15 Large Cat Breeds That Make Great Pets


Large cat breeds even though look lion like is slightly larger than the regular domestic cat. Other than the large size, these large cat breeds are great as pets and you will certainly enjoy their company. Cats large or small breeds are great pets to have at home for you to cuddle and play with. Some would prefer small breed of cats for homes, but there are many who would prefer large cat breeds for their sheer size. Some large cat breeds parents feel like owning a leopard or a tiger that can curl up cozily when they are at home.

Before getting into the list of 15 large cat breeds, it is important to clear a few doubts about large cats.

Difference between domestic cat and wild cat

One important point to remember is that domestic cats and wild cats share the same DNA. Your pet cat can be domesticated only to a certain degree and this needs to be very clear when you decide to get a large cat breeds home. Cats have been domesticated thousands of years ago, but still they have retained some of their wild instincts and characteristics even now. Domestic cats still are difficult to train, they still hunt, eat meat and prefer to live a solitary life as compared to the dogs. They do not possess leader like qualities, which is why they do not listen to commands or even consider you as the head of the family.

Things to know before owning a large cat breeds

pixie bob large cat breed

Just like any large animal needs space to be its own, a large cat breeds also has a few of their own traits that needs to be respected by every cat parent. These cats need a lot of attention compared to small cats, so keeping them in confined spaces is not feasible. According to animal conservationists letting out domestic cats in the open and their hunting habits has decreased the local bird and wildlife numbers. Preventing large cats from going outdoors and letting them stay indoors is the only solution. There are other dangers that can be encountered in a city like traffic, which is also one of the reasons why large breed of domestic cats are restricted indoors.

If you have to keep your cat indoors only, then you may have to consider few things. Firstly, create all the outdoor facilities indoors keeping in mind a large cat breeds. Scratching posts are essential for cats to create a tree like feel indoors for the cat. A large cat breeds will need a tall post to trim its nails, for marking territory and to spend their high energies. Interactive toys can keep them active and playful indoors.

Less grooming is ideal for cats, but still long-haired cat breeds need regular grooming sessions. This is to prevent hair tangles. You don’t have to bathe your cat, unless it has come out of a drain. This is highly unlikely considering you are going to keep your large cat breeds indoors. Regular attention is still necessary to keep tab on their health and well-being. Large cat breeds tend to suffer more from joint issues compared to the small cat breeds. If you notice your cat limping or there is difficulty in jumping, then get an x-ray done to rule out certain joint ailments.

A unique physical trait in large cat breeds is that they take three years to attain full maturity. If you love large cat breeds, only for their size, then it would be better to choose a male cat as they grow the most in height and weight compared to females. Each cat breed is different and displays different personality traits. Choose a large cat breeds depending on your lifestyle. Each cat breed has a different personality, temper, agility, etc. Welcome a breed that suits your lifestyle and requirements so that you are not surprised.

List of Large Cat Breeds

1. Maine Coon

Maincoon large cat breed
Instagram @rosieandswoosh

Maine Coon is the oldest large cat breeds from Maine region of North America. They are known for their friendly and intelligent nature. This good-natured cat breed loves to hang out with humans, are highly sociable and best suited for families with kids. This sturdy and furry large cat breeds is bred to suit the harsh winters of the region. They have big ears and lengthy furry tails.

Few traits

Height: 10-16 inches

Weight: Females weigh 12-15 pounds, Males weigh 18-25 pounds

Color: Comes in different colors

Coat: Long and Silky

Life expectancy: 12-20 years

Personality: Sweet and intelligent

2. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat large breed
Instagram @oisan_catbot

This is a long-haired feline with its roots in Norway. It is an absolute necessity to have a scratching post or climbing towers with an outdoor view if you are planning to own one of these breeds. This will keep them busy indoors. They like to live on their own terms, but are sensitive, sociable and friendly. Even though they may seem like an outdoor cat breed because of their name, but this large cat breeds is equally at ease indoors. They do shed couple of times in a year that means they need brushing at least twice a week. Their waterproof coat need not necessitate bathing.

Few traits

Height: 9-12 inches

Weight: 8 to 12 pounds for females and 12-18 pounds for males

Coat: Coarse, long and waterproof

Color: Different colors

Life Expectancy: 13 to 20 years

Personality: Loving, sociable and independent

3: British Shorthair

British Large cat breed
Instagram @nikibritish_aa

If you want a docile cat that falls under the large cat breeds, then go for the British Shorthair. They are calm, loving and enjoy cuddling. Since they are quite independent this cat breed is ideal for working families. Their calm and cuddly nature makes them suitable for families with kids. If you are looking for a companion, then the British shorthair is ideal. This cat breed loves their sleep and loves to curl up on their beds most often. The British shorthair comes in various coat colors and patterns, but the most common one is blue gray.

