8 Step Moving Across Country With Cats

moving across country with cats
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How to travel with a cat

Moving across country with cats or Long distance relocation requires a lot of preparation for you as well as your cat. Relocation can be stressful for all of us with lots of work involved. Relocating things can be less stressful as compared to moving across country with cats. Cats like small kids need proper care and attention to enable a stress free travel for both of you.

Before you decide to move your cat across country, you need to know and understand what you have to do to ensure a hassle free travel. Traveling with pets has been accepted and is being done very frequently by people as pets are no longer a piece of furniture that can be dumped. They are a part and parcel of our family.

More and more people are moving across country with cats. Travelling with pets for long journeys require proper planning and complete preparations in place. You need to plan about a lot of things that include health cover, protection and any legal issues that may arise on the way and then decide about the preparations. Other than packing and shipping all your household stuff you have to get your cat road ready. Know your pet friends behavior and plan accordingly.

Some cats hate travelling by car, if that is the case you will have to sedate him or else he may fall sick while travelling. Some cats may just meow a bit and keep quite later on, which is quite a normal behavior in cats when it is subjected to long distance travel woes. Plan well in advance to reduce the amount of stress.

1. Get your Cat Vaccinated

Before you start on the journey, make sure all your pets’ vaccinations are up to date. Keep all the emergency medications that may be needed on the way handy. If your cat is already sick with an ailment, see to it all the necessary treatment options are in place while travelling. A microchip can help you detect your cat if he goes missing.

If you have decided to fly with your cat, then you will have to get all the health certificates ready for travel. Every state has their own legal requirements; you need to study them well before you begin your travel. Keep all the documents ready to avoid any delay. Washington State requires a certificate from a veterinary doctor with proof of latest rabies vaccinations, but pets travelling by car are exempted from this rule.

3. Keep ready all the Pet Licensing requirements for the new Destination

Again, licensing requirements are different for each state. You can find the licensing requirement and information regarding these on the city’s website or by searching on the web for licensing rules in the particular state for pets.

4. Research for Pet friendly rooms and hotels on the way

You can select pet friendly hotels on the way to your destination by searching on various websites. Most hotels have different rules regarding pets and charge some extra fees as deposit, so be prepared to follow all the rules. Decide beforehand how many hours can you drive and then arrange for rooms accordingly to avoid any delays and problems on the way.

5. Keep Your Cats Vet Records Handy

Keep your cats veterinary records, photos and files updated and handy. These files should be easily accessible for you while travelling. Keep all the required medications and cat first aid kit handy too.

6. Keep all the Pet Supplies Handy

Travel with enough pet food that will last for the whole journey. Keep some extra supplies for the journey in case of any delay. Have some paper towels, and pet stain cleaners with you. Get a few disposable litter boxes for the journey. Carry some extra supplies to cover up for any unwarranted delays.

7. Keep your Cats Comfort in Mind

Feed your cat one hour before you begin the actual journey. This will enable him to do their litter before you start your journey. Keep cat food for the road handy.

8. Keep your cats in Carriers

Keep your cats in carriers and fasten the carriers with the safety belt to ensure safety while travelling. Never open the doors of the carriers when the door of the car is opened. Your pet might escape into a new territory and get lost.

Moving across country with cats can be an amazing experience for all of you only if you plan and prepare things well in advance. Proper planning and patience will ensure a wonderful journey to a new destination.

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