Devon Rex Cat Breed

Devon Rex Cat Breed


Devon Rex cat breeds is the Pixies of the cat world with their naughty looks and character. Pixies are mischievous characters that are known for their troublemaking skills in the ancient folklores. Devon Rexes have low and huge set of ears and big naughty eyes that are set on the head with short muzzle and cheekbones that are set higher.

Devon Rex kitten

The unusual hairstyle and slender body of the Devon Rex has loose wavy coat as compared to their cousin the Cornish Rex. You can expect these cats to jump and sit on your shoulders or lap and have a good look around. Devon Rexes are capable of learning new tricks and can jump on tall bookshelves and even learn to play a piano.

These cats are good with children, pets and even guests. They are even considered therapy cats and are good travelers as well. Devon is a perfect pet for working families since they are quite independent.

Devon Rex


Devon Rex cat breeds is from Devonshire, England the ancestral home of this cat breed. The father of the Devon breed is an untamed, curly coat cat Tom who lived in an uninhabited tin mine near Devonshire. The mating of Tom with a straight coat calico female cat produced kittens in the garden of cat lover Beryl Cox. One of the male kittens was named Kirlee, had a brown black short and curly coat, stubby whiskers, and huge ears that were set at lower position on the head. The curly coat was seen in Tom, his father. This new breed was named Devon Rex.

According to the breeders the calico female and the curly male may be related since the Devon Rex gene that is present in the curly cat is recessive and both parents must have these genes to pass it on to the offspring.

Initially people thought that the Devon Rex and the Cornish Rex were related, but mating between these two breeds resulted in kittens that had long hair coats; this proved that both these breeds were unrelated. By following some careful breeding techniques the breeders have expanded the gene pool of the Devon Rex and this helped in maintaining the integrity of the breed.

After the discovery of the Devon Rex breed, the breeding program of this cat breed started gaining momentum. Devon was imported to the North America in 1968. It was in 1972, ACFA accepted the Devon Rex for the championship status. The TICA gave its acceptance in the year 1979 and the CFA gave the Devon the championship status in 1983. All Devon Rex’s can trace their ancestry to Kirlee, the very first Devon Rex.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex Traits

Devon Rex is a unique and attractive cat breed that garners a lot of attention in the cat world. It is often referred to as an alien of cats due to its large ears and eyes that always work in their favor as an added attraction. They have fox like eyes, long ears, cheekbones that are set high, and a short muzzle all of which is set on a thin neck and body. What is unique about this cat is their curly and wavy coat, which is caused due to an effect called rexing.

This cat breed has three types of hair the guard hair, awn hair and down hair. The guard hair is prone to breakage and there is always a risk of baldness. This is temporary because of the fragile nature and is one of the main risks in these cat breeds caused due to engineered breeding. They have a full whisker pad, which gives prominence to their cheekbones.

The whiskers are also wiry and prone to breaking. The whiskers are short as compared to other cat breeds. Devon rex comes in all the available colors and patterns, which includes the calico and color point found in the Siamese. Color of the eyes is usually matching the color of the coat, but there are odd eyed cats in the Devon Rex breed.

Devon is a medium sized cat breed and can weigh in the range of 8 to 10 pounds. Though these cats look fragile the Devon’s are agile, sturdy and muscular cat breed. The legs are long and slender that can bow slightly at the front giving it a unique walking style. Devon Rex can live up to 15 years depending on their health. The price of Devon Rx can range from $300 to $600 depending on the breeder.

 cute Devon Rex kitten


Devon rex cat breeds are like little monkeys in cat clothing. They will hang on curtains, climb windows, shelves, and kitchen counters. They are extrovert cats who like to be jovial and lively. They can be trained to walk on the leash, fetch a toy, all of these qualities similar to a dog. These cats are gentle, loving and caring and do not enjoy being alone with no company.

These cats are very good with guests and welcome them with both hands and even sit on their laps. They need a lot of things to play like scratching posts. Devon Rex is an ideal cat for anyone who has the time for showering care and attention, as these cats love attention.

Devon Rex Health and Care

Despite the fragile appearance the Devon Rex is generally a healthy cat breed. They require regular checkup once they reach 8 to 10 years old as they are considered elderly at this stage. They might suffer from a hereditary disease called myopathy that affects their muscles and its functioning.

The coat of the Devon Rex requires gentle grooming as rough grooming can damage their hair. The skin of the Rex can develop an oily feel especially under the paws, to prevent this, you need to give them a bath once a few weeks. Devon Rex kitten need kitten food until the age of nine months. This cat breed is fast maturing and hence a good combination of wet and dry cat food is an ideal diet.

Rex small cat breed


Devon Rex cat breeds is a very happy, agile and active cat breed. If you are an active cat owner, then this cat breed is perfect for you. They are intelligent and learn all the tricks quickly. These cats will even play with your guests and their children. They are friendly with all the members of the house. Devon’s have a playful and outgoing nature.

Rex cat breed

Devon Rex With Children and Pets

Devon Rex cat breeds is a good pet for families with children that are older, and for people who like to host parties. They get along well with other pets in the house. They get along well with strangers too. Devon is a very social cat with an ability to entertain everyone in the house.

Devon Rex is a cat breed with a good overall personality and right amount of attitude.

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