20 of The World’s Most Expensive Cats Breeds, Costing Up To $100,000

most expensive cat breeds

Most expensive cats breeds, There is always a good demand for exotic animals all around the world. Exotic animal includes some animals that can be kept as pets. These exotic pets are definitely attractive and command a high value in the pet market. There is a whole range of exotic cats that can be kept at home as pets, depending on the size of your home.

Cats are one such species that are not only great as pets, but also come in many exotic and expensive breeds. Since cats have overtaken dogs as the most popular pet in the United States, the demand for the exotic and hybrid varieties of cat breeds have also increased manifold. These cat breeds are hybrid varieties that are unique due to their special physical qualities. Depending upon the size of your house and your budget you can choose from the numerous varieties of exotic cat breeds that are one of a kind.

Some of these cat breeds need special care and attention while others do not need any special care. Some of these breeds have unique spots and patterns that are a part of their physical characteristics. The cats in this category are small as well as large; some have long hair while some don’t have hair at all.

These cats are not only costly to maintain and care, but are a cause of envy in the neighborhood. If you own one of these you will surely notice many heads turning. The price of these exotic cats can go up to $100,000 for the large ones. Since these breeds possess some unique physical characteristics that are different from the others, they need good medical care and attention.

Many people are wary of these breeds because of their looks and size, but apart from their physical features that are unique; these breeds are as friendly and caring as any other regular cat breed. A lot of these breeds are crossed with different breeds or bred within a close gene pool. Identify the best breed that suits your temperament and budget before you get one of these to your abode.

The following are the cat breeds with photos, the type of cats of some of the most expensive cats breeds with their unique personality and looks, cutest cat in the world.

1. Oriental Cat Breed Price $650

The main aim of developing an Oriental was to explore all possible pattern and colors. These are closely related to the Siamese and come in two different varieties primarily the Oriental shorthair and the Oriental longhair. The Orientals are known as the color remake of the original black and white Siamese. The foundation breed of the Orientals is the Siamese. Today there are more than 600 colors and patterns of the Orientals, which also include the pointed ones. Pointed Orientals are not accepted by all cat fanciers association and are instead shown as the Siamese.

Orientals long eared cat are medium-sized cats weighing about 5-10 pounds and have a lifespan of 10 to 15years. Other than the various color options, the personality of this breed is very similar to that of the Siamese. They are highly talkative, have a strong opinion, and will let you know his feeling with a loud and raspy voice. They love their family and will follow you around the house wherever you go. Just like the Siamese they will sit on your lap and even sleep with you on the bed.

Orientals are agile, athletic, intelligent, curious, and interactive breeds. They are good at learning tricks and will quickly learn to pull out drawers, and open cabinets. They need entertainment and hate to be left alone in the house for longer durations. If you don’t have time to spend with your pet, then don’t get this breed, instead look out for some other cat breed that will suit your requirements. The short hairs of the Oriental are easy to care and combing once a week is enough to keep their coat healthy.

Orientals shorthair price about $650 and are one of the most expensive cats breeds. They are active and social animals and perfect for families with children and pets. Get an Oriental home only if you have time to spend with them and love the loud chatter.

2. Siamese Cat Breed Price $900

most expensive cat breeds siamese

Siamese Cat is a natural breed and its original pointed pattern was caused due to a genetic mutation. Siamese is the base breed for many other breeds including the Himalayan, Oriental, Balinese, the Tonkinese and the Havana Brown. They are recognized by all cat fanciers association. Siamese is one of the best-known breed in North America and Europe. These breeds falls under the category of one of the most expensive cat breeds costing up to $900.They are native to Thailand.

Initially many people were wary of their unusual appearance, but slowly they started becoming popular in the United States. President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife Lucy were the presented with a Siamese in the late 1877.

They are very talkative and have an opinion. The Siamese are famous or infamous for their voice and not for their looks. They will let you know their displeasure in a loud voice and you are expected to pay attention and act immediately. Siamese cats are extremely loving and fond of their people and will follow and supervise everything you do inside the house.

