15 Purrsome Breeds of Cats That Act Like Dogs

cats that act like dogs

Want To have Cats that Act like Dogs at your Home?

Cats that act like dogs, There is always a debate going on about if dogs or cats are better companions, and you will find equal amount of people debating over the topic. Dog lovers do not love cats, but you will notice cat loving people having an affection towards dogs also for obvious reasons like companionship, unconditional love and of course loyalty.

But, the following list of cat breeds will change your perception about cats, especially the ones who only love dogs. If you are living in a location where dogs are not allowed as pets, then you must consider one of these cats that act like dogs or cat breeds that are more dog like.

These cat breeds are preferred because they are low maintenance and require less care unlike dogs. These cats have a personality that is similar to a puppy, are playful, loyal and make you feel cheerful and happy every time you are around them. So, if you are looking for cats that act like dogs, then look no further than the following list of charming and beautiful felines.

Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

1. Abyssinian

The Abyssinians are one of the oldest cat breeds, but that doesn’t mean these cat breeds have the stereotypical cat personalities. They resemble the paintings and sculptures found in the ancient Egyptian cats. Abyssinians are loyal, intelligent and engaging cat breeds that love water and play a game of fetch any time, just like dogs.

They can be trained like dogs and will follow you around the house and help you in household chores, just like dogs. These cat dogs love the company of humans and will carry a toy in his mouth like a dog would do. The Abyssinian is very outgoing and extrovert by nature. Due to their friendly nature, Abyssinians do not require a lot of attention like certain other cat breeds. However, if these cat dogs are left alone for a long time, they can tend to get depressed.

So, make sure you spend some time with them each day just like you would with your dog, so that they stay happy and healthy. So once you get the Abyssinian as your pet cat, then you won’t regret not having a companion. Even though these are not lap cats, they love being around humans. They will train you to do things that they want you to do.

2. Turkish Angora

cats that act like dogs
Source : Pinterest | Kelsey Lami

The Turkish Angora is a naturally occurring breed that was later developed for domestication. This cat breed is one of the most affectionate and friendly cat breed that is considered a national treasure in its native land. A lot of Turkish Angora cat owners in America also consider them as a treasure. Just like dogs, these cats are intelligent, loving, playful and very adaptable, making them the perfect cat breeds for families that have children and other pets in the house.

These cats that act like dogs, loves swimming, enjoys playing with toys and games with humans. The playful Turkish Angora cats are known to get mischievous at times, a trait very similar to dogs. Turkish Angoras are very devoted to their families and love getting involved with the various activities in the household. They tend to develop a strong bonding with their families.

These cats are often assertive, but can easily get along with other pets in the house like dogs and birds. These cat dogs are usually the first ones to welcome visitors to your home like the dogs. They will happily interact with the guests and are great at hosting people, it’s no wonder these cats are referred to as “dog like” cats.

3. Burmese

Burmese cat
Source : Pinterest|Womentriangle

Just like the Turkish Angora, the Burmese cat breed is a wonderful cat with more dog like qualities. They have some very endearing qualities that have won a lot of hearts and you should be lucky to own these cats. Without being very demanding, these cats love the company of their owners. Kittens are very spirited and energetic, playful, fearless and will try to attempt stunts that are beyond their means, but will land safely on their feet.

This is an ideal cat for dog lovers as they display dog like behaviors like similar feeding pattern, playful nature and dependence on humans. They are devoted to their people and are an excellent pet for families with children. These lovely felines are known to sit and wait patiently for their food to be served just like dogs. They love playing and are known to be good with children, making them very people oriented.

These dogs like cats will follow you around the house and will happily give and receive affection. They will snuggle up with their human friends while watching TV and will look forward to sleeping on the bed if allowed. These cats think like they are the ones running the house and take active interest in managing the household. The Burmese will remain playful into their adulthood.

4. Ragdoll

cats that act like dogs
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Ragdolls are carefully bred to produce loving and affectionate animals. These cat breeds have a well-balanced personality and they tend to be closer to humans like the dogs. Ragdolls are known to be completely limp when you pick them up; these cats are laid-back and loving pets. Ragdolls are known to run to the door to welcome their human companions and guests; they will follow you around the house, sleep with you, and flop on you and usually will be near the humans.

They respond well to affection and care, but enjoy being a lap cat. They are good at adapting to any new environment and get along well with children and other pets in the house. Even though these are a playful breed, they are not very energetic. Ragdolls are excellent indoor companions and just like dogs are very enthusiastic about their mealtime.

A lot of Ragdolls have been taught how to fetch a toy like dogs and happily play with their humans. These gentle cats usually play without extending their claws and are more of a floor cat than being a jumper. This is a low-maintenance, well-behaved, and easy to care, cats that act like dogs. Ragdolls are a perfect cat dogs for a modern family with a busy life-style.