Few traits

Height: 12-14 inches

Weight: Females weigh 7-12 pounds and males 9-17 pounds

Coat: Dense and short

Color: Known for its gray, but comes in different colors

Life Expectancy: 12-20 years

Personality: Affectionate and friendly

4: Chausie Cat

The name is derived from the Latin name “Jungle Cat”, which gives a sufficient idea of their energy levels. This cat breed is a hybrid of the domestic and jungle cat with assertive, active and athletic traits. This large cat breeds is not for everyone. They bond well with humans and need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, which makes it difficult for most busy pet parents. This large and long bodied cat breed cannot be left alone for longer periods.

Few Traits

Height: 13-17 inches

Weight: Females weigh 8-13 pounds and males weigh 13-19 pounds

Coat: Dense and short

Color: Tan and brown

Life expectancy: 12-18 years

Personality: Smart and agile

5: Pixie Bob Muscular Cat

Pixie Bob is an intelligent cat breed with a muscular body and a sweet and loyal personality, which makes them ideal for families. They get well with kids and other pets in the house. The Pixie bobs love learning tricks and play games like fetch. Pixie bobs have looks similar to wild cats, but there are no risks to their owners. The coat can be short or long, but are double coated. Their hair feels like wool on touch and require regular grooming.

Few traits

Height: 9-13 inches

Weight: 9-11 pounds for females and 11-14 for males

Personality: Very loyal like dogs and active

Coat: Thick and double coats, short and long-haired varieties

Color: Brown, tan and tabby

Life Expectancy: 13-15 years

6: Ragamuffin Cat Breed

Ragamuffin Cat Breed
Instagram @herzog_miau_miau

Ragamuffins are popularly known as lap cats with a mellow nature. This large cat breeds is easily identifiable due to their plush coat, expressive eyes and long thick coat. These family-oriented cats are great with kids and are perfect companions for anyone in the house. They enjoy playing with toys and are the center of attraction when any guests arrive home. Ragamuffins are known to shed more so be prepared to groom them on the regular basis. Due to their trusting nature, it is ideal to keep these cats indoors. 

Few traits

Height: 10-15 inches

Weight: Females weigh 8-13 pounds while males weigh 14-20 pounds

Color: Different color options

Coat: Medium to short, dense and soft

Personality: Friendly and affectionate

Life expectancy: 12-16 years

7: Ragdoll

Ragdolls were developed in California; they are amongst the most affectionate cat breeds. These are the best therapy cats and get along very well with kids and other pets. They are tolerant with kids especially when carried around in hands. Ragdolls are cute looking and have striking blue eyes. One of the biggest cat breeds, they need grooming weekly to get rid of dead hair and tangles. To prevent obesity, engage these cats in some physical activity on a daily basis. 

Few traits

Height: 9-11 inches

Weight: Females weigh 10-15 pounds and males weigh 15-20 pounds

Coat: long and soft

Personality: Cute and very patient

Color: White bodied with pointed markings

Life expectancy: 13-18 years

8: Savannah

savannah cat breed
Instagram @f1savannah_gatsby

If you love the wild features in a cat, then you should seriously consider the Savannah cat breed. The adventurous Savannah is created by crossing the wild African Servals with the domestic cat, which is the prime reasons for their energy. This cat is known for its large pointed ears, spotted golden silver or black smoke coat. This relatively new cat breed is the tallest domestic breeds around. While most cats are known for their weights, the Savannah cat breed is popular for their tall and lean figure. Due to their wild lineage, these cats are not legal in all the states of US.

Few traits

Height: 10-17 inches

Weight: Females weigh 11-20 pounds and males weight 13-23 pounds

Coat: Coarse, short to medium length

Color: Black and brown spotted

Personality: Highly energetic

Life Expectancy: 12-15 years

9: Siberian Cat

Siberian cat breeds
Instagram @vistula.siberians

Since Siberian cat breeds are from Siberia, they are physically very strong, powerful, intelligent and entertaining. This intelligent cat breed is good at problem solving and can easily open doors with their own paws. The semi-long coat is perfectly suited for the harsh winters of the region and even though they have long fur these cats are considered hypoallergenic. These people loving cats enjoy company of their human friends. Their sweet and gentle nature makes them ideal for families with kids and other pets.