They enjoy sitting on laps and will happily sleep with you on your bed. If you love a peaceful home with no loud and constant chatter, then Siamese is not the right choice of breed. These cats don’t like to stay alone in the house and if you stay out for longer durations, then it is advisable to get two of these.

The Siamese come in two types the show variety and the traditional one. The show variety has all fine lines and angles with a wedge shaped head and triangular ears while the traditional ones are apple headed with round head and chunky body. Both have bright blue eyes and a nice personality, whichever you choose. These are curious cats with a demanding personality, but are loyal and caring to their owners.

3. Ragdoll Cat Price $1,000

Ragdolls are developed by an American breeder Ann Baker. They are large sized cats with a semi-long hair and a laid-back personality. They have very attractive eyes and come in pointed coat. Ragdolls are bred carefully to create a loving breed in three patterns one with Colorpoint and the other two with mitted and bi-color. A Ragdoll is a balanced cat with no extreme features. The cute looking and loving Ragdolls have qualified to feature in the list of most expensive cat breeds due to their placid and beautiful features.

Ragdoll weigh between 15 -20 pounds and have a lifespan of 12 to 17 years. Unlike other cat breeds the Ragdolls are known to be floppy and will collapse in the arms of the holder. Given a chance they will happily crawl onto the bed and sleep with you, will follow you around the house and even wait for you to open the door. They are good at playing games like fetch.

They are known for their docile personality, but that doesn’t mean they are less active, if invited they will happily get involved in all the fun family activities. They are good mannered cat and hence are a perfect choice for any type of house. They will rarely extend their claws while playing and are good for homes with children.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

The moderate long fur of the Ragdoll is less likely to mat and shed, but still once or twice a week brushing of their fur is necessary to prevent tangles and shedding. The pointed pattern coat and sparkling blue eyes are a standout feature of any Ragdoll. He will co-exist happily with other pets in the house, thanks to their friendly nature. The price of a Ragdoll depends on the markings and the bloodline. These breeds are available at pet stores for $1,000.

4. Abyssinian Cat Price $1,200

Abyssinian cat breeds

Abyssinian is one of the oldest and falls under the category of most expensive cat breeds. The history of this breed continues to be surrounded with controversies. These cats have been named after the country of their origins, which is Abyssinia, the old name for Ethiopia.

Abyssinian kittens price roughly $1,200 in the pet market. The pricing depends on the markings; type and the bloodline. These are elegant and beautiful looking felines with a close resemblance to the ancient Egyptian cat. They still retain the looks of the African wild cat, which is the ancestor of all the domestic cats.

This breed was refined further in England where they were supposed to have been introduced by the colonists and merchants. These where then exported to the US where they formed the base of the various breeding programs. These are medium sized cats weighing about 6 to 10 pounds.

Abyssinians are known for their cool personality. They are highly active, and enjoy jumping around, playing and are the ones who believe in living life to the fullest. These are curious and intelligent breeds and will take note of all things in the house. The Abyssinians are entertaining and love the challenges thrown at them. Abyssinians are not great lap cats, but loves to be in the company of humans.

If you need a playful cat that is always on the toes, then Abyssinians are the best choice. They enjoy their play; so be ready to get a lot of toys to keep them occupied. They are good climbers and will reach out to all high areas inside the house. Once you get an Abyssinian and get used to living with them, then you are sure to hate other breeds. The Abys are good at training people and will get things done from you according to their liking. The Abyssinians come in four main colors and they are one of the most popular cat breeds in the United States. Las Vegas real estate magnate has three Abys at his home.

5. Peterbald Cat Price $1,200

Peterbald expensive cat breed

Peterbald is a slim breed with their origins in Russia. It is relatively a new hairless cat breed from St.Petersburg, Russia. It is a cross between the Oriental Shorthair and the Donskoy. The hair loss of the Donskoy is the dominant gene in the Peterbald. The breed maybe completely without any hair or have a fine coat that feels like Peach. Peterbald is a medium sized breed with a body similar to the Oriental shorthair, but on the muscular side.

They look and feel extremely good, which is why these cats are among the world’s most expensive cat breeds costing up to $1,200. They look like some alien from another planet because of their large ears and curious looking eyes.