5. Manx


Manx is famous for being a tailless cat breed, but it is the personality of this cat breed that is the most striking feature of this breed. The Manx is known to be very affectionate and outgoing. Being a mouser all its life, the Manx retains the hunting skills and the alert nature. If you have a Manx in the house, then it’s like having a dog because these cats are known as “watch cat” due to their alert nature.

They will growl and even attack if they hear or see anything out of the ordinary, just like dogs. These cat breeds are very protective of their family, but also have a mild temperament. They are affectionate and will follow you around the house. These cats are known to respond when called by their name and will even listen when you say a “no”.

Manx is an adaptable breed if they are exposed to any activity or people at a young age. They will adapt to a new family or home and enjoy meeting new people by greeting them with a gentle head butt or a cheek rub. Other than these dog like qualities this cat that act like dogs will keep your house free from pests like mouse, as they are excellent at catching mouse.

6. American Curl

The cute looking American Curl is easily recognizable because of its curled up ears. This cat breed is a family friendly breed with a lot of affection towards children and other pets. These cats have a unique personality. If they are not sleeping, these cats are always up to something in the house.

These people oriented breeds are faithful and affectionate breeds. They can get along well with children and even new situations. They are dog like cats because of their alert nature especially towards their owners and will follow them wherever they move inside the house and will not miss anything. When these cats are introduced to a family, they will respect the current pet occupants of the house and will give enough room for them to adjust with the new entrant.

The American Curls are also referred to as the “Peter Pan” of the feline world because they retain their kitten like personality well throughout their adulthood. These children loving cat breed has a kind demeanor.

7. Maine Coon

It is the larger than life personality and size both combined makes this cat breed very dog like. The Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat breed weighing between 12 and 18 pounds, which are closer to a medium-sized dog breed. These cats have a very charming personality even though they may look a bit intimidating because of their size. These gentle cats are known to be friendly with children and other pets in the house and just because of this characteristic these cat breeds are known as the “Gentle Giants” of the cat world.

This unique trait makes them the most sought after cat for family pets, as companions and for therapy. Maine Coons are intelligent, can be easily trained, charming and highly active with dog like characteristics. At times they can be intrusive, but will entertain you with their antics. They will always want to be a part of everything you do and sometimes you may have to close the door on this feline if you need some privacy. Maine Coons love water and will wait for an opportunity to play in the shower and even help you out in washing the dishes at any given time.

8. Sphynx

Sphynx is a hairless cat breed and may not be the prettiest cat around, but certain personality traits found only in this cat will make you fall in love with this cat breed. These cats are highly intelligent, but with the extra wrinkling on their head some may feel like they have a worried or a curious look. The Sphynx cats are very lovable and are well-known to perform silly antics that can sometimes be very clumsy in their attempt to garner attention.

The Sphynx is full of energy and are mischievous at times to gather your attention or just to show off. Sphynx prefers human interaction a lot, but are equally at ease with other cats and dogs of the house. Extremely loyal, the Sphynx is known to follow their family members around the house and is often seen wagging their tail to show their affection.

Extremely outgoing, the Sphynx will tend to love their human friends unconditionally, just like a dog would. They will even purr when they are happy and satisfied. The friendly and outgoing nature of the Sphynx makes them an excellent family pet. Since these cat breeds are hairless, they need to be bathed regularly to remove any excess oil and to prevent any skin problems.

9. Bombay


At first look, the Bombay cat will look like a small panther, but the Bombay cat is an example of a hybrid breed with the characteristics of a domestic cat and the looks of a hybrid. Bombay cat is a mix of dog, cat and a monkey all put together into one breed. These cats can be leash trained and enjoy playing a game of fetch. They are fond of inventing new ideas of entertaining themselves and the humans too. Bombay’s are friendly, outgoing, affectionate and intelligent cat breeds.

They can adapt themselves to the fast life and get along well with children, pets and even elders. They like to seek all the attention and be the centre of attraction. Like dogs, these black cats love affection and enjoy their playtime. The Bombay cat is a good combination of easy temperament and the robust nature of the American shorthair breed and the social, curious and lap-loving nature of the Burmese. They are a perfect mix of entertainment and chill, which makes them an ideal family pet.

10. American Bobtail

american bobtail

Just like the Bombay’s, the American Bobtails are loyal and intelligent cats that act like dogs. These cats may not look very attractive, but get along well with their humans. They are loyal and devoted to their human family and hence are known as the cat dogs of the cat family. These cats are very entertaining and will keep you engaged in their activities throughout. They have a lot of antics up their sleeves, but will not shy away from providing their owners with warmth and a soft shoulder to cry in times of sorrow.

The American Bobtails love playing games and can play fetch or even hide-and-seek for hours together. The Bobtails are experts at initiating games and will demonstrate their hunting skills inside the house by catching a fly or anything that dares to trespass into its territory. They like stalking their toys and will carry them in their mouth as if it is a freshly caught rodent.

Basically, the Bobtails are a quite cat breed, but they will occasionally chirp, trill and click when they are happy. These easy going breed gets along well with most dog breeds and are elated to welcome any new entrant to the family, be it on two legs or four legs.

