Majestic Portraits of Maine Coon Cats That Become Mythical Creatures

maine coon cats

Maine Coon cats are often referred to as the “dog of the cat world”. It is one of the most- loved cat breeds in the animal world. It has the distinction of being the oldest and natural cat breeds in America and has been the longtime favorite for the championships.

This beautiful looking cat breed is the official state cat of Maine. A Hong Kong based photographer Robert Sijka has focused his latest project on one of the most popular and internets favorite animal the cat.

Passion for Photography and Love for Cats

According to his website he says “My passions are cats and photography, I do my best to combine these two things as good as possible”.  Here, he has introduced the largest domesticated breed of cat in the world in the most beautiful way by showcasing the photographs of these Maine Coon cats as majestic and mythical creatures. The photographer has successfully combined his passions to create a royal image of the Maine Coon cat breed with this portrait series.

Sijka got his inspiration from the photos of De La Loo and Dolce Vita, two of the most majestic Black colored Maine Coons. These portraits were created on a simple black background according to Robert. Ever since that moment he was creating these stunningly beautiful portraits all by himself.


Majestic Maine Coon cats

The passion for photography and cats has driven Sijka to create these portraits that has mesmerized the world. People were not aware that these beautiful looking cats that they owned would look so majestic and royal. Thanks to the imagination and the artist within this genius, these beautiful cats have been transformed into royalty. Sijka has captured these Maine Coon cats so beautifully with the soft lighting and the perfectly fluffed fur that made these felines look majestic.

Mythical Maine Coons

Maine Coon cats are blessed with long hair and huge bodies. They can grow up to four feet long. Combine both these physical traits to create a portrait with these kitties that has eyes that will follow you everywhere you go as if you are being judged. Even though in the photographs these large cats look ferocious, but in reality these cats are extremely soppy and lovable, just like dogs.

Wild Side of Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cats are for people who want their feline friend to have a wild side. Robert Sijka fell in love with this wild looking, but loving cat breed. To Sijka, these cats are almost mythical beasts and through the portraits he has successfully made us believe in the image that is captured on the camera. These beautiful photos have depicted a side that was unknown to many of us. The results are there for us to see.

The large body size and long fur makes you work around their physical features effortlessly. Each and every photograph of the Maine Coon is a proof how strong and handsome these cats look.

Gentle Giants

Maine Coons, though look large and heavy are not aggressive by nature. Each photograph showcases the long locks effectively by capturing their images like a lion. The robust body has helped achieve this ferocious look of the Maine Coon cat, but these sociable cats are known as “Gentle Giants”. The sharp and pointy ears and the surrounding facial fur have enhanced their majestic looks.

Coat Color

What works in favor of these beautiful felines is the color of their coat. The long coat and the color in which these coats come, makes them look all the more mythical. Each of the photographs has black, white, brown and similar shades that enhance the complete look of this gentle giant. Each and every portrait tries to convey a different look and feel to the viewer.

Tales and Fables

A lot of Maine Coon cat owners would describe these cats as good hunters, hunting down animals or birds. They love going out most times and comeback home only at nights. These stories and fables have created an image of these cats as generally tough. Every time new mysterious stories of Maine coon cats have been told and circulated. The stories like, these cats have a once in a while displayed crazy behavior and attacked family members and how you ought to be careful. All these are cooked up stories and don’t match with the personality of the Maine Coon cat who is loving and affectionate.

Truth and Myth

The tales and fables associated with the Maine coon cat are absolutely not true. Yes, cats by nature will hunt down birds and little animals if they venture outside the house. Maine Coons are not at all aggressive as it is made out to be in the stories. It is believable because of their large appearance. Maine Coons on the whole are a well raised breed. Breeders of Maine Coon cat will make you understand the dangers of leaving your cat outdoors and instead will advise you to keep your cat indoors all the time, which is good for their health and safety.

Maine Coons are gentle cats that make them good for families with children and other pets. These cats are known to show a lot of patience with children. The favorite toy of a Maine Coon is its family. They are more dog like because of their personality.

Robert Sijka has explored that side of the Maine Coon cat that was never being shown so majestically before. These photos have experimented with the physical characteristics of this cat breed and converted them into mythical creatures that not only display some mystery about these creatures, but have ensured they also look royal and attractive. Combining his interests in photography and his love for Maine Coon cats, Sijka has portrayed these beautiful felines in a way that has sowed the seeds of inquisitiveness about these amazing little creatures. The portraits show why so many people love this cat breed more.

You can see more of Robert’s work at his website.

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