Some Very Interesting Male Cat Names

Congratulations!!! For getting home your furry bundle of joy, which you had always wanted, it’s never too late. Once you have settled down with your new pet, the next logical step would be to give your kitten or cat a name that suits its overall personality. A name provides an identity for your pet and moreover you cannot have a pet around the house without a name.

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Once you have made up your mind about naming your male cat, the task becomes a tad bit easier for you. A male cat names says a lot about their owner too. As a cat owner you might have a lot of different, strange and unique ideas about naming your new found pet. It is not just your pet; the cat forms an integral part of your family. 

This makes it all the more important to make a decision about how to go about naming your pet.

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Some people might prefer naming their male cat after humans, which gives an impression that you kind of treat your pet as your child. Other names might bring forward an in-built quality of your cat, which may include certain physical features or his attitude. An out of the world name will show your talent to your friends.

A very popular or celebrity name is a good choice as a male cat name as they are considered safe, tried and tested and classic. The following article will help you find out that perfect male cat name for your kitten that not only shows your love and affection for your pet, but also brings forward your feline friends unique traits.

Best Male Cat Names for your Furry bundle of joy

There are thousands of male cat names that one can choose from. Whatever may be the criteria for you to decide on a name for your cat, you need to follow or keep certain things in mind to make the task easier. The name will provide an insight into your personality as sometimes we tend to bring into foray our personality while deciding on the names. As a cat owner you don’t have to worry about any bullying caused due to the name or even more your cat won’t complain to you about the type of name.


Giving a male cat a name can be interesting as the personality of your male cat will play a crucial role in its naming ceremony. Whenever you think of a male cat the first characteristic that comes to the mind is naughtiness and attitude. A male cat name can be based on one of these personality traits. Anyway your feline friend won’t complain if you name him rowdy or even Dennis the Menace. Write down a few names that come very close to your cat’s personality and allow your friends or relatives to shortlist some names for you, if you find it difficult to do it on your own.

You can even ask your friends to suggest some fresh names on the basis of color of the fur, his eyes, or any particular pattern on its body. Names of very famous personalities are also a good choice if you find some common personality trait in your cat, which can be physical as well. Some very popular male cat names are Garfield, Smokey, Tiger, Simba and shadow.

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How to choose a male cat name?

Always remember to choose a name that is easy to remember and identifiable. You will find it difficult to gather the attention of your cat if the name is not easily pronounced. The names should be such that it is easier and matches the personality of your cat when it grows up. For example, a name “kitty” is good when your pet is a kitten, but once it grows the name will not suit its overall personality. There are thousands of classical names that are easy to pronounce and easily recognizable.

A short or pet name can be used to call your cat at home for ease of calling, if you want to put a long and formal name on papers. Try out five to six names before you zero in on a final name that suits your cat’s physical personality. Some cat owners prefer naming their male cats after fruits and vegetables, while many others on famous Hollywood celebrities.

You can name your male cat depending on how he looks and according to its breed. You can take inspiration from various mythological characters for naming your feline friend as you may discover overtime some trait that may match with one of the famous characters.

Some very Interesting Male Cat Names

Physical attributes can also play a role in zeroing in on a perfect name. Names of characters from famous novels and movies can also be considered. Energetic male cats can be named after the famous chipmunks “Chip and Dale”. The naming trends tend to change every year, but some classical cat names will always remain evergreen.

Some very Interesting Male Cat Names

A male cat name should not be decided overnight, but you have to think over a lot of names depending on various factors like age, character, color, agility and nature of your cat. The name that you decide for your male cat will stay with him forever and become a part of his personality. Whatever the name you select, make sure that your cat responds positively to the name. This new name will be a big part of his life and will stay with him forever.

The fun part of naming your cat is that you can add a part of your qualities to your feline friend by giving it a name that adds to his overall identity. Boy cats have some unique characteristics, as a cat owner you need to take into consideration these traits so that they reflect in their names. Naming your male cat is a creative process and you can make it funny and enjoyable by involving your relatives and friends by asking them to add some inputs, which can make your job easier. So relax and enjoy the name hunting process.

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