11. Birman


Birman has a mystical and magical blue eyes combined with a gentle personality. The Birman can be the best friend of yours as they get along well with humans. Due to their exceptionally sweet and loving nature they are very easy to handle and hence makes an ideal pet for every household, be it with or without children and other pets. The Birman is a perfect cat for anyone who loves dogs as they display a lot of characteristics of a dog, one among them is loyalty.

The Birman is social, gentle, loving, companionable and a quiet cat breed. They love attention and company of humans and will do a lot of stuff to attract attention of their human friends. Birman’s get along well with people as well as other animals in the house. Their even temperament, patient nature and tolerant behavior makes them an ideal pet for families.

These cats are quiet by nature with small chirps and a soft-spoken behavior. They are helpful too, and will help you make your beds, fold laundry, load dishwasher, read newspaper and even work on the computer. They are ready to help you in all the activities around the house, so if you have a Birman at home you are never alone.

12. Chartreux

The Chartreux has mannerisms of a lively personality and a charming attitude. They are known for their smile, which they have acquired because of their round head and soft contoured forehead that tapers to a narrow muzzle. The Chartreux gets easily adapted to their family and will readily follow them around wherever they go. Chartreux is known for their dog like personality; they enjoy playing a game of fetch, will fetch a ball and will respond to their names.

This cat breed is pretty quiet and will chirp rather than meow at things. This intelligent cat loves watching television, sitting near a window and watch birds go by. The kittens are social and will play and interact with their human friends. Chartreux has a gentle and sweet nature and enjoys being a lap cat. Challenge his brain and he will keep you entertained and is interested in learning new tricks.

He will appreciate attention he receives, but is not overtly demanding and will be satisfied by just following you around, sleeping on your bed, and even snuggle if you are not keeping well. They are not very social, but are not very shy too. these cats that act like dogs. The calm nature of this cat breed makes them an ideal indoor cat that needs less attention.

13. Ocicat

Ocicat is a spotted cat breed that looks like a wild cat, but don’t be surprised if they display the domestic cat characteristics. While they look wild, these cat breeds have a mild temperament that is far from being ferocious. This dog like cat is extremely devoted to their owners and their families. They will not pester you for attention, but will remain loyal forever. The Ocicat loves to learn new tricks and is always ready to attempt them as long as you are ready to train them.

Ocicats, like the above cat breeds, enjoy being a part of the family and like receiving a lot of attention. They love any guests in the house and don’t mind being carried around as long as they are with you. Their favorite activity includes retrieving toys and learning to walk on a leash. Puzzles are a good way to keep them occupied and entertained.

They are capable of finding out how to open the doors and latches. Ocicats are vocal, but not overtly loud and demanding. Even though they are adaptable, these cats don’t like to be left alone in the house. Make sure you have another cat or dog as a companion during the day.

14. Devon Rex

Devon Rex

Devon Rex is interested in everything and everyone around them. Devon Rex is a playful breed, which is why they are quick at learning any new tricks. These cats love to play a game of fetch, tag or hide-and-seek whenever possible. This is a unique cat breed with intense loyalty towards their human friends, a dog like quality that this cat possesses. A person must be prepared to be owned by the Devon Rex. They will eat with you, sleep with you, snuggly sit on your lap or shoulder while you are watching a television show or working on the computer.

These qualities of this cat will never make you miss a dog in your life. The Devon will follow you around the house and get involved in all the household chores, happily chirping, trilling and cooing as they try their best to help you around. The Devon Rex gets along well with children and these cats have the ability to remain kittenish at heart forever. The loving nature of this breed connects them deeply with every family member. Because of their social nature, these cats don’t like to be left alone in the house for long durations as they yearn for company.

14. Siamese

The Siamese is an ancient cat breed that is famous for its outstanding personality. These beautiful cat breeds have sharp intelligence, curious personality and a loving nature. They are great at communication and the Siamese voice is legendary. They speak with their voice as well as with their body. These are people loving cats and love to sit on laps, sleep on beds, and even occupy space on the table. These social cats are adaptable cats with a very outgoing personality.

They will happily welcome any new guests and will help their owners in their daily household chores. Their extrovert and playful nature make them a perfect breed for families with children and other pets. They will open cabinets, drawers, watch television with their owners, turn on faucets and are ready to walk on a leash and play a game of fetch. They have the same enthusiasm like a dog.

They will talk to you for hours together letting you know their view on every small thing. These cats that act like dogs, are full of enthusiasm and energy that will keep you entertained and happy every day. Siamese likes people of all ages including children and in return they will expect you to spend time, play and talk with them.

Cats that act like dogs are always special for people who love dogs, but are not able to own one due to various reasons. After going through the above article, the myth that cats are not loving and loyal will be broken. These cats have enough qualities and personality traits that even dog lovers will accept that cats can be as loving and caring as dogs. Even some die-hard dog fans will accept this fact.

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