Peterbald comes in five different coat patterns, primarily bald with not coat, flock with 90% hairless and feel like chamois leather, Velour with 70% hairless with 1mm length coat, Brush coat with 5mm wiry hair, and straight coat with short coat and no hair loss gene. Peterbald is not hypoallergenic and these cats will remain hairless throughout their lives and will at least pass one copy of the Peterbald trait to their offspring.

Peterbald is affectionate, intelligent and will keep you entertained with their antics. They are curious, athletic, faithful and friendly. These breeds will happily stay with other pets in the house and are good lap cats. They enjoy human attentions and will follow you around the house without pestering you for your attention, but they don’t like to be left alone for longer durations. So if you want to spend some alone time, then this may not be the right cat breed for you.

They are calm and easy to train. Peterbald are medium-sized cats and weigh about 8 to 10 pounds. They do not shed. Since they lack fur, they need to be handled with care. The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik owns a Peterbald and credits her cat for helping her overcome the pain caused due to a serious accident.

6. Exotic Cat Price $1,300

The Exotics look very similar to the Persians, but has short hair. Persians need regular care and maintenance and with the increasing fast life and with less time at hand it had become necessary to develop a breed that looked exactly like the Persian, but had shorthair. They meet most of the characteristics of the Persian, but lacked the long hair. The coat is dense, short, plush and thick that requires very less grooming, a perfect solution for the fast-paced life. It is also known as the lazy man’s Persian.

The Exotics are qualified as one of the most expensive cat breeds costing up to $1,300. They have a cute teddy bear like look because of their cute round face and expressive set of eyes.

They have a flat face and hence wiping in the folds and creases is required to keep them healthy. Since they are a cross of the Persian and the American shorthair, they possess the temperament of the Persian that is the docile nature, but also have the adventurous and playful nature of the American shorthair.

These are medium-sized cats with a large round head that sits perfectly on the equally thick neck. Due to their thick and dense coat their body tends to get warm soon and that’s the reason why they prefer to sleep in colder areas of the house to regulate their body temperature. Perhaps, that’s why they don’t like to be cuddled often.

Just like the Persians this breed likes to be seen than to be heard. These cats will not trouble you for attention and you won’t know they are at home. They prefer to be loving and loyal to one particular member of the family instead of all of them. They remain playful as adults and are a perfect choice for any homes. The most famous cat Garfield was supposed to be inspired by the Exotics.

7. Himalayan Cat Price $1,300

Himalayan expensive cat breed
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At first sight most people will confuse a Himalayan with the Persian cat. The Himalayan has been created by cross breeding the Persian and the Siamese, which are the natural breed without any human intervention. Himalayan is a man-made breed created to inculcate the color point and blue eyes of the Siamese.

Himalayan is a medium-sized cat even though it may look big, the prime reason being it’s heavy and massive bone. It’s the heavy thick fur that makes this cat look big and massive. Himalayan is a very good looking and attractive breed, which makes it a suitable candidate for the most expensive cat breed costing up to $1,300. It was bred in the United States in the 1950’s and is recognized by most cat fanciers association.

Himalayan is a good breed for anyone who wants a nice fluffy and cuddly looking cat breed. They usually weigh in the range of 7 to 12 pounds. The coat of the Himalayan is thick and long, but has a shiny glow to it. They are bred for their different point colors. The legs are short, thick and strong with large rounded paws. Unlike the Persians the Himalayans eyes come in attractive deep blue color.

Just like the Persian, the Himalayan is quite, sweet and docile. They are friendly with certain members of the household and prefer to stay in homes that are not loud. They don’t prefer loud environments and you won’t find them climbing on curtains, jumping on the kitchen counters and refrigerators. They will not demand constant attention and will prefer not to be disturbed.

Since the Himalayans have thick and long coat you will have to spend some time daily for their grooming. You will have to neatly brush the fur to remove any tangles and keep the fur healthy. It is better to keep this cat indoors. Famous celebrities like Martha Stewart own seven Himalayan cats.

