- equipped to clean themselves on their own. They are born with grooming tools that help them keep...