Lykoi Cats The Werewolf Cat Everything You Need To Know

Wolf Cats They look terrifying Cute, with features that would make you think they are little werewolves cats that have come to life. They act like dogs, and cost a fortune of more or less three-thousand dollars. They are a new breed of cats that will surely intrigue and fascinate both animal-lovers and non-likers. They are under a natural mutation – or perhaps a magical spell – that makes them appear like that: messy and scary-looking little wolves “The Lykoi Cats”.

This new cat breed is called Lykoi Cats, and read on if you’re enthralled enough as to what they truly are.


Lykoi Cats- The New Cat Breeds

wolf cats

What is a Wolf Cats

Lykoi is a new cat breed that is developed from a natural mutation of the Felis catus breed or commonly known as domestic cats. The breed is first mutated in Vonore, Tennessee. The term for the cat breed originates from a Greek word which means ‘wolf cats’. The name suits this breed well, though, as the cats look almost exactly the same as werewolves. The breed has a few hairs. Some of them do not have hairs at all, making it very distinct from Canadian Sphynx, another cat breed that is said to be similar to the new breed.


Most of the domestic cats being mutated are wanderers, meaning no one claims to own them. Some of these cats have been living in the streets or in homes where there are so many cats that the homeowners do not have enough time to take good care of them. Breeders acquire these stray cats by getting involved in an agreement that they will take care of them, give them the necessary care, see to it that they will be provided health assistances, and shelter them in a comfortable environment. Basically, these cats have been taken into possession with a purpose of providing them with second chances.

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Breeders are convinced that these cats are unique, incredible and healthier than any other cat breed because they have undergone specialized breeding processes. They are not created for the sake of merely developing a new breed, but because these cats should have never tossed out because of their being ‘different’ from their counterparts.

Lykoi Cat Breed Information


In the year 2011, this breed of cat has been officially recognized as an Advanced New Breed by The International Cat Association. It is an expensive and stylish breed and has been through several controversies like any other latest cat breed. The Cat Fanciers’ Association or CFA employs a very specific set of requirements for the accreditation of this breed. These cats are also being used for various cat breeding competitions. It is a promising cat and its breeders are hoping to finally seize the championship in the upcoming August 2016 cat breeding contest.


In addition, there are currently fifty-seven show-standards Lykoi cats in the world. There are also more or less thirty colored cats that are non-standard. If black cats that merely carry the genes of this breed are excluded, there are a total of more than 230 acknowledged cats under this breed found in the world.

History And Origin

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This new breed is first mutated using the natural method by cat enthusiasts Dr. Johnny Gobble and his wife Brittney. The couple, who runs a veterinary clinic in Tennessee, has become two of the primary cat breeders in the world. Gobble’s fellow veterinarian, Doctor Patti Thomas, was the one who coined the name for the new breed.

Thomas also helped in the natural mutation process. In order for them to breed stray domestic cats, they have acquired DNA samples from the Sphynx cat breed and transfer the genes to these stray cats. There are two distinct sets of domestic cats from where the Lykoi cats breed originated. These two sets of domestic cats are the first and original ancestors of the now-recognized cat breeds.

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In addition, during the year 2012, The International Cat Association or (TCIA) registry is currently working on the expansion program of this cat breed. The organization is always on the look for other cats under this breed, attempting to know more about the new breed and how their gene pool will be increased. As of today, there are only seven breeders in the world that are accredited.

Lykoi Cat Traits

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The mutation of this cat breed wards off the development of full coat of hair and an undercoat. Cats under this breed have a solid dark coat. Their hair is unique, resembling the color of an opossum when covered entirely. They have a head that looks like a wedge, and a body that is compact and supple at the same time. Their weight is solid but not excessively bulky.

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Furthermore, their skin does peel off quite a bit. You may as well expect them to get bald sometimes. Their coat differs in thickness, but that is depending on the individual cat, as well as on the kind of weather in the place where they live. Another unique trait of this breed is that, despite the fact that its skin peels a lot when it gets older, the coat eventually grows on its own depending on the climate and season.


If you are wondering why the cat breed’s face has very few hairs, the answer is because the cat’s genes work that way, making it appear like a werewolf. Lastly, because of their ability to mutate naturally, these cats normally do not grow their hair around the eyes, ears and nose.

Lykoi Cats Personality, Behavior And Domesticity


Looks can be deceiving. Lykoi cats may look wild and terrifying, but don’t let their looks fool you into thinking that they will scratch your face and arms when you get near them. It has been reported that these cats are in fact very friendly, with amicable personality like your dogs at home. They are also very sensitive, driven by their great sense of smell. Not to mention that these cats are intelligent, able to grasp simple instructions.

Lykoi cats breeds

In addition, Dr. Gobble said in his website that this cat breed is aware of the things around him. These cats may also be cautious to new owners at first, but they do warm up immediately. Once they are comfortable with their owners, expect them to become affectionate and loyal companions. Dr. Gobble also explained that the cats have the tendency to be clingy from time to time, and that they will keep an eye on their owners. They do get along well with other pets such as dogs and domestic cats. Kids can definitely play with them.

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Lykoi Wolf Cats Healthcare


Dr. Gobble attested to it that Lykoi cats have been under several tests to determine and shun away potential diseases. The cats have also been through heart checking or echocardiograms, skin sample test, thyroid test, DNA test, blood test, organ test and infectious disease tests. These tests are done by dermatologists and cardiologists at the University of Tennessee. Owners can be sure that their pets are free from any possible life threats. The cat breed has also been proven to be non-hypoallergenic.

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Lykoi Cat price

Because they are very rare, you have to prepare around three-thousand dollars if you’re planning to get one. Here are the usual prices of these cats:

•Kittens – usually cost two-thousand dollars
•Blue kittens – usually go for one-thousand five-hundred dollars
•Black tuxedo kittens – one-thousand eight-hundred dollars
•Black roan – costs two-thousand five-hundred dollars

In addition, since there are no new litters of this cat breed at present, those who wish to own one of these cats have to sign-up first on Dr. Gobbles’ website.

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