8. Scottish Fold Cat Price $1,500

Scottish Folds are very cute looking because of their folded ears, which is a result of a genetic mutation. These are medium-sized breeds with round head, big round eyes and a very cute set of folded ears and small eared cats. The unique characteristic of their ear is that it is folded forward and almost downwards on their head, which makes them look like an Owl or a teddy bear. It is this physical characteristic that has attracted the attention of cat lovers and fanciers around the world.

The Scottish Fold come in two varieties one with folded ears and the other with straight ear. The reason for the folded ear in the Scottish Folds is an incomplete dominant gene and a result of a spontaneous mutation. The Fold has a rounded and well padded body with a short, dense and supple coat. The eyes are large, and rounded. Due to the rarity and high demand for Scottish Folds, this cute looking breed has become one of the most expensive cat breeds costing up to $1,500.

Not all Scottish Fold kittens have folded ears and hence keeping up the demand for folded varieties is very tough for the breeders. Before you buy a Fold, always inspect the flexibility of their tail and check their feet and legs. There should not be any thickness or lack of movement due to the short legs.

Scottish Fold is a hardy cat, similar to their barnyard ancestors. They are not very vocal and love human company. They can easily adapt to any situation and are very comfortable with home full of children and other pets. These are very sociable cats and love playing games with their family members. Always choose a Scottish Fold who has been well socialized by the breeder with friendly and outgoing parents. With a Scottish Fold around, you won’t feel lonely any time. A shorthaired Scottish Fold cat needs weekly grooming to keep their coat healthy and shiny.

9. Egyptian Mau Price $1,500

Egyptian Mau expensive cat breeds

Egyptian Mau has its roots in ancient Egypt and was admired for their exotic good looks. They have a history that dates back thousands of years. These cats had a huge status in Egypt and even now people do talk about it. The descendents of the Egyptian Mau were the African wild cat and this is the only breed with a natural spotting pattern. They have been around for the longest time and have not seen any big transformation in the last 3,000 years. Mau is the Egyptian name for cat.

All of these unique qualities have made the Egyptian Mau price one of the most expensive cat breeds with costs going up to $1500. The Egyptian Mau was worshiped by the kings and Pharaohs. It is the exotic good looks of this breed that attracts attention of most cat lovers.

The exotic appearance of the Egyptian Mau along with the spotted markings makes them look beautiful and attractive. Even though these breeds have been domesticated they still retain many of the characteristics of the ancient Egyptian Mau. Other than the good looks, the Egyptian Mau is very charming and has a very pleasant personality. They tend to be shy with strangers, but are extremely friendly and loving with everyone in the family. These gentle, sensitive and people oriented cats have very good reflexes in the cat world.

Since the Egyptian Mau is the only naturally spotted breed, they come in very limited colors like the silver, smoke, black and bronze. They even come in the lighter shades of these colors. Like any other breeds the Egyptian Mau loves chasing toys and will climb onto your shoulder with ease. This intelligent breed can be challenged by teaching them tricks and providing them with toys and puzzles.

Whenever you plan to buy an Egyptian Mau, you should look for a breeder with reputation. You may have to wait for your ideal Mau, but the wait is worthwhile.

10. Maincoon Cat Price $1,500

Maine Coon is one of the largest house cat and most expensive cat breeds costing $1,500. This long haired cat is native to Maine. Here, they are held in high esteem for their farm cat talents. This is a natural breed with very little information about its origins. Today big cat breeds are very popular around the world. Maine Coons are big cats domestic breeds, sized cats weighing more than 20 pounds and attain full growth until they reach three to five years.

The stand out feature of a Maine Coon other than its size is it’s smooth, curly and water-repellant coat, which is available in many different colors. The hair is longer on the stomach and shorter on the shoulders. Despite their long coat, they don’t tend to tangle a lot if the coat is brushed regularly. They come in many different patterns such as the Calico and Tortoise Shell.

Maine Coon is quite a popular breed and often features in the top ten popular cat breeds in the US. Other than the physical features, it is their personality that makes these cats extremely likeable. These good natured and loving cats get along well with people and adjust to any new environment. They are not the typical lap cat, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like your company.

