Mewgaroo Hoodie A One of a kind cat sweatshirt for all cat Lovers

Mewgaroo Hoodie

Cats parents would love to carry their loving furry pet everywhere they go. They hate to stay away from them for long durations and always desire to have them around wherever they go.

Mewgaroo Hoodie

Understanding the dilemma of cat lovers a Japanese design brand Uni Habitat has introduced a cats shirt under the name Mewgaroo Hoodie. This company is popular for designing and creating home products and clothes that are particularly dedicated to humans and their lovely pets. The idea of designing this cat like sweatshirt came to the designers when they realized that cat owners often faced problems when their pets would sit on their laps demanding constant attention even while working or moving around.


Mewgaroo Hoodie is one such product from their stable. The unique quality of this cat shirt is its design. This sweatshirt is cat shaped, equipped with a hood and has sleeves that are similar to cat paws. One stand out feature of this cat shirt is a kangaroo pouch. The kangaroo pouch in this Hoodie enables you to carry your lovely cat friend when you are outdoors.

Your furry friend can easily crawl inside and stay warm and comfortable especially during the chilling winters when they tend to crawl up to you more often. Though you may love this, but sometimes this can restrict your movement and hamper your daily activities. The oversized pouch allows for easy movement without having to disturb your other activities.

You can leave your hands free, which means you can enjoy reading books or even work on your computer without having to disturb your pet if it was sitting on your lap instead of this cat Hoodie. So every time you get up or change your position your furry friend need not be disturbed.

Understanding the behavior of cats and humans, Uni Habitat, the Japanese pet products manufacturer has designed the Mewgaroo Hoodie with a large sized pouch that can snuggly fit in a kitten or a fully grown cat. The cat sweatshirt comes with a set of ears that are similar to a cat on its hood and their sleeves have paws that are like cats.

The pouch is designed in such a way that it can hold the pet comfortably close to the stomach of the owner as if a Kangaroo carrying a Joey. The paw markings on the sleeve along with ears on the hood makes the Hoodie look like a cool cat. Cat lovers are surely going to love this clothing.

Your cat curls and cuddles up to you while watching television, while reading a book, relaxing or even while working on the computer. You wouldn’t want to disturb its sleep or be separated from them even for a short while. Get yourself this innovatively designed cat Hoodie to overcome the separation anxiety. It prevents your cat from fiddling with the keyboard or your books. The Mewgaroo Hoodie even comes with a dangling ball toys for your pet to play even while it is inside the pouch. The Hoodie is good for small sized dogs too, so even dog lovers are not disappointed.

The cat sweatshirt comes with a removable machine washable pouch sheet that can be easily cleaned and maintained. The whole sweatshirt is machine washable. This Hoodie is made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester fabric, making it extremely comfortable for your pet. The pouch is fitted at stomach height, which makes it easy for your pet to get inside and curl up comfortably. Not all size Mewgaroo Hoodie come with cat ears. Some large sized ones just have cat paw style cuffs with holes for fingers.

Mewgaroo Hoodie Features

This unique Hoodie comes with a removable pouch that can comfortably hold a cat as well as small sized dogs and even other animals. This sweatshirt is called cat Hoodie because the hood has cat shaped ears and paw style cuffs on their sleeves. Some sweatshirts don’t come with cat shaped ears especially the large sized ones, but have only paw style sleeves.

That means it is an ideal sweatshirt for small dog owners. The Hoodie even comes with dangling ball toys for your pet to play with. The cat Hoodie is available in three different colors like grey, black and white. The cat sweat shirt is available in medium, large and extra large sizes. The pouch is made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

The pouch is thickly lined with fur for additional warmth and comfort similar to that of a Joey Kangaroo. The pouch sheet is removable and machine washable since cats and dogs are prone to shed. This practically designed cat Hoodie can be purchased from various online stores. The increasing popularity of this product will surely ensure the product to be available in stores too.


The cat shirt can be presented as a gift to your near and dear ones, especially for ones who dearly love their cats. It can be even used as a Halloween costume or just as a stylishly designed sweatshirt for your daily walks. You will definitely look cute and attractive in this sweatshirt.

Who doesn’t like pet appreciation? Thanks to the manufacturers Uni Habitat, it has become easier for cat lovers to carry their furry pets without disturbing their daily work due to its unique hands free features that are mentioned above. The pom pom drawstrings are an additional feature that enables your cat to play around without their owners getting disturbed. The Hoodie will allow you to carry your furry pet just like a kangaroo and even look a cat. The Cat sweatshirt is presently available in Japanese online stores and can be purchased for about $80-$100.

If you don’t live in Japan. You can buy it with free worldwide shipping. Please check it here

Mewgaroo Hoodie

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