Few traits

Height: 10-12 inches

Weight: 12-20 pounds

Personality: Friendly and intelligent

Color: Different color options and patterns

Life Expectancy: 10-18years

10: Turkish Van

Turkish Van Cat
Instagram @salty_sea_cat

Turkish Van is also called a Swimming cat because of its affinity to water, a rare quality found in cats. You take this cat near any water source and they are very comfortable splashing around. It has a silky medium and long coat. They are active cats with a loving nature. The Vans come in white with color only on the head and tail. If you want a docile and cuddly cat, then don’t get the Van. If you love naughty cats with great acrobatic skills, then go for the Turkish Vans. These highly intelligent and social cats love heights and will never bore you.

Few traits

Height: 10-14 inches

Weight: 10-20 pounds

Personality: Friendly and active

Coat: Medium to long and soft

Color: White coat with color on head and tail

Life Expectancy: 13-17 years

11: Burmese

Burmese cat breed
Instagram @charlesbur_burmese

Burmese cats are known for their curious nature and a unique soft voice that is similar to that of a Siamese. These are people loving, family oriented and social cat breeds. These compact and medium sized cats are comparatively heavy. These stocky looking cats are muscular and have a rounded appearance. They love companionship and hate to be left alone. Traditionally the Burmese cat breed comes in deep brown color, but they are found in various other colors too. They are good climbers and hence you will need cat perches or trees. They love their playtime a lot, but as they grow older, they tend to become placid.

Few traits

Height: 9-13 inches

Weight: Females weigh 8-12 pounds and males weigh more than 12 pounds

Personality: Curious and active

Color: Deep brown and different other colors

Coat: Short

Life Expectancy: 9-13 years

12: Egyptian Mau

egyptian mau cat breed
Instagram @bailey_the_mau

The Egyptian Mau is a stunningly beautiful looking cat breed that is loved by the Egyptians. The unique mascara like markings, attractive green eyes and elegance is easily visible. They are shy by nature, but very loyal to their owners. They enjoy perching on a tall bookshelf or even a fridge to have a nice view of the surroundings. These medium sized cats are low maintenance because of their short coats, which also means they are extremely sensitive to cold.

Few traits

Height:7 to 11 inches

Weight: 8 to 12 pounds

Personality: Intelligent, sociable and affectionate

Coat: Short

Color: Various colors

Life Expectancy: 9 to 13 years

13: American Bobtail

The American bobtail is a medium to large sized cat with a natural bobtail. This is a well-muscled breed with an athletic frame. Naturally these cats have a hunting gaze and when combined with their body type, they naturally appear wild, but lack wild temperament. They are loyal, loving and intelligent breeds. They can easily adapt to new environments. The American Bobtail cat breed is playful, fun-loving and gets along well with other cats and dogs in the house. They command attention and are highly people oriented.

Few traits

Height: Medium

Weight: Females 7 to 11 pounds and males 12 to 16 pounds

Personality: Social and easy going

Coat: Medium length

Color: Various colors and patterns

Life Expectancy: 13 to 15 years

14: Selkirk Rex Cat        

The Selkirk Rex is a result of a dominant mutation. They have a slight curl to the coat making the coat feel soft. This medium to large sized cat breed is heavily boned making them look bulky. These are mellow cats with their families and are highly affectionate to them. This people-oriented cat is loyal and make for a perfect companion. They do not command attention and gets well with other pets in the house. The coat is soft, full and curly and comes in all possible colors and patterns.

Few traits

Height: 9 to 11 inches

Weight: 6 to 16 pounds

Color: Various         

Coat: Soft and curly

Personality: Mellow and people friendly

Life Expectancy: 15 to 20 years

15: Bengal Large Breed of Cat                

The Bengal cat has distinctive features of a forest wild cat, but have a loving and dependable personality. Full of life, playful, energetic and people oriented are some of the characteristics of this wild looking domestic cat. They are athletic, agile and can climb on the highest point in the house with ease. The Bengals have short to medium coat with different color options. They enjoy their freedom and dislike being restrained.

Few traits

Height:8 to 10 inches         

Weight: 8 to 15 pounds      

Color: Various          

Coat: Short to medium       

Personality: Gregarious, affectionate, sociable

Life Expectancy: 9 to 15 years

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