These cats are good hunters. If you have rodent problems in your house, then Maine Coon is the best breed to have. Chasing and hunting mice is their hobby. Maine Coon enjoys playing fetch and will chase and retrieve ball and small toys effortlessly. They like the company of kids and will learn new tricks instantly. Maine Coons retain their kittenish behavior well into their adulthood. These cats have a good lifespan and can live for 10-15 years if they are raised indoors. The people friendly Maine Coon is a laid-back breed, hence a perfect choice for homes with children and other pets.

Maine Coons are prone to specific heart condition with no symptoms whatsoever, so most breeders have to get each kitten genetically tested to rule out any disorder, which tends to be extremely expensive adding to the cost of care. This is one of the reasons why we find Maine Coons to be very expensive.

11. ELF Cat Price $2,000

elf breeds of cats

The Elf cat is a new hybrid breed, which is extremely rare to find. The Elf was developed only in 2006 in the United States by crossing the Sphynx and the American Curl. The Elf has the ears of an American Curl and the hairless appearance of the Sphynx. Behind the weird appearance lies a breed that is athletic, social, friendly, outgoing, intelligent, and very affectionate.

The Elf has inculcated the best qualities of its parent breed. Elf loves company of humans and is very affectionate and loving. They love sitting on your lap and will always be loyal to their owners. They do display their mischievous side occasionally. An elf cat adjusts to any new environment and other animals in the house.

Elf has the physical characteristics of the Sphynx like the hairless body, high raised cheek bones and whisker pads. The eyebrows and whiskers are short and sparse. Their skin has a wrinkled look around the muzzle, ears and shoulders. They have inherited the curled ears of the American Curl. The curled up ears and hairless skin makes the Elf cat easily recognizable. The Elf cat weighs around 10-15pounds.

Elf cat loves company and hates being alone in the house for longer durations. Elf cat are available in all possible colors and patterns. Regular grooming is required to remove excess oil from the skin or else the skin of the cat can become too sticky to touch. Exposure to harsh sun and cold conditions for long durations are harmful for your cat. Elf cat otherwise is a healthy breed free of any genetic diseases.

The Elf cat is quite popular among cat lovers because of its resemblance to Dobby from the Harry Potter Series. Elf cats sell for $2,000 each making them one of the most expensive cat breed. The Elf is a lovable, active, intelligent and easy to handle cat breed.

12. La Perm Curly Cat Breed Price $2,000

La Perm breed has a unique distinctive curly coat just like perm and these breeds are hypoallergenic that means even people who are allergic to cats can safely cuddle these pets. This unique coat pattern has made the La Perms one of the most expensive cat breeds in the pet market costing up to $2,000. The coat is loose, bouncy and has a nice feel when you touch them.

The La Perm has its roots in Oregon and the curls are a result of a natural genetic mutation, which is not unusual in the cat world. La Perms are born bald with tabby markings on their skin and a strange set of ears that are set wide apart, similar to an alien from the outer world. As the kitten attains maturity the curls start appearing, which is wavier with slight rings on the coat. The other standout feature of this breed is the bottle brush type tail. They come in various coat color and pattern.

The International Cat Association in 2002 has given the La Perm the status as a breed with curly fur. To maintain the genes the La Perms are out crossed to non-pedigreed domestic longhairs and shorthairs. The La Perms are a small sized breed weighing anywhere from five to eight pounds. These are slow maturing breeds and attain full maturity after two to three years.

La Perm is very active, but are also very gentle and affectionate cat breeds. They are quiet happy being a lap cat. These breeds have a good sense of humor and are referred to as the clown of the cat world. They are good at attention seeking and quite intelligent breeds. These cats use their intelligence to open doors, drawers and even tap your shoulder for attention.

They will start purring as soon as you enter the room or are back home from work. These naughty little ones are very social and get along well with other people in the house. Even though they have a very unusual coat, these cats shed less and need very little care and maintenance. They are suited for families with children and will keep you entertained with various antics.

13. Manx Cat Price $2,000

Manx is a tailless breed, which is caused due to a genetic mutation. It is an ancient breed with its origins in the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. This tailless cat is known as “Stubbin” in their native place. The island is known for the tailless cat and that’s the reason why the breed from this place got the name Manx.

The Manx is recognized by various cat fanciers associations. Manx were one of the original show cats .This is a medium-sized cat weighing 8 to 12 pounds, but feels heavy when you lift them. They are slow maturing cats taking about five years to attain full maturity. Tailed cats are important in the Manx breeding program as this helps in keeping the Manx breed strong and healthy. Manx can cost up to $2,000, which makes them one of the most expensive cat breeds.

Manx is a good hunting cat and hence is always alert. With a Manx around you won’t need a dog to guard your house as they instantly growl as soon as they find anything threatening. Besides the tailless appearance of the Manx these breeds are known for their robust and cobby like appearance. Manx comes in both the longhair and also the shorthair versions with both having a double coat that is dense and plush.

Manx are intelligent, playful and family oriented breeds. They have strong hind legs, which allow them to jump up high to reach high areas of the house effortlessly. These cats have a dog like characteristics because of their loyalty towards their family. The Manx loves playing interactive games and quickly learns tricks. They get along well with children and other pets in the house. If you have a Manx in your house, then be assured of entertainment and joyful moments.

14. Norwegian Forest Cat Price $3,000

Norwegian Forest long haired expensive cat breed

As the name suggests the Forest cat belongs to Norway and are known as Skogkatt in their native place. These are large and semi-longhaired cat with a rugged appearance that matches with its name. Even though they are named forest cat, these hardy cats are very homely enjoying the company of other pets and humans in the household.

The Forest cats have featured in various legends and stories in Norway. The Norwegian Forest cat is a good hunting cat and has been used by a lot of farmers and in various households to get rid of rodents.

The Norwegian Forest cat is one of the most expensive cat breeds and the kittens can cost up to $3,000. This is a loving, gentle, sensitive, social, and intelligent breed. They can easily adapt to any new changes. Although they love human company these cats can at times be reserved when there are visitors at home. They have a very quiet voice and will raise their voice when they need anything to eat and if he is ignored by his owners. As always it is safe to keep these cats indoors.

The Norwegian Forest cat takes time to mature, which take a minimum of five years. These cats are physically capable of adjusting to harsh and extreme weather conditions. These are large sized cats weighing 10 to 22 pounds with females slightly smaller than the males.

They are good climbers and reach high places inside the house with a lot of ease. They can climb trees and other high areas effortlessly. Since these cats are from cold regions, they are equipped with water-repellant coat and hence can get inside a pool for fishing unlike other cats. They are intelligent, smart and alert by nature. Brushing or combing their long hair once or twice a week is enough to prevent tangling of their long hair. The coat comes in every possible color and patterns with the exception of lavender and chocolate.

15. Russian Blue Cat Price $3,000

With its origins in Russia, the Russian Blue is a very popular breed because they are said to bring luck to the house they live in. This robust cat breed due to its popularity has qualified as one of the most expensive cat breeds. This is a shorthair breed with strong well-built muscles and overall good looks. The breed physically belongs to the same class of the Korat and the Oriental shorthair. This elegant and compact breed has a long and graceful neck, but it is not easily noticeable because of the thick fur and high shoulder blades. The double coat makes this breed looks big, which makes them look very attractive.

The coat is bright blue with slight lavender at the base, which darkens at the tip. The coat shines in sunlight. The other unique quality of this breed is the color of their eyes. The kittens of the Russian Blue are yellow and as they grow older it tends to turn bright green that compliments the blue color coat. The Russian Blues have a very attractive smile due to their slightly upturned mouth.

Russian Blues are a well-behaved breed and are easier to train. Fetching is the favorite game of this breed. This elegant breed is playful, loves playing games, but tends to be reserved at times. They are shy and reserved around strangers, but caring, affectionate and loving towards their loved ones. They need very little grooming as shedding is very minimal. This breed prefers very little change around them. They love their food and will eat at any time of the day. Their unique personality makes them stand out from other breeds making them an affectionate and entertaining companion for friends and family.

When choosing a Russian Blue you should look for a reputable breeder to make sure you and your Russian Blue are compatible. Since Russian Blues are not easily available, these breeds are also very expensive. The Russian Blue cat price can go up to $3000 making them one of the most expensive cat breeds.

16. American Curl Cat Price $3,000

American curl large large domestic cat breeds

The American Curl, large domestic cat breeds, falls under the category of one of the most expensive cat breeds with price going up to $3000. Identifying an American Curl kitten from an adult is difficult as these breeds remain small. They are one of the newest cat breeds with its roots in California. The unique and the very distinguishing feature of this breed are their ears. The ears of an American Curl start turning back away from their face when they are around 10 days old. They look like horns, but have a graceful appearance. It is this feature that attracts many cat lovers to this particular breed and one of the prime reasons for their name.

These medium sized cats weigh 5 to 10 pounds. The curls are not bred too closely to their relatives, so they tend to have a better life expectancy rate and are relatively healthy. The American Curls are a gentle and friendly breed with a people loving personality. They are curious and relatively active. Though not talkative like other cats, they will love following you wherever you go, but will not pester you for attention. Their friendly nature is not only restricted to their family, but also extend to guests and friends.

The American Curls are known as the”Peter Pan” of the cat world and they tend to remain kitten like even when they reach adulthood. This intelligent cat breed is capable of opening door knobs, and pull out drawers. They will even curl up and settle on your lap making them extremely suitable for families with kids.

The American Curls come in both short and long-haired varieties. They are low maintenance breeds as they shed very little even though they have long hair since the longhaired variety has little undercoat that is less likely to tangle. The life–expectancy of an American Curl is about 12-15 years.

17. Caracal Cat Price $10,000

Ideally speaking Caracal cat is a medium sized wild cat breed on the verge of extinction. Several years ago the Caracals have been shifted from the wild category of cats to the exotic and expensive pet breeds. Preserving this beautiful species of cat has become a necessity so that they don’t become completely extinct. Getting a Caracal from a breeder is very rare nowadays, and is found at only good and recognized breeders.

Cat lovers love to buy this breed because they are rare to find and hence would love to preserve them for their uniqueness. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of wealthy people prefer these exotic breeds. From being one of the most expensive cat breeds, the Caracal derives its name from the Turkish word “Karakulak” meaning “black ear”.

Caracals are predominantly found in Africa, Middle East, Iran and in India. It weighs around 18-40 pounds and reaches a height of 40-50 cms.

A few decades back the Caracals were trained for bird hunting in countries like Iran and India. They are capable of leaping high in the air and knocking down 10-15 birds at a time is extremely easy for them. These cats were put into arenas containing a huge flock of pigeons and the cat was expected to hunt down as many as they could Even though the Caracals looked similar to a Lynx, they didn’t have the physical characteristics of a Lynx.

The Caracals are born with dense, short with a black and brick red coat. The back of the ears are black and topped with long 1.75 inches long tufts. This feature in the Caracals makes them look identical to a Lynx. Caracals can live up to 19 years in captivity.

Like most exotic cat breeds, the Caracals are charming, unique, and adorable. They possess a mysterious personality. Since they are raised among humans they are less aggressive and are harmless, which makes them safe for families. They are good at playing games like hide-and-seek and communicating with their parents. This species can be trained to walk on a leash like a dog. They need more open space for walks and are not suitable for small houses. This graceful and curious cat breed is a treasure for any home, but make sure to shell out a minimum of $10,000 from your pocket.

18. Khao Manee Cat.. $11,000

Khao Manee has its origins in the ancient Siam, which is the present day Thailand. Khao Manee was first mentioned in the “Cat Book Poems”. The word means “white gem” and as the name suggests this particular cat breed looks like one.

This beautiful and graceful cat breed is favored by the royals and is considered a symbol of luck, wealth, prosperity and longevity. A lot of Thai businessmen prefer a Khao Manee as pet to usher them with good luck and well-being. To enjoy all of these you need to shell out a minimum of $11,000 from your pockets.

Khao Manee is one of the most expensive cat breed in the world and this pricey breed has pure white fur that is similar to snow. The coat is spotless and glossy, making it all the more attractive. The fur is not very long, but feels smooth like silk. The cat is named white gem not because of its beautiful coat, but due to its attractive and precious eyes that are similar to gems.

The most prized physical feature in this breed is its eyes, which is one gold and the other silver. All Khao Manee cats don’t have this unique eyes, some have both silvery blue eyes, while some have both amber green and amber gold eyes. The odd-eyed cats are the most preferred ones and these are quite expensive. Some of them are deaf or partially deaf, which is a genetic trait, found in cats with blue eyes and white coats and is not a unique characteristic to this breed.

Khao Manee is an adorable and caring breed. They love the company of humans and will spend as much time with them. They will greet any new guest in the house with open arms and easily adjust to new people around the house. They love playing games and are highly energetic and active. These curious beings love playing on their own even if you don’t have time to spend with them. They know how to keep them entertained. These are less demanding and need very less care and attention.

19. Savannah Cat Price $22,000

Savannah Cats are spotted variety domestic cat breed developed in the 1980’s. If you love cats that to look wild, expressive, attractive and dignified, then your search should end at the Savannah. Savannahs are born by breeding the African Serval with the domestic cat. The final breed looks very similar to a Cheetah with dark tear stains, expressive eyes, large and sharp ears, long legs and black spots. Since the year 2006, Savannah, one of the most expensive cat breed holds the Guinness Book Record for the tallest domestic cat in the world.

These cats can weigh up to 33 pounds and reach 1.9ft in height. Originated in the United States, these hybrid cats have the same height of a dog, but have a slender figure. These cats are highly expensive because the foundation wild cat, the African Serval, is expensive to acquire and require many licensing permits from the USDA. They need good and large housing, feeds, shots, veterinary services over the lifetime of the Serval as well as the Queen, which adds up to the cost of breeding.

Even though the Savannahs look wild, they do have an even temperament making them ideal for domestication. Savannahs are not docile, but are active breeds and hence require their energy levels to be channelized in a constructive manner by regular exercises. They are intelligent and curious, which can make them mischievous at times. Due to their high energy levels they are best suited for active and patient owners.

They like the company of humans and love playing and interacting with people. Since these cats love climbing, you will find them climbing on high areas within your house and drop some items on the way. They love challenges and enjoy playing with interactive games and toys. These are excellent companions and remain loyal throughout. These are keen to learn hybrid cats with eagerness to get involved in your daily activities. The Savannah cats do not require any special care and nutrition.

savannah cat breed

They will eat regular cat food and are free of major health issues. The Savannah cats can live for 20 years and are a great choice for an exotic pet. These are high value pets and the cost for one of these cats can go up to $22,000. Before adopting one, check for the legality in your state since certain breeds are banned in some states. Famous celebrities like Ralph Lauren own one of these exotics making the breed all the more attractive for many.

20. Ashera Cat Price $100,000

Ashera is the most exotic and one of the most expensive cat breeds, the price of which can go up to; hold your breath $100,000. Yes, you read it; Ashera is one of the rarest hybrid cats that are available for domestication. It is a cross of the domestic cat, the African Serval and the Asian Leopard. The breed that was finally created by its breeders was extremely beautiful with spots similar to that of a Leopard.

Ashera imbibed the contrasting spots, and the sharp and pointed ears of the Leopard. These exotic hybrids can weigh up to 40 pounds. These breeds are rare and only a few of them are born in a year with a waiting period of up to nine months according to their breeders. Prospective buyers are ready to wait for this period to get hold on this prized possession.

Ashera most expensive cat breed

This cat stands 4 feet tall and because of their height they can easily climb on to higher areas of the house. This personality will surely deter dogs and other harmful pests from entering your house. Since they are bred for domestication, these cats are friendly, playful and enjoy the company of children and other pets. Their friendly nature allows its owners to take it out for a walk even on a leash. Your neighbors will surely be envious of this new acquisition of yours.

Ashera cat breed

Ashera doesn’t require any special care and environment, but they will tend to eat slightly more as compared to other cat breeds. Due to their size these cats will also require a large sized litter box. They need warmth, as their ancestors are from hotter regions. They would love to snuggle into a heated blanket during the winter months or prefer something warm around them while sleeping. Ashera has a pretty good lifespan and can live for 25 years, which is relatively higher than other cat breeds. If you have deep pockets and don’t mind splurging millions on your pet, then you should gift yourself an Ashera.

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